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Tents "cube": features, types and applications

The cube-shaped tent is designed to protect against winter weather. They use the "cube" exclusively for winter fishing: 3-4 people can freely accommodate in it, placing it on the ice of a lake, river or sea.


The base of the cube tent made of aluminum and / or fiberglass covers the space allowing a person to freely stand, sit and lie, even resistant to a gale. Wind resistance is achieved thanks to the 6-angle design. Matter is water and windproof. Weight and size (folded and assembled) significantly exceed budget summer tents for (bike) camping.

The material - a two-layer inner layer - is equipped with a synthetic winterizer, which allows you to better keep warm in cold weather. A special windproof edging located on the outside prevents the loss of heated air from an internal confined space, and does not freeze to ice. But a little airing in the tent is possible through special valves.

The walls and ceiling are curved outward, which gives the “cube” a larger volume and does not allow snow deposits to accumulate during prolonged snowfall. Overnight for all the inhabitants of the tent goes comfortably - the more people spend the night in it, the more effective the heating will be: an adult emits up to 150 watts of thermal energy per hour.

According to the standards, the “cube” has two doorways with zippered fasteners equipped with waterproof strips and two window openings made of transparent or translucent material. In addition to the bag for transportation, there are also a drawstring, a hinged shelf (fastened inside the tent) and a warming tent.

Dimensions and mass of the product are as follows:

  • small tents - 150x150x170 cm;
  • medium - 180x180x205 cm;
  • large - 240x240x205 cm

The mass of the cube is 7-12 kg ...


Depending on the season and tasks to be solved, the consumer takes into account the structure and composition of the “cubic” tents.

According to the number of layers, 1-, 2- and 3-layer tents are distinguished.

  • Single layer easy to transport, suitable for temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius. It is not suitable for a many-hour fishing session - if people are inside for a long time, such a tent dries due to a temperature difference of 30 or more degrees.
  • Double layer tents have a heat-insulating coating made of high-quality water-repellent synthetics. Suitable for temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius.
  • Three layer the structures combine the protective properties of a 1- and 2-layer tent, inserted into each other. The material of the walls is water-repellent synthetics, the door is sheathed with a synthetic winter layer. The fabric of the inner surface of the tent and the features of the external structure prevent the formation of a moisture effusion. But the mass of such a tent can reach 14 kg.

On the protective layer are quilted and insulated tents. The tent roof consists of waterproof or breathable fabrics. The second ones are suitable for a frosty winter - they prevent the exudation of moisture, but in a shower at +1.2 degrees, moisture will seep inside the tent.

The shape of the “cube” tent is not always cubic - especially when it comes to the “double cube” (two adjacent volume cubes connected in a rectangular parallelepiped). One illustrative example is the Tuohai 200 * 400 * 215. The entrance to such a tent is located in the middle of the long side.

Examples of ready-made solutions

The tent "Stack Cube-3" is quite spacious, its dimensions when unfolded - 2.2 * 2.2 * 2.5 m, when folded - 0.5 × 1.8 m, weighs 10 kg. Aluminum construction with fiberglass auxiliary parts, 3-layer base of the tent, roof made of "breathable" material, the door has an additional layer of synthetic winterizer inside. It is quite large and can accommodate three fishermen who are very comfortable.

Two-layer winter tent "Coast Cube-1.8" Perfect for both fishermen and tourists. A ceiling height of 2 m allows you to comfortably straighten even people with high stature. Water-repellent impregnation, designed for showers with a pressure of 4000 mm water column, will provide excellent shelter from the weather, and an additional 3-layer bottom, purchased separately, will provide protection from cold earth or ice at night.

Awning and layers of the tent will withstand frost from -50 degrees, and the aluminum structure can withstand a gale.

Thanks to the possibility of installing a potbelly stove, “Cube 1.8” will turn into a well-insulated camping bathhouse.

Penguin Prism Shelters Premium is a 2-layer tent for both fishermen and tourists. All-weather - can withstand any heat or frost, insensitive to gusty wind. Easy to install - in less than a minute - and assembled by just one person. Rainfall pressure - up to 2000 mm water column, designed for three fishermen. There are 2 entrances. It is completed with removable air vents for quick ventilation.

UP-2 "Mini" is a universal 2-layer tent, suitable for any camping purposes from fishing to cycling trips. Replaces the standard "cube" due to the ability of the inhabitants to straighten in full growth. It is collected in a few minutes at most. Windproof edging protects from snow and oblique rain. A ventokno for a potbelly stove pipe is provided, insulated with non-heat-conducting, heat-resistant and non-combustible material from the tent ceiling.

It is equipped with an entrance with a visor that resembles a porch, which will allow you to escape from rain and snow from the entrance. It has mosquito nets, which allows fresh air to easily penetrate in the summer. The product is suitable for the military - thanks to the camouflage color, which makes it invisible. The white coating inside will save you from the lack of daylight (and moonlight at night) inside, which in itself is very convenient.

Tourist "camouflage", including single, are also advised to civilians who do not like to "shine on the whole forest", who know the geography of their country and are clearly guided in a wooded area.

Winter tent "Bear Cub-4" is a 4-seater mobile room suitable for fishermen, hunters and tourists. Two-layer - tent made of waterproof Oxford fabric, the inside of the tent is made of thermal stitch with padding polyester. It is equipped with two entrances, size - 215 * 215 * 200 cm, weight - 11.5 kg, folded - 170 * 30 * 25 cm. The height of the wind-shelter skirt is 20 cm, it is completed with two window leaves and ventilation under the stove pipe. The frame is made of steel and fiberglass.

Interchangeability of products of different designs

Any triple or 4-person tent is suitable as 2-seater - the prices for them are quite affordable depending on the quality, and the free space not occupied by two of the four people is regarded as ideal comfort and freedom of movement, and / or is used for placement additional belongings when you travel to cities and countries, and you don’t want to check in to the hotel or do not have the opportunity.

But if you need just one or two-seater - take, for example, "Cube Sakhalin 2" - The reduced base dimensions of 160 * 160 cm are perfect for one fisherman without much loss of comfort. For two or three fishermen, you can advise, say, "Woodland Ice Fish 4 Cube." But with four - any one with a base of at least 200 * 200 cm (or more) will do.

Single-layer tents are considered summer - they are used between off-season periods in the year and most often in latitudes below Moscow, where the summer still retains quite warm and / or hot days. Such tents are built like their "umbrella" counterparts, in a simple way - mosquito nets, waterproof synthetics with water-repellent impregnation, 4-6 pegs and a simple cubic load-bearing structure, mainly assembled by hand. In cheap tents, fiberglass guides with steel lugs are used.

In more expensive tents, the place of the fiberglass is aluminum or duralumin. But the tent will cope with its function - it is guaranteed to protect you from rainfall, protect against mosquitoes, ants and ticks, and withstand a gale. Almost perfect solution for a tourist, (bike) traveler.

How to choose?

The seller expects that you have decided which particular tent - winter, all-weather, summer - is suitable for you. Whether you go camping or go fishing - "cube" is a universal solution. Tent type "cube" is appreciated for comfort and spaciousness of execution - it is equally easy to lie, sit or stand, without restricting yourself in actions, as when using a hemisphere or raincoat-tent. A three-layer winter cube after placing a potbelly stove is also suitable as a camping bath. But for the summer, any single-layer is suitable.

Cube - a form highly valued by military personnel; in addition to the cube, they also use the standard parallelepiped with an impressive quadrature (in the field there is a headquarters, warehouse or barracks).

By the number of seats - depending on the number of members of the group - the best option is chosen: in order not to overpay, but all the participants were accommodated in a halt with comfort and did not suffer from bad weather.

Terms of use

When folded, the “cube” is quite small, it is easy to carry even on the trunk of a bicycle. For the trunk of a personal car or transportation in the bus there is a special bag-cover. Assembly of the skeleton takes only a few minutes. You can assemble such a tent alone.

How to set up a tent with an automatic frame?

To set up a tent with automatic deployment, follow a few steps.

  1. Pull the tent cloth out of the bag, spread it on ice or on the ground, spreading it over the area, and fix the edges of the tent with the help of screwing elements, the number of which can reach 6. They are installed in metal rings, which are “covered” with technological holes.
  2. Lift the cloth by the top and by the middle inserts from the sides. Having opened the tent, fasten the covering elements with the help of special reinforcements and a rope.

Tent assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

An automatic tent is needed on a short winter day, especially in northern countries, when fishermen do not expect a good bite in one place, but move to several such locations. This gives them a much greater chance of a successful catch.

Manual locking system

Manual installation takes only a few seconds.

  1. The cloth straightens out at the place of the planned parking.
  2. In special loops along the entire length on the edges of the “cube” the bearing sections are threaded and fixed with the help of special cloth rings framed by metal inserts.
  3. The "cube", which has received a stable form, is fixed in a parking place on the ground with the help of pegs or screw pins. This will not allow the tent to move when a hurricane suddenly rises. An ice ax is used for the ice of the reservoir, screw pegs are screwed into the holes obtained with its help.
  4. The windproof skirt (if any) is straightened out around the perimeter of the tent.

The tent is ready for use, luggage can be moved inside.

To disassemble and fold, proceed in the opposite way.

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