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Sleeveless Jackets

Jackets came into fashion back in the 20th century thanks to Coco Chanel, who created a model that does not have a collar, but is decorated with braid in the collar area. Outwardly, such a jacket looks very stylish and restrained, so it is customary to attribute it to the classical style. In general, jackets are one of the many variations of outerwear that resembles their coat in appearance, but, in contrast, made of thinner fabric and much shorter length.

The jacket may have a long or shortened sleeve, the collar of this product may be double-breasted, single-breasted and completely absent. The classic jacket has a fitted cut, but the variety of variations suggests that the silhouette can be more free. Let's consider in more detail the most popular models of jackets.


A sleeveless jacket model is very popular this season. It looks like a jacket like a vest and serves, to a greater extent, as an accessory that does not have a special functional application. We have selected some of the most popular sleeveless cardigan models.


Such a model of a sleeveless jacket, usually has a length to the waist and fitted with a cut, looks like a vest with buttons.

It is worth being careful with this model, since it tightens the figure quite strongly and if you have its shortcomings, a shortened sleeveless jacket model will unnecessarily focus on them.


This model of a sleeveless jacket is quite suitable for both thin girls and owners of curvaceous forms, because, having a free cut, the jacket hides excess volumes. As for its length, it can vary from the beginning to the middle of the thigh.

On the buttons

A sleeveless jacket with a button closure can be of absolutely any length and any cut, but cannot be used as an independent part of the wardrobe, due to the too deep neckline. This model goes well with knitted turtlenecks and cotton shirts.

The smell

Such a model of a jacket can well be used as an independent part of the wardrobe, because, thanks to the zipper method of fastening, the neckline neckline becomes much smaller and looks less vulgar.


The variety among fabric preferences in tailoring jackets is as great as the lineup. Different fabrics are suitable for different life situations, as well as a variety of weather conditions and combinations with other things. We’ll take a closer look at the fabrics from which jackets are the most popular, as well as with what things it is customary to combine this or that material.


Sleeveless tweed jacket is a classic British sporty type of jacket, as a fabric like tweed is purely British in origin.


A sleeveless knitted jacket is a prominent representative among sports style models, since basically this model, due to the peculiarity of the knitted fabric, sits on the figure just like any Olympic sweatshirt.

For the most part, this model is in demand among girls who prefer a free, light style in clothes that are not burdened with classic and strict wardrobe items.


In some ways, denim jackets could be classified as ordinary denim vests, if not for the presence of a V-neck and double-breasted lapel. This model will be ideally combined with various kinds of trousers and t-shirts of various colors.

From flax

Sleeveless linen jackets are a striking representative of summer models designed for use in fairly warm weather. Often such options have bright, saturated colors, because there is no need to burden yourself with heavy dark shades in the summer.

Color schemes

The color palette of this model of a jacket is quite large, depending on the fabric and style, a jacket of one color or another will be relevant. Let's take a closer look at which color schemes are the most popular.


Jackets made of linen, tweed and knitwear look great in white. This color most successfully looks in such fabric representations. In addition, white color goes well with other parts of the wardrobe, in various colors.


The most popular pink jackets will be in a cotton representation and will suit well as a complement to the summer look, especially if they are a two-piece suit with a skirt or shorts.


A blue sleeveless denim jacket is ideal for casual use. Also, a blue knitted jacket or a model made of linen will look quite attractive.

What to wear

The variety of combinations of a sleeveless jacket with other clothes is very large, because, having an appearance similar to a vest, it fits into almost any image. Such a jacket model will look great with straight-cut skirts, skinny trousers and jeans. And as the upper part, knitted turtlenecks with a high neck, chiffon blouses and cotton long-sleeved shirts are perfect for him.

Beautiful images

A great combination for warm weather there will be a white T-shirt made of light fabric with torn jeans tucked up to the middle of the calf. On top of such a set, an elongated model of a white jacket made of linen fabric will fit perfectly, and stylish flesh-colored sandals with not very wide straps will complement the image.

Very delicate image, in a business style, it turns out if you pick up a two-piece suit, consisting of narrowed trousers and a jacket without sleeves of a peach color. A white cotton shirt decorated with a frill along the button line can be worn under the jacket.

Very bright and bold image, for equally bright extraordinary personalities, it turns out with a combination of straight-cut trousers of a turquoise color and a jacket from tweed fabric, a free cut, the color of ripe sweet cherry. A light knitted blouse and a thin leather belt complement this image.

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