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How to choose and use a brush to clean windows?

Windows in the house require regular cleaning from both the inside and the outside. If you can wash the glass indoors using improvised means, then outside it is very problematic to do. Fortunately, today there is an opportunity to purchase special devices that will greatly facilitate the cleaning process. How to choose and use a brush to clean windows is discussed in this article.


Special brushes significantly facilitate window cleaning, while saving time and effort on cleaning. Now there are many types of such devices that differ in appearance and technical characteristics. Typically, a glass cleaning brush consists of a short or long handle and a nozzle, which can be hard or soft.

Modern models are equipped with a rotary mechanism that allows you to rotate the nozzle at any angle. Thus, it is not difficult to clean the windows from the outside or in far corners. Some models have a nozzle with an abrasive coating, which makes it easy to remove strong impurities from the surface of the glasses without the use of special potent agents.


Each type of window cleaner has its own characteristics. Before choosing the appropriate option, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each produced model.


The magnetic brush is designed for two-sided washing of windows. This device consists of two identical brushes, inside of which there are magnets and a small pen. These elements are placed on different sides of the glass and are attracted to each other by magnets. The likelihood that the double brush is disconnected is very small, but the device for greater reliability is equipped with a strong rope, which will allow it to be kept on weight.

Several varieties of magnet models are available. Each model is intended for glasses of a certain thickness. The advantages of magnetic brushes include the following:

  • The device provides maximum safety when washing windows. In addition, it is very convenient to work with such a brush, as it has small dimensions and is securely fixed on both sides of the glass.
  • Easy to use. No need to carry out complex manipulations to adjust the device.
  • Durability. As the main material for the manufacture of this device, high-strength plastic is used. In addition, the brush does not have any complex mechanisms that can quickly fail.
  • Compact size makes this model easy to store and move.
  • Glass thicknessthat can be washed with a magnetic brush, can reach 4 cm.
  • Such a product is suitable not only for washing windows, also with a brush can clean plastic surfaces.
  • Savings on the services of cleaning companies. Using a magnetic brush, you can easily and quickly clean glass on your own in both residential and office buildings, regardless of floor and window size.

However, magnetic devices have their drawbacks. We highlight the main disadvantages of such products:

  • High price Compared to many modifications of glass cleaning brushes. Particularly expensive are models that have high power and are intended for cleaning thickened glass.
  • Models of magnetic brushes, unfortunately, not universal for glasses of different thicknesses. When buying, it is important to study the characteristics of the product and choose the most suitable option by the power of the magnets. For example, if the device is designed to work with glasses no more than 24 mm thick, then a 28-mm double-glazed window cannot be cleaned with such a product - the brushes will simply separate.
  • With this device hard to remove dirt in some hard-to-reach places, for example, in corners or in the contact area of ​​glass and window frame.


A steam brush is a device that consists of a special nozzle for cleaning glasses, a container for filling water, a steam generator and a handle. When working with this device, there is no need to use special cleaning compounds, since the surface will be exposed to steam. The steam supply can be adjusted using the buttons that are located on the device.

Models of steam mops can be equipped with a different number of nozzles and have handles of different lengths. This device works from the mains. The electric steam brush has a long cord, therefore the device can be moved long distances from the outlet, which allows you to wash the windows even on the balcony.

This device is used not only for washing glasses: with the help of steam you can remove dirt from almost any surface. Steam brushes not only effectively clean complex contaminants, but also have a disinfecting effect on the areas treated with steam.


The telescopic brush for washing glass is distinguished by a rather long handle, the size of which can be even three meters. The handle is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to change its size and angle of the nozzle. This model is perfect for cleaning large double-glazed windows. Modifications of telescopic brushes for washing car windows are also available.

A telescopic brush is sold complete with an additional rubber (or other material) nozzle. The nozzle is necessary in order to remove excess moisture from the surface during washing.


Professional automatic brush does not leave moisture on the surface during cleaning. The device is capable of absorbing contaminated water, and also does not require constant wetting of the glasses to wash them. This device works on battery power, which requires regular recharging in the mains. An automatic brush can be called a kind of steam model, since both of them are equipped with a steam generator.

Automatic devices also include special glass washing robots. The robot is a small device that is equipped with a vacuum motor. The engine allows the device to be easily fixed and independently move on almost any horizontal and vertical surface.

Stick brush

The stick-brush is a handle, which can have different sizes, and a two-sided nozzle, consisting of a soft part and a scraper. This model is also called a glass mop and a scraper brush. The stick-brush is visually similar to telescopic instruments, except for the presence of a nozzle rotation mechanism and a handle-height adjuster. The following types of such products can be distinguished:

  • Mops with a long handle for washing large double-glazed windows.
  • Small scrapers that can only be cleaned on surfaces that are as close as possible. This model is in great demand among car owners.
  • Brush with special nozzles. This modification allows you to choose a suitable nozzle for each section of glass.

How to use?

Each type of brush for washing windows has its own characteristics of use. To work with magnetic models, you will need a cleaning agent or soap solution and the brushes themselves. If the elements are connected to each other, then they must be opened by turning them in opposite directions by 90 degrees. The sponges that are located on the body are wetted in a cleaning agent or in plain water.

After that, the brushes are placed on different sides of the glass. A body with a sponge, which is equipped with a handle, is applied to the inside of the glass, and a brush with a safety rope is placed opposite, already on the outside. Magnets fix the device on both sides, and when moving one brush, the other will move.

Steam models require electricity. Before cleaning, the reservoir, which is located on the device’s body, must be filled with water. After that, the appliance cord must be inserted into a power outlet and wait about one minute until the water heats up and steam begins to flow.

Telescopic devices are not particularly difficult to operate. The main thing is to adjust the device well before starting work, pulling out the handle to the desired length and choosing the optimal level of nozzle inclination. Glass is washed using special compositions or soapy water, after which it is necessary to remove the sponge from the telescopic device, rinse it in clean water and dry it naturally.

Selection recommendations

Knowing all the features of each type of window brush, you can easily choose the option that suits you. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the scope of this device, namely:

  • Window sizes which will be periodically cleaned.
  • Thickness double-glazed window.
  • Volume of work. It is important to evaluate how often and in what quantity glass cleaning is required. Magnetic brushes are great for regular use, and also significantly save time on cleaning surfaces.
  • Surface typesthat are planned to be cleaned with the appliance. If you need a universal device that can be used not only for washing glasses, it is best to purchase a steam or automatic model.

Manufacturers: review and reviews

In today's market you can find a large variety of brushes for cleaning windows. The quality of the device depends not only on its technical characteristics, but also on the manufacturer. Before buying a product, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with popular manufacturers and reviews of their products.

Window wizard

Magnetic brushes manufactured under the Window wizard brand are some of the most popular products of this type. The maximum thickness of a double-glazed window that the Window wizard can clean is 32 millimeters. The cost of such products in comparison with analogues from other manufacturers is quite low.

Many customers have appreciated the quality and properties of Window wizard brushes. Among the advantages of the product, the following is noted:

  • keeps well on a glass surface;
  • ease of use;
  • low cost.

However, the Chinese-made magnetic device Window wizard also revealed many shortcomings. Some buyers highlight the following disadvantages:

  • the brush is not suitable for washing double-glazed windows;
  • on glasses of large thickness, magnets do not hold well and the brush periodically falls from the outside;
  • soft pads for washing windows do not adhere well to the case and periodically fly off;
  • the brush leaves stains.


The Russian company Tatla specializes in the manufacture of magnetic brushes for washing windows. For the manufacture of devices, the company uses only high-quality materials and powerful magnets, which can lose power (no more than 5%) only after 10 years of active use.

The company offers brushes for double-glazed windows of any thickness: from 0.3 to 4 centimeters. The devices are equipped with a long protective cable (3 meters), which allows washing large-size double-glazed windows. Each model comes with a detailed description of the characteristics, the possible scope and instructions for use.

Reviews of most customers about the Tatla brush are positive. Among the advantages of the product are the following:

  • the brush does not leave streaks and cleans glass surfaces to a shine;
  • ease of use;
  • easily glides on glass;
  • allows you to safely and quickly wash windows on high floors.

Among the shortcomings, the high cost of the Tatla magnetic brush is noted in the first place. Some buyers note that the brush does a poor job of removing dirt in the window corners.


Cleaning windows with different modifications of brushes has its own distinctive features. However, there are a number of general rules that must be observed:

  • Glass washing is always best to start from top to bottom. Thus, the dirt will not just move to different areas, but will drain downward.
  • For washing glass, you can use both specialized tools and a solution of water and a mixture for washing dishes.

If there are no strong dirt and greasy traces on the surface, then clean with ordinary water.

  • Whatever device is used to clean the glass, dirt and dust should not be present on it.
  • Glass washing is recommended after removing dirt from window frames and window sills.
  • Strong contaminants can be removed from the glass surface without the use of potent chemicals that can damage the glass. To do this, you need a melamine sponge-erase, which easily cleans even old spots, without leaving stains and scratches on the surface.

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