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How to clean a microwave with lemon?

Modern technology has firmly entered our lives. It is already difficult to imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator, a food processor and a microwave. Such a device helps us to always enjoy hot dishes.

In order for the microwave to last as long as possible, you need to regularly clean it from accumulated fat and dirt. It is not necessary to use expensive cleaning products with an aggressive chemical composition. After all, it is quite possible to do with improvised means, for example, lemon juice.

Preparatory stage

Before you begin the process of cleaning equipment, you need to perform a few simple steps. An example algorithm looks like this:

  • Unplug the equipment from the mains (unplug the cord from the outlet).
  • Stock up on soft sponges and rags. Do not use bristle brushes or metal washcloths, as this can damage the surface of the equipment.
  • Depending on the size of the citrus fruits and the degree of contamination of the microwave, prepare 1 or 2 lemons, a special bowl and a small amount of clean water.

Cleaning process

Now it's time for the main work. Take a cup or container for a microwave, add one and a half glasses of water (about 300 milliliters). Next, cut the lemon in half and squeeze its juice into a container. Then place the bowl inside the microwave, turn on the oven at maximum power, leave the container for five or ten minutes.

The main task is to create conditions so that the steam from the container with water condenses on the walls of the equipment. After a predetermined time, it is necessary to get a container of lemon juice from the microwave. Now it remains only to clean the inner surface of the equipment with an ordinary kitchen cloth made of soft material.

Before washing the bottom of the microwave oven, be sure to remove the pan from it. Thus, you are guaranteed to completely wash off not only the pallet itself, but also the surface under it. Just be sure to wipe it dry before returning to the place. And from the outside, the equipment can be easily cleaned with any special cleaning spray that you probably have in your home.

Despite the fact that this method is very simple and budget, its effectiveness will seem incredibly convincing to you. You do not need absolutely no effort to quickly wash even the most persistent dirt.

This is one of the best options for caring for equipment at home, without the use of special tools. However, if you encounter incredibly complex greasy stains, you can repeat the procedure of heating the container with the solution or slightly wipe the problem area using a small amount of soda. The result will be a perfectly clean microwave and a wonderful citrus aroma that fills the whole house. It perfectly refreshes and cheers up.

The mechanism of action of this method

The effectiveness of this technique lies in the fact that the vapor of evaporated water successfully softens and loosens dried spots and food debris that remained on the walls of the microwave oven. As a result, even old stains can be easily washed.

If you don’t have a lemon on hand, then this isn’t scary. Citrus juice can easily be replaced with ordinary white vinegar, which is likely to be found in the closet of any kitchen.

Do not worry about the sour smell of vinegar spreading throughout the house. The unpleasant aroma will disappear as soon as the liquid is completely dry. And if you have prepared too much cleaning solution, use it to wash the refrigerator. Simple lemon juice will perfectly cope with such a task, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result of such simple manipulations.

Things to remember:

  • If you have even slight symptoms of an allergy to citrus fruits, this method is best not to use. Contact with lemon juice can negatively affect your health.
  • You should not try to disassemble the microwave oven yourself, even if its parts are very dirty. This task is best entrusted to a person who has the appropriate skills and knowledge.
  • Do not use too much water. Electrical appliances are made up of many elements that are sensitive to moisture. Better be careful with that.
  • Before you remove the container with the heated solution from the microwave, it is better to wait at least half a minute. This is necessary so that the plastic cools down a bit and you do not get a burn. But you should not wait too long, because then the dirt will harden again, and the cleaning process will become more difficult.
  • It is not necessary to close the container tightly, otherwise it can simply burst under pressure in the furnace.
  • Make sure that the liquid does not completely boil out of the container, because this will lead to spoilage of the container or even to burns.
  • If citric acid for any reason gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, be sure to immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of water. Untimely measures can lead to serious burns.
  • Always use protective gloves when performing such manipulations.

Result Tips

When you achieve perfect cleanliness of your microwave oven, you will definitely want to keep this result as long as possible. That is why there are several simple tips that will help maintain the cleanliness of technology for a long time:

  • Use deep containers to defrost. In the process of defrosting foods, a large amount of liquid and small thawed food particles appear. To avoid staining the microwave tray, do not choose flat plates, but deep bowls. Then the food will defrost and the microwave will remain clean.
  • Do not forget about the covers. Food is better warmed up if you cover it with a special film and a not too tight lid. In addition, the likelihood of contaminants getting on the inner surface of the equipment is significantly reduced.
  • Wipe the microwave regularly. After warming up the food and removing the container, simply wipe the inside walls and the bottom with a dry cloth. This procedure takes only a few seconds, but it saves time during further deep cleaning of the equipment.

It is additionally recommended that you leave the oven door open for one or two minutes so that food odors disappear and excess moisture evaporates.

Is it possible to replace citrus juice with citric acid

This question interests many when there is no natural lemon at hand. Then citric acid powder will come in handy. Take 250 milliliters of water and add about 25 grams of acid. What follows is exactly the same algorithm of actions as with the juice of a real lemon.

The effect of cleaning the oven using citric acid will not leave a pleasant aroma of citrus fruits, however, the effectiveness of this method is not in doubt.

What else can you wash the microwave

In addition to lemon juice, vinegar and acid, there are plenty of homemade microwave cleaning recipes. For example, ordinary soda can easily cope with any pollution, including even the most persistent.


It's no secret that old spots are easy to remove if you just rub them with a little soda. However, such a substance is abrasive, and therefore, it can damage the surface of the technique with excessive friction. But there is an even faster and easier option for using ordinary soda.

You will need a deep plastic or glass bowl, a couple of spoons of soda, clean water. Pour a small amount of soda into the container, fill with water and put in the microwave.

Turning off the equipment is necessary only after the solution in the bowl begins to boil.

But you do not need to immediately open the oven and pull out the container from there. Wait fifteen minutes. This is necessary not only in order not to get burned, but also in order for this method to work. During the stay of the solution inside the microwave, evaporation of alkali will greatly soften old spots of fat and food.

After the specified time, you only need to carefully remove the container with soda solution from the microwave. After that, remove dirt with a soft cloth or sponge. You do not even need to use any additional detergents.

Laundry soap

Familiar to everyone since childhood, a brown bar of soap with a characteristic odor will help to quickly and easily tidy up a microwave oven. To do this, you need to take a clean rag or sponge, then properly soap it with laundry soap. One rule - the more foam, the better. Wipe the inside and outside of the appliance with a soapy rag, leave the foam for a few minutes. Then simply remove the dirt with a damp cloth or towel.

Repeat the soaping process as necessary. It is important to carefully ensure that absolutely all contaminants are removed along with the remnants of the soap solution, otherwise when you turn on the microwave oven a characteristic burning smell is inevitable.

But even if it so happens that your home does not have any of the above products, there is still a solution. Just put in a microwave a glass or container with plain water without any additives for 5-10 minutes.

With too much soiling, this method may need to be repeated. But it will also bring you the desired effect - the cleanliness of your microwave. Some models of modern microwave ovens even have a steam cleansing function, which will greatly facilitate your work.

Keep your equipment clean at regular intervals using the above deep cleaning methods. Then the microwave will last a very long time.

See how to clean a microwave with a lemon in the next video.


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