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Bunny manicure

To make your nails and hands look attractive, you need to regularly look after them and do manicures. But very often monophonic design options for nails are boring, and you want something special, and sometimes sweet. A bunny manicure will be a great solution and will easily dilute your gray everyday life. After all, such a nail design can be made in a variety of designs and will suit women of all ages. Next, we will talk in more detail about this design, share interesting ideas and expert advice.


Most often, cute bunnies, cubs and other animals on the nails are depicted by young girls for whom such a design is appropriate for everyday life, study and evening walks. You can call a manicure with animals universal, it all depends on how it is performed. Of course, the catchy option in bright colors is for everybody, but cute bunnies in pastel colors are in greatest demand in beauty salons.

Bunny manicure can be performed both with the help of a professional, and at home. Moreover, the second option is no less complicated and even fascinating. After all, at home, you can experiment and turn on your imagination to the fullest, especially if you are an energetic girl who is looking for self-expression in nail art.

Bunnies on the nails need not be banal and dull, they can be clearly traced or decorated using various stones.

Cartoon options from various fairy tales and cartoons are very popular. Minimalist animal silhouettes also look very good.

Execution techniques

Most often, the animals on the nails are depicted using hand painting and acrylic paints, but gel varnishes and ordinary varnishes can also be used, but it is more difficult for them to carry out the drawing, since they dry quickly.

Bunnies look great on any shape and length of the nails, and besides, using animal images, you can hide certain irregularities in the nail plate.

The simplest, safest and most effective way to create a design is to use ready-made stickers and sliders with a variety of animal images. If you have a stamping kit and the necessary "rabbit" stencils, then using this technique you can easily place them on your nails.

It is also very popular to make bunnies, complementing them with French or moon manicure. But it is not necessary to make animals on each nail. If your drawing is pronounced and voluminous, it is better to place it on one or two fingers, but the silhouettes of animals are quite suitable for drawing on each nail. The main thing is still not to forget about harmony and a sense of proportion.

Of course, these are far from all execution techniques and styles. If you like several design options, you can easily combine them and get an excellent result.

Interesting options

As mentioned above, bunnies on the nails can be depicted in completely different ways. This can be whole works of art, over which the master will sit for several hours, or miniature and simple animals. Next, we will consider different types of nail design using these fancy animals on them:

  • Very nice look nails, covered with monophonic varnish and complemented with cute, but simple painted hares. Look great on nails and their faces with ears;
  • A hare with a tail will look very unusual, where as a last one you can use a small pebble or rhinestone. At the same time, the nails do not have to be all in the same color, for example, the middle ones can be made shiny with the help of varnish or special rubbing. Such a nail design will definitely cheer you up and everyone around you;
  • White bunnies on a pink background look pretty cute and attractive, such a manicure can be supplemented with small rhinestones, drawings of balls or hearts. Of course, at home it will be difficult to perform, so it is best to give preference to a specialist;
  • Muzzles of hares with their long ears on the jacket will look very unbanal, when the free edge of the nail is completely closed with the muzzles. Moreover, such a design will be appropriate to perform on all nails. Big hares are best glued so as not to spend quite a lot of time drawing all the details;
  • A great idea for a party is the image of a playboy bunny on the nails. It will be in good harmony with a bright raspberry french jacket, and with fully coated plain nails.

Rabbits and bunnies on the nails will add coquetry, femininity and good looks to the image, so even if you are not already 16 years old, do not be afraid to make these wonderful animals on the nails, it won’t look silly.

What do you need?

To make a manicure with a bunny, you will need the following materials:

  • Ordinary or gel polishes;
  • Decorative powders, rubs, rhinestones, broths, lace and stickers in the shape of a rabbit;
  • Paint brushes. Necessarily thin and dots.

Of course, this is just a small and approximate list of what you can use at home to create animals on the nails.

Make at home

It is very important to prepare the nails for subsequent application of varnish and to clean them. Next, we offer a small master class on how to independently depict a cute hare on one finger without the hassle.

  • First, decide which varnishes you will work with. It is better to use gel polishes, but you can draw with ordinary ones, but very quickly;
  • Cover all the nails with the selected varnish color or combine the colors, for example, cover the index finger with a pale blue color and depict a bunny on it, and the other nails with pink and white colors. Of course, you can choose any other nail for the picture;
  • Using white varnish or paint, outline a small strip for the future face with a thin brush, where the free edge of the nail begins. Fill the free edge area. Draw the ears;
  • Let the white-based drawing dry. Using pink, complement the hare ears and make a blush, and with black draw eyes and antennae;
  • After the drawing has dried, cover all nails with a fixing transparent varnish and moisturize the cuticle with oil.

You can draw the exact same bunny in pink and cream color, as well as add rhinestones.

How to draw cute bunnies on the nails, see the next video.

Watch the video: Bunny Manicure How to Trim Your Rabbit's Nails (December 2019).


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