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How to wear a sleeveless cardigan?

How many men's things were successfully accepted by the women's wardrobe. Pants, shirts and, of course, a cardigan beloved by most women.

A bit of history

Despite all its femininity and the ability to emphasize the virtues of a female figure, the very first cardigan was intended exclusively for warmth.

The British Lord Cardigan began to wear such clothes under a military uniform, thereby protecting the body from the cold. The cardigan was made of coarse wool, however, it was to the taste of all the wards of the lord. They named this element of the wardrobe in his honor.

Later, a cardigan could be seen on athletes, and in 1920 Coco Chanel announced a fashion for a cardigan. However, at that time only ladies from the upper layers of society could acquire such clothes.

In 50-60 years, cardigans became available to every fashionista, knitted models pleased with a variety of colors, their practicality and convenience. In addition to knitwear, one of the most common models was a knitted cardigan, because it was at this time that England was swept by a wave of knitting.

Modern fashion houses are actively creating new models of this clothing, gradually moving away from the classic variations with a long narrow sleeve and a fitted silhouette. The sleeveless model is one of the innovations in the design of cardigans.

How to wear?

Sleeveless cardigan is practical for any season. Complementing the image with such an element of the wardrobe, it is important to remember the material. So, in the summer, models made of cotton, knitwear and thin lace are suitable. In cool weather, a sleeveless cardigan looks impressive if it is made of dense suit fabric.

Knitted patterns are also at the peak of popularity, but putting on such a cardigan, you should remember about the features of your figure.

Knitted volumetric model is suitable for slim girls, because it creates soft and smooth bends of the body. In addition, such clothes are warm and very comfortable.

Cardigans made of suit fabric or other material that keeps their shape well are suitable for girls with any type of figure. So, with imperfections in the waist, an elongated straight cut cardigan will create vertical lines and stretch the figure, while hiding all the imperfections and folds on the body.

Tight models of thin knitwear of various lengths can only be afforded by girls with a perfect figure.

What to wear?

Cardigans are universal and able to change the overall image. For example, an elongated cardigan made of thick knitwear in a classic shape will create an office style when combined with dark skinny jeans and a white top.

An elongated knitted cardigan is combined with knitted dresses of a simple cut. In this case, the strap, girdle cardigan, will generalize the image and create a single style.

A thin knitted cardigan decorated with lace patterns is a harmonious addition to a romantic summer dress. Choosing a similar image, it is important to remember about contrasting colors. Black cardigan and white dress are one of the perfect combinations.

The trend of this season is elongated cardigans of bright saturated colors from costume fabric. Such a model will certainly take root in the wardrobe, because you can combine it with jeans, pencil skirts, denim shorts and dresses of all styles.

Indeed, it is easy to choose an image for a cardigan, however, there are still exceptions. So, a voluminous knitted cardigan is not recommended to be worn with knitted textured jumpers and dresses.

In addition, fashion dictates its own rules for wearing a sleeveless cardigan. Such models should not be fastened with buttons and hooks, the presence of a bright strap at the waist will suffice.

Wearing a sleeveless cardigan is stylish. Experiments and bold combinations will help create a unique image with this wardrobe item.

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