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Epilator with ceramic tweezers

Epilator with ceramic tweezers designed to quickly capture the hairs with their further extraction. According to reviews, this equipment misses hairs much less often and ensures comfortable use.

What it is?

Epilators are a device that is designed to eliminate hair along with the root. To understand the principle of operation of this device, you need to understand the difference between hair removal and depilation. In the first case, the artificial elimination of unwanted hairs is carried out by destroying the hair follicles, as well as eliminating the vegetation directly from the root. During depilation, only the upper part of the hair is removed without interfering with its structure. Such an event may include work with razors, as well as the use of depilation creams. Epilator refers to one of the methods of hair removal.

Modern hair removal tools work like tweezers. They hook the hairs and tear them straight with the roots. The difference may lie in the number of tweezers, in the brand and in the model itself. The shaver head is equipped with rotating discs with tweezers. When the disc rotates, tweezers begin to capture vegetation.

The most advanced models include epilators with ceramic tweezers. The name of the device speaks for itself. In devices there is a special patented epilation system made of ceramic, not metal. This material is hypoallergenic, non-irritating and can be used on any part of the body.

Due to the special vibration system, the hairs are raised with their direction to the tweezers. On ceramic disks there is a textured type of surface that ensures a snug fit to the skin. A similar feature can provide effective grip, as well as the complete elimination of even the shortest hairs. Epilators with ceramic discs are called the most hygienic device, since the unit is removable and can be cleaned with running water.

Which is better - tweezers or disk?

When choosing an epilator, you need to decide which epilation system suits you best. There are two types of system: tweezers and disk.

The design of the apparatus differs in that in the first case, hair removal is performed using each tweezers. Usually they are staggered, so you have to several times to epilator on the same part of the body. Reviews say that the tweezers system is accompanied by less painful sensations, since it captures a smaller number of vegetation. However, you will need to endure this pain for a longer time.

The disk system is based on the fact that the removal of vegetation is carried out without a pass, since all disks rotate simultaneously. A similar system is used by the Philips brand.

Knowing the differences between the two systems, you can choose the most optimal option for yourself. Remember that working with any epilating device is accompanied by painful sensations, so the developers offer various additional functions in order to reduce unpleasant feelings. Many epilators, regardless of the installed system, have analgesic functions that dull the pain.

How many tweezers should be?

The more tweezers in the epilator, the better the removal of excess vegetation. As a rule, the number of tweezers is 20-50, depending on the model of the device. When buying, you should be interested in how many tweezers are present in the epilator of your choice.

Many girls praise the Braun epilator, which has 40 tweezers. The device provides fast hair removal with minimal gaps in vegetation. Not so long ago, Panasonic released a model in which 48 tweezers. A device with a large number of them has a higher speed and almost does not pass hair during operation

When choosing an epilating device, remember that the number of tweezers has a direct effect on pain and treatment time.

If the number of tweezers is 48 pieces, then the process of hair removal will be the most painful, but the most efficient and thorough. If you have chosen a model with only 12 tweezers, get ready for a not-so-painful procedure that will need to be repeated several times.

How to choose?

When choosing an epilator, you need to focus on several criteria. First of all, you will need to determine the power source:

  • network devices are more affordable because they don’t have an auxiliary battery. The operation of the epilator is carried out from the outlet;
  • use the appliance only at home. To remove vegetation in an inaccessible zone, it is not entirely convenient;
  • rechargeable epilators are able to work without electricity, which allows you to take them to the bathroom. As a rule, hair removal takes about 30 minutes and this should be taken into account when choosing a battery reserve;
  • combination epilator is the most expensive. If you have a long procedure for removing vegetation, this unit can operate on a network. For individual sections, you can use the battery.

Model Overview

There are also differences in the type of anesthesia:

  • cooling. In the configuration of such equipment, cooling gloves or special cassettes can be present. Additional accessories should be stored in the freezer before hair removal;
  • massage is based on the work of nozzles that help in preparing tender skin for the process of hair removal;
  • wet type of hair removal. There is a special category of devices that you can take with you to the shower or combine them with shaving cosmetics. The elimination of vegetation on steamed skin is accompanied by less painful sensations, as in the case of dry skin.

Decide on the nozzles:

  • The hair removal head on which the tweezers are present can be removed to make cleaning easier. There are models with a floating double head. The latter option guarantees efficient operation with the lowest energy costs. The washing nozzle provides sterility of tweezers;
  • auxiliary types of nozzles for different types of hair removal increase the cost of the device, so you need to decide which options you really need;
  • having a razor will help you operate the epilator as a razor;
  • the heel nozzle is designed to exfoliate keratinized skin cells and prepare the legs for the beach season;
  • nozzles for delicate epithelium will help owners of sensitive skin to reduce the number of irritations;
  • peeling. This option will help you in preventing such troubles as ingrown hairs. The procedure shows high efficiency when working with delicate epithelium;
  • with the help of a trimmer you can control the length of the removed hair, as well as make intimate hairstyles.

Pay attention to the presence of speeds. Inexpensive devices can have 1-2 speeds. More expensive devices are capable of functioning at two or three levels of rotation of disks or tweezers. Different speeds are used to work with different types of skin sensitivity.

Slow regimen is considered less painful. With it, you can eliminate longer, thicker and stiffer hair. This mode is suitable for working on sensitive areas of the body. Accelerated mode is used to quickly remove vegetation. It captures short and weak hairs.

How to use?

When using the epilator, you should follow some rules:

  • so that the hairs are completely removed, wait until their length reaches a mark of 0.5 cm. Not every girl will be delighted with growing vegetation in open areas of the body, but otherwise the procedure will not be so effective. The epilator is not able to catch shorter hairs;
  • almost every epilator has two speed modes. It is better for beginners to work at a slow speed, because the hairs will not be removed so violently and you can prepare for painful sensations. For a more experienced category, fast mode is suitable. Also, each mode serves to work with a different type of vegetation. During the initial treatment, the epilator will have to “fight” with stiff hair, which can be removed only at a minimum speed;
  • To reduce the feeling of pain, start the hair removal process with thin hair. Using this method, you can get used to new sensations, and also adapt to the device itself. Before epilation, it is recommended to take a hot bath to ensure the opening of pores. After steaming, the hair will be removed more easily and painlessly;
  • you can not use creams and lotions, because the vegetation will become slippery and the epilating device will not be able to catch it;
  • Do not press the device too hard. Keep the epilator at a slight slope and move it against hair growth. Slow movements help capture more vegetation and reduce irritation. In any case, you will encounter red dots on the body, as the vegetation is removed along with the root. To relieve inflammation, it is recommended to use special lotions;
  • Psychologically adjust to the planned procedure. You can turn on your favorite playlist, dilute the atmosphere with scented candles and other paraphernalia. No need to think about pain, tune in a positive way.

Model Overview

Ceramic Tweezers Epilators are Philips. It is this brand that offers several 2017 models that have received recognition from consumers. The most simple and budget devices include epilator with Philips HP 6570 ceramic tweezers. The head of the device consists of 30 tweezers, and the work is done due to electricity. The model is equipped with a special backlight that helps to detect thin and short hairs.

The device has a convenient nozzle, which provides the raising of hair before their elimination. Due to the convenient anatomical shape of the body, the epilator is conveniently and reliably located in the palm of your hand.

There is another model - Philips HP 6576, which is also based on ceramic tweezers. The operation of the device is autonomous, because the battery is located in it. The manufacturer complements the complete set with auxiliary nozzles in the form of a trimmer, limiter, as well as a nozzle for the intimate area. Due to the ceramic component, the device guarantees a reduction in pain.

Epilating device Philips BRE610 / 00 is a multifunctional device that will help every girl become attractive. The set contains several nozzles, among which there are massage options. In a durable ceramic head, there are 32 tweezers, which ensures prompt removal of excess vegetation, as well as a low degree of skin irritation. This epilator is suitable for sensitive skin.

Thanks to two speed modes, you can find the most suitable processing method for yourself. The device can be operated in the shower, because the case is sealed and reliable. The device is operated by a rechargeable battery, the charge of which is enough for 40 minutes.

Model Philips BRE630 / 00 pleases its consumers with an operational procedure for the elimination of vegetation. The device carries out work not only on dry, but also on wet skin. Thanks to the patented system, the device provides the capture of only hairs, without affecting the skin. In the widest head there are 17 pairs of ceramic tweezers that eliminate the vegetation in one touch.

A review of Philips epilator with ceramic tweezers - in the next video.

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