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Pink cardigan: fashionable looks

Fashionable shades of pink

Pink color refreshes the image, brings brightness and cheerfulness to it. In this season, its various shades are in fashion. Women with fair skin, eyes and hair are advised to wear clothes in muted pink, pastel and cream colors. Saturated pink color is more suitable for brunettes with dark eyes and dark skin: bright pink and with lilac shimmer. Red-haired girls should pay attention to the cool pink tones.

Trend bows

A pale pink cardigan is in perfect harmony with a light colored dress. The simple silhouette of a cardigan can be emphasized with a leather belt worn over it. Shoes in the color of the dress and belt will help to complete the image.

Fashionable cardigan in the style of "bat" attracts attention with its original cut. A free silhouette makes this model comfortable throughout the day. The special chic of this light pink cardigan is highlighted by ¾ sleeves and a rounded pelvic line. This model looks great with skinny trousers and high-heeled shoes.

Knitted cardigans like Ksenia Borodina have become the trend of the season among young girls. Cardigans have a fairly simple style. The highlight of the model is its conciseness and textured knitting. In pink and cream colors, a cardigan like Borodina’s is perfectly combined with blue jeans from classic denim.

Lalo cardigan

This style was presented to women by talented sister designers from Georgia. Volumetric cardigans fit perfectly into the winter and autumn wardrobe of women and girls around the world. Models from Lalo to taste women with a variety of stylistic addictions.

The model has the appearance of some bruising and is associated in texture with the “sharpei” effect. A distinctive feature of the brand is its wide vertical braids or spikelets. Lalo cardigan is knitted with a large viscous and is considered one of the most trending hand-made models. It will become not only the most fashionable item in your wardrobe, but also reliably protect it from the cold and wind, and in some cases it will be able to replace the coat.

Pink lalo style cardigans knit in a variety of shades: from pale pink to purple fuchsia. Cardigans connected by a gradient look very stylish. In this case, two or more threads of different shades flow from one to another from top to bottom, forming a beautiful collage.

What to wear?

Pink cardigans are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also to some extent universal. They go well with classic jeans, tight and flared skirts, small dresses and long sundresses.

The bright pink color of a cardigan can conflict with other items of clothing from a multi-layer set, so you should choose a wardrobe for it, leaving it with the main emphasis.

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