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Tents folding beds: types and features of operation

Camping, hiking in the mountains, camping by the river and fishing are justly the favorite pastime of many people. Going on a vacation in the fresh air, it is important to think in advance about a comfortable overnight stay, protection from any weather conditions. Not always and not everywhere there is the opportunity to stay overnight in a warm and comfortable house. The output in such cases will be a tent.


The most common choice of tourists for many years is an awning. It has a huge number of tents that satisfy any requirements. They are presented in different sizes, shapes and strengths. They can be single and multi-layer, with a separate berth and many other varieties, up to models designed for winter recreation. But, no matter how wide the range of their advantages and features, any tourist tent has a significant drawback - it is installed directly on the ground, which inevitably leads to the loss of valuable heat.

A great alternative is a folding bed, because its design allows you to eliminate this drawback. The invention of such a wonderful design belongs to the American brand Kamp-rite, which has established itself in the market of goods as a manufacturer of the most reliable and strong tourist folding beds. This design is called Tent Cot.

It is a cot, and some models allow you to transform it into a deck chair on which the tent is mounted.

By the number of sleeping places, the line of sizes originates from single tents and ends with tents for a group of more than 5 people. The gradation is rather conditional, because, despite the name, in fact a double can accommodate a small family of 4 people, respectively, a four-seater will quite suit the whole company for the night. In some there is a vestibule, which successfully solves the issue of storage of things. Another interesting feature its use as a bed in the apartment.

A tent bed will help to save heat inside, without letting it out of the tent, which will be an ideal way out in a cool room, help to save on heating and give the bedroom a mysterious original look that will appeal to connoisseurs of non-trivial design ideas.

No complex structures are required, just put a single or double tent with a mattress inside directly on the bed in the bedroom. For the convenience of getting inside or going out, a larger hole is provided in the tent bed than in the tourist one. If you wish, you can organize separate lighting in it with the help of wireless battery-powered lamps, as well as install a mosquito net.

Key Features

The clamshell tent appeared on the market relatively recently, but it has already gained popularity and love of outdoor enthusiasts, which is explained by the following advantages of the tent:

  • due to its lightness, compactness and ease of assembly and disassembly of the aluminum frame, the tent will not create inconvenience during transportation;
  • a strong frame on the legs allows the tent not to contact the surface of the earth, even with heavy rainfall the water will not flood the tent and will not wet things, small animals and insects will bother less the inhabitants of the tent;
  • the heat is better stored inside the folding bed, which does not necessitate additional insulation of the bottom; moreover, a filler made of foamed polyethylene is placed in it; the risk of colds is reduced at times;
  • tent installation does not require the use of fixing pegs, as a result, there is no need to look for a place with loose soil and without stones; the design is so simple that it can be easily assembled alone and without instructions;
  • unevenness and rigidity of the surface on which the tent is installed, no longer create problems; a soft mattress is not considered a necessary attribute; it is used at will;
  • a strong argument in favor of the purchase of tents in the form of cots are reliability, long life and durability of the goods;
  • the tent material is able to restrain wind gusts and resist rain streams for a long time without letting moisture in, and prevent the penetration of bright sunlight;
  • the price range will allow a person with any income to purchase a cot; the price of a simple folding bed is affordable and increases due to the improvement of equipment, increase in size, quality of the materials used and the functions of the tent.

The main criteria when choosing a product

The first step is to make sure the rigidity and stability of the assembled structure, then even a strong wind load will not be able to overturn it, but some models are best fixed with braces. The awning must be crosslinked from polyamide or polyester fibers. The goods of a well-known manufacturing company will have a higher cost, but it is worth considering that this will provide a guarantee of the quality and safety of the product, which will allow you to use the tent for a long time and not spend money on buying a new one.

The leader is the tent Kent Rite Tent Cot, but there are other equally demanded brands, for example, Cabela's Deluxe or Mimir. Among the most popular and affordable tents are Vitan, Norfin, and Aspern.

It is more profitable to order goods on the official websites of manufacturers, which will allow you to avoid extra store margins, choose the most suitable option from an extensive assortment and get a house tent.

Proper care, use and storage

Simple rules should be followed.

  • The tent must be hidden from direct sunlight and kept dry. To do this, air it regularly, and dry it well before folding, otherwise the walls will become moldy, an unpleasant odor will appear, and the water-repellent coating will collapse and over time the tent fabric will lose its strength.
  • During storage, do not load a large weight on the tent, which will cause a break in the fabric or arcs. Caustic substances and solvents should not be kept near the tent.
  • Bonfire should not be lit less than three meters from it, sparks can easily damage the tent. To "lightning" does not fail, you must not allow the grains of sand to clog into the battlements.
  • It is undesirable for a long time to leave the external awning with the sealed upside down, since it is not protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • If there are pollution on the tent, you need to try to cope with them through ordinary cool water. If the spots remain, they can be cleaned with a soft sponge with baby soap or special means, which can be purchased in tourist goods stores. Other cleaning products may wash the protective layer and moisture will seep through the fabric.
  • If, despite all the precautions, damage to the fabric has appeared, the awning can be repaired. For these purposes, special patches for tents are used. The second option is to make a patch with your own hand, picking up a fabric similar in density and color, and put it on rubber glue. It is important to perform this operation on both the front and back sides of the tent, while the patch size should be two times the gap.

Leaking tent can sometimes be restored, covering the surface specially for this purpose with water-repellent impregnation.

In the next video you will find an overview of the folding bed.

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