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All about the Arctic mugs

When you go to nature, on a long journey or just to work - a thermos becomes an indispensable thing. With its properties, you can enjoy a hot drink after a few hours. If the thermos is not opened often, the drink remains hot even after 12 hours. The thermomug differs from the thermos - it does not close so tightly, but has a lid with sealing rubber. There are 2 holes on the elastic band to make it convenient to drink the drink on the go or on the go.

The thermomug "Arctic" is presented by the wide range. Low-cost models have been on sale for 9 years - everyone will be able to find a mug that he likes.

Features of choice

Thermo mugs were created so that a person could enjoy a hot drink for a long time. Despite the fact that they retain less heat than a thermos, spills are popular because they are happy to take with them to nature or on the road, going on a trip. When choosing a thermos mug, you should consider the material of the dishes.

  • Plastic. Products made of this material are lightweight, compact and easy to use. They are suitable for home or sedentary work, for example, in the office. The interior is usually made of polypropylene or glass coating, and the body is made of high quality plastic.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel models differ from others in their properties - they are more reliable and durable. If the choice is made in favor of a stainless steel mug, you can be sure that the temperature of the drink will remain at the proper level for a long time. During outdoor activities, a stainless steel thermo mug is what you need.
  • Glass. Models in which the flask is made of glass - best keep the temperature of the contents of the drink. In addition, he has a number of advantages over others - a material such as glass is easy to clean and insensitive to odors. Temperature stability is exactly what makes the mug special.
  • Ceramics. Mugs from this material are not as popular as from glass or stainless steel, but such a thermo mug is quite suitable for a home. You can also take it with you on a trip and use it in your hotel room. The fact is that ceramics are a fragile material, but the plus is that such mugs are easy to wash, and they are inexpensive.

When choosing a thermos mug, you should focus on your feelings - or it’s convenient to use the mug, hold it in your hands. It should be easy to wash, be with a pen and compact. The variety of "Arctic" thermomugs will please everyone, because the product can be chosen to your liking - any color and design, with or without a handle.

Types and characteristics

Consider the popular Arctic mugs.

  • Model 406-500. Volume: 0.5 L Material: stainless steel. The product retains temperature for 12 hours, so it will be a worthy purchase. You can take it with you on the road and enjoy hot coffee or another drink at any time of the day. The product is made in two colors: black and khaki. The model has a convenient handle that allows you to enjoy a drink with all the amenities. The stainless steel protects the mug from damage in the event of accidental falls.
  • Model 412-500. The assortment contains 3 colors: blue - with the image of books and a sleeping cat, green - with fish, white - the mug shows the valley, mountains, a car passing by. Volume: 500 ml. Material: stainless steel. The mug differs from others in that there is a strainer in the neck - it can be used to make tea, which may be needed on a trip.
  • Model 802. You can choose a mug with a lid in such colors as: blue, red, green and brown. It can be used on a walk, nature or at home. The model has a double wall - the external surface does not heat up, so injuring the hand is impossible. Volume: 200-450 ml (optional). Material: stainless steel.
  • Model 801. The thermomug is made in silver color. It will be a godsend for those who like to enjoy hot drinks while away from home. Volume: 200-450 ml (optional). Material: stainless steel. The inexpensive price of the product will allow everyone to buy a thermos mug - for themselves or as a gift.

Thermal mugs "Arctic" - this is a great opportunity to enjoy the hot drink consumed for several hours by summer residents, tourists, travelers and just lovers of delicious aromatic coffee. Since it retains heat for a long time - you can drink your favorite drink, stretching the pleasure.

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