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How to clean gold at home?

Gold jewelry over time may become coated. Dirt can spoil the appearance of any product, they begin to fade and look unattractive. Therefore, everyone should know how to clean gold at home.


Before you start cleaning gold jewelry, familiarize yourself with the features of this process. Studying the intricacies of cleaning gold jewelry will help you avoid many mistakes that will ruin the look of your rings.

Many products contain hard to reach areas that are difficult to clean. Among these places are convex patterns, stone inserts, decorative ornament. The traditional method of cleaning does not capture these areas, so you will need to additionally use a toothbrush during washing with water. Choose dishes whose volume allows you to completely cover the jewelry. Learn the features of stones. Some of them may not tolerate contact with alcohol and other substances.

White gold differs in composition from traditional metal. For this reason, the appropriate cleaning method should be carefully selected. Only soft brushes can be used in the work so that the villi do not scratch the metal.

Knowing the intricacies of metal processing, you will learn how to properly care for it and will be able to maintain the attractiveness of jewelry for a long time.

Popular ways

Jewelry can be made of different types of gold, differing in color. The most popular is yellow metal. To clean such gold, there are professional products sold in jewelry stores. Also, you can clean the gold from dirt yourself using available means.

Choosing a preparation for cleaning jewelry should be based on the type of impurities themselves. You can choose several methods:

  • professional cleansing. This method is considered the most effective. During it, special ultrasound systems are applied that return the jewelry to its original state. A similar procedure can be performed once a month;
  • unprofessional cleaning. Such a method includes folk methods with which you can clean gold jewelry yourself;
  • specialized drugs. To clean jewelry with your own hands, you can use different types of compounds and acids. In most cases, such funds are served in jewelry stores, pawnshops.

There are several ways that are guaranteed to help restore the original appearance of gold so that it shines. User reviews provide several means that show a good result.

Hydrogen peroxide

Many people buy jewelry after a pawnshop. In these organizations, you can purchase original products at a lower cost. However, many may find that the acquired ring or chain has a dull color, which gives the product an ugly appearance.

To restore the natural shine to your products, you can use hydrogen peroxide, wiping jewelry with a cotton pad moistened in it. Also You can combine the drug with a solution of ammonia. Such a mixture quickly removes any type of contamination.

To restore the rings to their original state, you will need:

  • mix 50 ml of ammonia and 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide;
  • put rings in the resulting liquid;
  • jewelry should be left for 12 hours. To prevent evaporation of vapors, cover the container with a lid;
  • then you need to get the product and wipe it with a suede or flannel cloth.

If you want to speed up the procedure, add one glass of water and 0.5 tablespoons of simple laundry detergent to the mixture. The powder can be replaced with dishwashing liquid. Take hot water, and choose ceramic or glassware as the container. In this solution, the jewelry should be about five minutes. Then the products are washed and dried.


Cleaning gold from dirt with vinegar is an undesirable method for products in which there are inserts made of stones. Acetic acid solution can damage the stones, giving them an unpresentable appearance.

If you are the owner of a low-grade gold jewelry, refuse such a cleaning method, since such a material contains many impurities in the form of non-ferrous metals, which can cause irreparable damage to the effect of acid.

If you decide to choose this method, choose a solution with a low concentration of vinegar - no more than 3%. The acid will need to be diluted in half with water.


Soda will help to remove the stain in a short time. Many methods are designed for a long reaction time. You will need to wait several hours for the product to become clean again. If you urgently need to clean your chain or earrings, it is better to use baking soda.

To give the precious metal a natural shine, you will need:

  • fill the container with one glass of water;
  • put your jewelry in it;
  • put the pan on the stove and wait for the water to boil;
  • put in a boiling water one large spoon of baking soda;
  • boil the jewelry for five minutes, after which you can drain the water;
  • treat gold with a soft-type toothbrush.

Some users use dry soda powder, but it is not suitable for working with gold products. This is due to the fact that soda belongs to the category of abrasives that can damage the material, precious inserts.

Acceptable options include only mixing baking soda with water to a paste. Other methods are not allowed.


With the help of foil, you can return gold to attractiveness on your own. You will need plain metal foil, water and baking soda. It is necessary to correctly calculate the proportions when mixing, so as not to damage the metal.

To clean the jewelry with foil, you will need to perform several actions:

  • dissolve 50 grams of baking soda in 0.5 liter of hot water;
  • lay the foil on the bottom of a deep dish;
  • a mixture of soda and water should be poured into a container;
  • dip the gold into the selected container;
  • products must lie in solution all night;
  • the last step is to rinse the gold with water and wipe it with a soft towel.


Ammonia can effectively remove pollution from metal. To clean the gold, you will need:

  • mix one glass of water and a small spoon of ammonia;
  • moisten a cotton pad in this solution and carefully process the product;
  • wash the gold with soap and water and rinse with clean water.

There is another way to use ammonia, for which you will need to combine chalk powder with ammonia to form a paste. The resulting mixture must be wiped with a product and washed with soapy water. The use of lump chalk is not allowed, as delicate metal can be scratched.

Ammonia can be combined with detergent. You will need a small spoon of ammonia and a tablespoon of washing powder. Stir these ingredients in a glass of water and dip the jewelry in there. After three hours, you can rinse the gold under running water.

There is an easy method for cleaning jewelry with an alcohol solution. You will need to dissolve a couple of drops of ammonia in a glass of water and put your jewelry in the formed liquid for one hour. Then you can rinse the gold with warm water. To remove significant contaminants, you can dilute the mixture with a dishwashing detergent.

Many users were able to evaluate the following method:

  • pour a glass of water into the ladle and bring to a boil;
  • add one tablespoon of ammonia solution with liquid soap to the water;
  • put your jewelry in a liquid for a couple of hours;
  • after 2 hours, rinse the gold in water and wipe it with a cloth.

After cleaning with any of the above methods, you will need mustard powder. He will give products a beautiful shine. It is recommended to pour the product on a soft rag and rub it with jewelry.


Paste belongs to the category of abrasives, so you need to clean the rings and chains with it carefully. This method helps to clean the diamonds well. You will need to squeeze a small amount of paste onto a cloth and polish the decoration with it. Only classic white toothpaste without whitening is allowed.

If you decide to use tooth powder, dilute it with lemon juice. After the cleaning process, rinse the rings in water and dry them with a paper towel.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola cleans the surface of gold items well. To use this method, you only need a drink. Selected jewelry is placed in it for 12 hours. After cleaning, wash them with clean water.

There are several limitations to this method:

  • Do not use this option on products with precious stones. The inserts may be painted in an incomprehensible shade due to contact with the drink;
  • Gilding under the influence of Coca-Cola can get off the rings and chains.


This is the most affordable method of cleansing jewelry. You will need dishes in which to pour a glass of hot water. Stir completely 4 large tablespoons of salt in water. Jewelry should be kept in solution for 12 hours. Then the products are washed with tap water and dried.

Heavy pollution

Self-cleaning gold from pollution is a difficult task. Separately, consider the issue of how to clean gold from blackness. If you were unable to restore the product using the methods described previously, refer to mechanical cleaning. This method is considered the most effective.

Do not use abrasive products: baking soda, toothpaste and other drugs, as they can ruin jewelry. Gold is a delicate metal, so it can be scratched from contact with abrasives. To return the darkened metal appeal, you need to use special types of pastes. Such funds have a low price and do not harm the coating.

Use a soft toothbrush or tissue. You will need to apply the paste on the darkened rings or chains and clean in only one direction. When you finish work, wipe the product with alcohol solution. It will remove the film that remains after cleaning.

You can create a paste yourself to clean jewelry mechanically with your own hands. To do this, you will need:

  • mix in equal proportions petroleum jelly, grated soap, warm water, classic toothpaste and crumbled chalk;
  • apply to the jewelry mixture with a soft brush;
  • clean in one direction only;
  • at the end of the procedure, you will need to treat the metal with a solution containing alcohol and wipe it with a napkin.

To wash the soiled ring from iodine, you can use a teaspoon of hyposulfite dissolved in a glass of water. In this solution, leave a ring for 15 minutes. Then, rinse the jewel with tap water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

To clear matte gold, try the following methods:

  • You will need dishes in which a little bleaching lime is added, a spoon of bicarbonate salt and a spoon of edible salt. Pour a third of a glass of water into the mixture. Products should be placed in the resulting paste for a couple of minutes. Rinse the gold with an alcohol solution and dry well;
  • stir 10 g of chalk, 5 g of lead white and half a pound of blood with magnesia. The resulting mixture is required to clean the metal;
  • To implement this method, you will need to mix 80 grams of kolkotara and a little ammonia. This solution should clean contaminated rings, chains or earrings;
  • borax solution effectively copes with spots on golden rings. The cloth dampened in it needs to be wiped;
  • some people remove the darkening with an eraser.

New Products

The easiest way to clean rings with a smooth surface on which there are no stones and other decorative inserts. However, such products are rare. Most women wear smooth wedding rings, diluting them with more intricate jewelry.

Quickly clean new products to a shine with a soft cloth. If there are no inserts on the ring, soaking in a soap solution is suitable. New jewelry can be cleaned with toothpaste using brushes with soft bristles. Despite the fact that even in sample gold 750 other types of metals are present to give strength, such a material has ductility. therefore Care must be taken so that there are no scratches on the product.

If you are a supporter of folk methods, you can resort to the option with a bow. It will be necessary to cut the onion into two parts and rub it onto the surface of the decoration. Using this method, you can remove dirt and grease from jewelry. This simple way will help to clean the gold watch and other things.

Old surfaces

Stains or an oxidizing film may form on old gold. To restore the used gold, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will help you.

Mix several ingredients in 200 grams of warm water:

  • a small spoon of ammonia;
  • 30 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide;
  • one spoon of liquid soap.

Pour the resulting mixture into a non-metallic container and lower your jewelry there for 20 minutes. Then you will need to rinse the jewelry in the tap water and thoroughly wipe it with a suede cloth. Alternatively, use a flannel fabric.

Gifted gold can be cleaned with high-quality ammonia. You will need:

  • 200 grams of water;
  • 0.5 small tablespoons of ammonia at a concentration of 10%;
  • 1 small spoon dishwashing detergent.

When you lower the old jewelry into the liquid you receive, the water will immediately take on a dark shade. Remove them and rinse with tap water. Keep in mind that this method is not suitable for working with products in which precious stones are present.

A solution of baking soda also cleans blackened gold well. Do not use the powder, as an abrasive can scratch your rings and earrings. If you could not return your old gold to its original appearance, get a special paste or foam, which are sold in jewelry stores. Such a tool will be enough for you for a long time.

You can return the appeal of jewelry using ultrasound. This method is modern and expensive. However, you can effectively remove all stains and blackness from the precious metal.

Jewelry with stones

To clean products with stones at home using mechanical methods. When working with precious inserts, be careful not to damage the material. When choosing the appropriate method, consider that alcohol can make some types of stones dull.

Moisture is an unacceptable condition for stones, therefore it will not work to soak a ring or earrings with stones in cleaning solutions. To clean such jewelry, you can use a simple cologne. Dip a cotton swab into it and wipe the stone. Cologne is able to degrease the surface and remove dirt.After this method, you will see that your jewelry shines again. Gasoline also effectively cleans precious stones.

Many people are faced with a situation where the diamonds in the rings become dull. You can restore the original shine to the decoration at home. When rubbing and heating, stones begin to attract dust and fats. It is impossible to stop this process if you wear rings all the time, so you should study ways that will help restore darkened gold with a diamond. Clean carefully so as not to damage the surface of the metal.

To quickly clean the engagement ring, jewelers recommend using alcohol. You will need to dip the jewelry in a liquid and wipe it with a soft cloth. This method is able to quickly return gold to its former attractiveness without harm and consequences.

Many people go to water procedures in rings and do not remove them when they are in the water. Chlorine, which is present in pools, aggressively affects precious stones, which makes them dull and darkens. It is able to penetrate into adhesion spots, from where the spots are the hardest to remove. Therefore, experts recommend removing jewelry before going to the pool.

Precious jewelery should be cleaned. once a month. Wipe your engagement ring or bracelet with a soft cloth, checking the condition of the staples and the gold itself. Sometimes the metal requires a little polishing to fix minor damage and scratches.

White metal

Traditional methods will help you deal with blackness on many jewelry. However, not every method will be effective when working with white gold. Such a metal is considered special because it does not contain copper and nickel. The surface of the gold is coated with rhodium, so clean the cross or pendant should be careful.

You can clean the white gold at home yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • soft cloth;
  • liquid soap or shampoo;
  • ammonia solution.

With the help of solutions in which these components are present, you can wipe your jewelry. Soaking white gold items at night is prohibited.

White gold cannot be cleaned with toothpaste or toothpaste, saline. You can use a mixture of ammonia and shampoo. To do this, the following method is suitable for you:

  • mix in equal proportions ammonia and water;
  • add a few drops of shampoo to the liquid;
  • dip the decorations in the solution for 30 minutes;
  • then you need to wash the white gold with water and dry.

Shampoo can be replaced with liquid soap. It takes two presses of the dispenser. Dilute the soap in one glass of water and place your rings in the resulting mixture. Leave the jewelry for 20 minutes, then rinse in water and wipe dry.

Negative Energy Cleansing

The whole surrounding world consists of energy flows. It is contained not only in the atmosphere surrounding us, but also in ourselves, as well as in jewelry. Gold items have powerful energy, as such material is popular. People wear rings every day, in contact with others. Due to the continuous relationship, jewelry absorb all the energy that they encounter.

If you received the jewelry as a inheritance or as a gift, they contain a large amount of other people's energy, which you need to get rid of. The most dangerous are ancient rings and treasures. Products that were extracted from ancient tombs are in a special category, as they have been located next to the remains of a man for several centuries, having absorbed a lot of negativity.

Understanding that your gold needs to be cleaned of negativity is easy. If you began to notice apathy, a bad mood and a breakdown, you should proceed with actions.

There are several ways to clean gold items from negativity at home. Four earth elements act as the main methods to combat negative energy, but there are other options that work no less efficiently.

By fire

The fire contains a great potential for purifying energy. To remove the negative from the ring, you need to hold the decoration over the fire for several seconds. Incense is allowed.

You can also take a lighted candle and watch the flame for several minutes. Your eyes during this time will be able to maintain the shape of the fire. Then you need to take the product and imagine how the flame surrounds it and burns all the negative.

Ash is a derivative of the flame, so it can also be used to clean precious metal. You will need to put gold in it and wipe it.

If through such measures you can’t eliminate the negative, contact jewelers to re-decorate the jewelry.


This method is the simplest. It is enclosed in a simple washing of jewelry in tap water.

Using the earth

Earth well removes other people's energy from the rings. You will need to bury the jewelry in the ground for 7 days. When you take out the product, it will be cleaned.


For this method, you will need a glass filled with a third of salt. Put gold in the dishes and fill the glass to the top. After 24 hours, you can put on the ring, and it is recommended to bury the used salt in the ground or throw it into the river.

In the method, you can use sea or table salt. Saline solution also copes well with this task. When cleaning, remember that extraction of the item should be done with a spoon or pencil.

In the church

Most believers turn to the church to solve problems of this kind. You will need some holy water and church candles. Put the jewelry on the table and make circular rotations with a candle. Move counterclockwise.

The number of rotations will depend on your feelings. When you realize that the negative has left the decoration, the cleaning process can be completed.


Working with sound vibrations is considered an unusual way that helps cleanse gold from negative. You can use gong, church or simple bells, loud music in your work.

Try to concentrate and imagine how the waves of sound enter the gold and clear it of the accumulated negativity.

By the light of the moon or the sun

To use this method, you need to put gold rings or earrings in the place where direct rays of the sun or moonlight fall. Jewelry should be left for 8 hours. During the process, make sure that you will not be disturbed by cloudy weather.

If you are working with products in which there are inserts made of stones, remember that some of them may fade in the sun. This method is not suitable for amethyst, yellow topaz and citrine.

Care Tips

To jewelry for a long time pleased with its brilliance, you should study the rules of gold care. These recommendations will help you maintain the beauty and attractiveness of jewelry for a long time:

  • Gold must not be allowed to come into contact with alkaline or acidic substances. These components are contained in almost every detergent, washing powder;
  • if you do not want your gold to fade, avoid contact of the rings with nail polish remover. Many girls make manicures right in the rings, wondering why the gold turned black;
  • some cosmetic preparations also contain components of mercury, sulfur and chlorine, which adversely affect the precious metal;
  • Before working with paint and abrasive products, all jewelry should be removed;
  • you can’t go to the bathhouse, sauna and solarium in gold;
  • do not store jewelry in a cardboard box. It contains sulfur, which will “help” your products turn black;
  • Do not forget to periodically clean the gold from dirt. You can do this at home using the methods that have been described previously.

See how to clean gold at home in the next video.

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