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How to use face corrector?

Every girl strives to be beautiful, but in reality it is not so simple. Bad ecology, stress or lack of sleep - all this negatively affects the health of the skin of the face and the body as a whole. Just at this moment various cosmetics come to the rescue, and the corrector is the main savior. You will learn from this article what this tool is and how to use it.

Features and Benefits

First you need to figure out what a corrector is. This is a cosmetic product that helps mask small skin imperfections, redness and hide all unloved dark circles in the eye area.

This "magic tool" becomes a panacea when used correctly and helps to cope with many problems that other cosmetics do not solve. Its advantages are: masking of age spots, freckles, scars, bags under the eyes, gray and pallor, wrinkles; help in the fight against peeling, irritation, acne and black spots.

But such an effect can be achieved only if the corrector is correctly used, and there are some features:

  1. Compliance with the measure. Many people think that the more money they put on their face, the better. This is actually not the case. If you apply too much corrector, then it can lie inaccurate spots and even harm the skin of the face.
  2. Apply a moisturizer. Before using the masking tool, it is advisable to apply the cream, since any cosmetics usually dry the skin and premature aging and wrinkles can result.
  3. Hygiene of auxiliary tools and facilities. Here we are talking about the purity of the brushes, sponges and fingers that apply the product. After all, if you do not follow these simple rules, then unpleasant consequences in the form of irritations, redness and inflammation are possible.
  4. Shelf life. These figures are always important, because the components that make up the corrector, in the case of expiration, can cause harm to the skin.
  5. Proper storage of funds. All cosmetics must be stored in a dark place, to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, because of this, the cosmetic product will become unsuitable for further use.


There are several varieties of correctors that differ in the form of release and consistency:

  1. Solid. It looks like a pencil, it helps hide small skin imperfections in the form of freckles, acne and wrinkles.
  2. Dry. It is made on the basis of mineral powder, makes redness and pimples hardly noticeable (great for girls with oily skin).
  3. Oil. Its dense texture helps to mask all imperfections well. It is sold in convenient packaging: usually these are palettes, tubes or miniature jars (great for girls with dry skin).
  4. Stick. This foundation is available in a tube that looks like lipstick. It refers to concealers and is intended for spot use.
  5. Liquid. The most common corrector. As a rule, it is available in special bottles with a dispenser. This tool not only hides skin defects, but also gives it velvety, moderately moisturizing (suitable for all skin types).
  6. Pen-pencil). Concealer, which is most often used to hide pimples and traces of them.
  7. Cream. The consistency resembles a cream. Thanks to a wide palette of colors, it is used to mask all areas of the face in accordance with the rules of color.

In order to make the correct contouring of the face and as a result get an impeccable make-up, you need to know the rules for using the entire color gamut of correctors. In total there are 15 colors that are the key to beautiful makeup.


The main colors in the palette of correctors:

  • Green. Ideal for concealing acne. It contains chamomile and peppermint oils, which contribute to the fight against unpleasant manifestations on the skin.
  • Mint. It perfectly neutralizes irritations and red areas around inflammations. Thanks to tea tree extract and salicylic acid, which are part of the composition, there is less inflammation on the face.
  • Pink. It masks gray areas of the skin around the eyes, hides oily sheen and refreshes pale skin.
  • Blue. Suitable for masking age spots, moles and circles under the eyes.
  • Yellow. Makes the vascular net and bruises almost invisible.
  • Purple. Ideal for visually removing dark circles under the eyes and masking irritation on very fair skin.
  • Blue. It will be an ideal assistant in case of unsuccessful tanning after a solarium.
  • White. Perfectly hides freckles and is suitable for sculpting faces.
  • Bronze. Ideal for hiding freckles.
  • Peach. Gives light skin a tanning effect.
  • Orange. It overlaps the blue color, so it is advisable to use it to hide hematomas and bags under the eyes.
  • Corporeal. It hides flaws that are not very noticeable to the eye, and is also used as a base.
  • Dark brown. It is used exclusively for sculpting the face.
  • Light beige. Mask irregularities, acne, birthmarks and age spots.
  • Dark beige. This shade can visually change the shape of the nose and face.

How to choose?

To choose the best corrector, you need to know a few simple rules:

  1. Depending on which zone it is planned to use the corrective means texture and density is selected.
  2. If it is necessary to mask several problem areas at once, it is better to choose a palette with several colors.
  3. Depending on the season, a variety is selected. Dry is preferable in summer and oily or creamy in winter.
  4. In order to determine if the tone is suitable, it is enough to apply the product on the neck or bend of the elbow.
  5. So that the color of the corrective means is not distorted and it is possible to determine the appropriate tone accurately, it is better to choose it in natural light.
  6. Do not forget that drier and denser products last longer on the face, but they are not quite suitable for the area in the eye area.

But this is all a theory, it is much more interesting to know which firms have proven themselves best in practice.


"NYX Professional Make Up Concealer Jar". Pleasant in structure, fit well on the skin of the face, miniature, a wide palette of colors, approximate cost: 480 rubles.

"MAC Concealer" palette of 15 flowers. It does not leave oily stains, suitable for all skin types, does not clog pores, is suitable for large-format masking of imperfections, approximate cost: 750 rubles.

"Isadora Color Correcting Concealer". Swiss cosmetics, in a palette of 4 primary colors, successfully hides circles under the eyes, approximate cost: 1000 rubles.


Manly pro. Suitable for modeling the oval of the face, convenient packaging, keeps well on the skin of the face, approximate cost: 500 rubles.

"NYX Professional Makeup Cheek Contour Duo Pallette". It perfectly copes with the task of contouring the face, has a beautiful and convenient packaging, fits perfectly on the skin and does not roll off, approximate cost: 690 rubles.

"Era Minerals". It masks and heals imperfections, a dry texture is easily applied to the face, has a good palette of colors, approximate cost: 950 rubles.


Belordesign. A budget option. It copes well with the tasks of masking minor flaws, convenient to use, can be found in most pharmacies, approximate cost: 100 rubles.

Vivienne sabo. Who used this stick, without a second's hesitation, they will say that this is a real magic wand copes with the tasks 100%, has a nice design, approximate cost: 250 rubles.

"Maybelline Affinitone". Convenient, high-quality, resistant, classic cosmetics of this group, approximate cost: 350 rubles.


"Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer". It has a powerful masking effect, incredibly durable, retains color up to 24 hours thanks to Photoset polymers, approximate cost: 1000 rubles.

"NYX Professional Make Up Gotcha Covered Concealer". The universal concealer, which has a fairly wide palette, lays well on the skin and does not roll for a long time, there is no "plaster effect", approximate cost: 480 rubles.


"MAC Studio Finish Concealer". Professionally mask flaws thanks to its soft texture, it is easy to paint the surface of the skin of the face, compact packaging, has a large palette of shades, approximate cost: 1600 rubles.

"Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer". It is convenient when applied, perfectly masks, when used does not form stains, a reliable tube leaves no chance to flow to the contents, approximate cost: 1000 rubles.

"Clarins Instant Concealer". Due to the large volume, this corrector will last for a long time, the corrective agent rests on the skin smoothly and holds for a long time, approximate cost: 1200 rubles.


"Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer" (a pen). The product is optimal in price and quality, it masks well problem areas of the skin of the face, a convenient package that fits easily in a handbag, stays on the face all day long, excellent price, approximate cost: 380 rubles.

"Gosh Click 'n Conceal" (a pen). Easy to use, ideal for eliminating minor imperfections on the face, approximate cost: 600 rubles.

"Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat" (a pen). Recognized world classics, a convenient built-in brush for applying will quickly mask all the flaws, light texture and compact packaging complete the image of an ideal concealer, approximate cost: 2000 rubles.

"Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch" (a pen). Excellent product at a low price, copes with dark circles and irregularities without any problems, compact packaging and soft consistency, approximate cost: 300 rubles.

Face corrector "SS" from Faberlic (a pen). Domestic and quite budget products, smooths the surface of the skin well, a convenient brush allows you to evenly apply the product, does not clog into wrinkles, approximate cost: 300 rubles.

"NYX Professional Make Up Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil". A convenient pencil fits easily into a purse, quickly eliminates flaws and does not create a makeup effect, it is represented by a wide range of colors, approximate cost: 480 rubles.

How to use?

Depending on what kind of result is needed, whether it is masking a pimple, leveling tone or sculpting a face, there is a technique for applying a corrector.

Acne, vascular network, age spots

First, two colors are selected: the first is lighter than the skin, the second is darker, then they are mixed and the concealer is driven into small portions into the skin of the face. Before this, it is advisable to apply foundation, and powder on top. The applied corrector is shaded only where the borders are visible; in the end, powder is also applied on top.

Dark circles

The skin under the eyes should be clean and moderately moisturized. A little tool is applied to the back of the brush, then with a brush for the concealer with light movements, the corrector is applied to the problem area and shaded well, all this is fixed with powder.

Hematomas, redness and facial sculpting

Here it is appropriate to use color correctors and exclusively under the foundation, they are superimposed with a brush. In this case, the tonal base is applied by driving with a brush or fingers.

Each face shape, whether oval, square or triangular, has its own concealer application scheme. Below is a diagram of how to properly make up a face, guided by its shape.

If you do not want to deal with the determination of the shape of the face for a long time, then you can use the universal application scheme.

To properly apply makeup, just remember the following rules and apply them step by step.

  1. Concealer. Thanks to him, we adjust the tone of the face. It is carefully applied and shaded, while leaving the area under the eyes unchanged.
  2. Triangles are drawn in the area under the eyes using a fluid corrector.
  3. The concealer is carefully shaded so that there are no noticeable boundaries of the applied product.
  4. Further, all the deficiencies that appear are hidden by the corrector of the desired color with twisting movements, while the brush is located exactly perpendicular to the skin of the face.
  5. Gently from the eye towards the eyebrow, the corners of the eyes are adjusted.
  6. Driving in a transparent powder is applied, which fixes the result of adjusting the tone of the face and masking imperfections.


Their need is justified by two reasons: the first is convenience, the second is hygiene.

In such delicate areas as the area around the eyes and on the wings of the nose it can be difficult to use your finger or sponge, it is difficult to blend the product and adjust the density of its application.

The main thing when applying makeup is, of course, hygiene. After all, if you do not follow the cleanliness of your hands, then you can bring infection and dirt, which will entail consequences like redness, inflammation and swelling.

First of all, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the shape of the brush. There are several main characteristics that you should pay attention to: the brush should be flat, small in size, rounded or straight on the cut. The handle can be made of any material, it is worth relying solely on your taste, since this does not affect the quality of the tool.

The ideal material for brush bristles is synthetics, better nylon. It is he who allows you to apply the product in an even layer and not injure the skin.

Models of brushes, which are widely popular among most female representatives, are presented both budget and in the Luxury category:

  • N. 1 Brush for concealer and proofreader from pile taclon (product from Rive Gauche, approximate cost: 275 rubles).
  • "Urban Decay Concealer Brush" (production country: China, approximate cost: 1700 rubles).
  • "NYX Professional Make Up Pro Brush Spot" (production country: China, approximate cost: 700 rubles).
  • "Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush" (production country: China, approximate cost: 2300 rubles).
  • "Giorgio Armani Maestro Brush" (production country: Japan, approximate cost: 4000 rubles).
  • "Smashbox Precision Concealer Brush" (production country: China, approximate cost: 1200 rubles).

Makeup artist secrets

Using the tricks of professionals, you can significantly transform your appearance.

  • So that the concealer is invisible in the area under the eyes, it should be applied in the form of an inverted triangle with a special brush or fingers, while carefully blending.
  • The corrector can be used instead of the basis for the shadows. The color is selected a little lighter than the skin and a thin layer is applied to the eyelid, you can even apply it to the brow region, adjusting the shape of the eyebrows.
  • By making a line close to the lips with the corrector, you can visually increase them, as well as preserve lipstick pigment or shine for a long time.
  • If it comes to evening makeup, then it is worth paying special attention to the yellow concealer, it will give the skin a light glow and even tone.
  • If suddenly the layer of the product turned out to be too thick, it is enough to gently pat the excess with a dry cloth.
  • The concealer helps to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, for this it is necessary to choose a tool for a tone lighter than the skin and carefully apply it above and below the brow arch, and then gently blend.
  • For face contouring, it is necessary to choose a concealer two tones lighter and two tones darker, then, preferably in a room with natural light, it is necessary to apply a light concealer to areas that catch natural light and dark funds in areas where light dimming is present.
  • When decorating arrows, many girls have to deal with the problem of curved lines, often this ends with the complete removal of the arrows and the repetition of the arts again, but this can be avoided with the corrector, noticing the error masking it as if the eraser erases a simple pencil from paper.
  • If there are ugly pimples on the chest and décolleté, they can be hidden. The concealer is applied to the skin tone, and on top is a translucent powder and so on several layers, until the imperfections are not hidden from view.
  • By choosing concealers with vitamin E, you can help dry skin become moisturized and healthy.


Most girls agree that the use of corrector is an integral step in any makeup. This magic masking tool should be in a makeup bag for every woman. Of course, with the help of concealers it is difficult to completely hide deep wrinkles, but most of the minor flaws can be made almost invisible.

Correction with the help of color concealers helps to create an unforgettable image, and most importantly, to hide all the problem areas of the skin, - many who use such cosmetics say. The ease of use of proofreaders and the fact that their use does not take much time are also often mentioned. With proper handling of this cosmetic product, you can even visually change the shape of the face and nose shape, which is a huge plus. Thanks to proofreaders, girls can do without the services of a professional makeup artist.

In the next video - a lesson on face contouring with Buyincoins corrector palette.

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