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Round nails manicure

Despite the constant attraction of women to everything new and unusual, classic rounded nails still remain popular. You will learn about the advantages of this form and all the features of manicure for round nails from this article.

Features and Benefits

To begin with, let's understand why manicure on round nails is now so in demand.

  • The first and most important reason is that it is this form that is considered the most practical. With short round nails, you can perform routine work, and their edges will not constantly cling to something. This form is often chosen by young mothers, nurses and those who are in direct contact with other people.
  • Another important point is that such nails look as natural as possible. Naturalness is now in fashion, in addition, men like such neat nails.
  • Round nails look great on full hands. If you have chubby fingers or wide palms, then it is this shape, not square, that will suit you best. With neat rounded nails, your hands will look feminine and well-groomed.
  • Also, if you have short nails, then this is the form that will look best on them. And when your nails grow a little, it will automatically turn into an oval.
  • But this manicure has its drawbacks. They are quite insignificant, so many prefer not to notice them. The most important point - the slightest flaws are visible on such nails, so they should be close to perfection. The cuticle with such a manicure is carefully trimmed and completely removed. And this, as a rule, has to spend a lot of time.

How to make a form?

Making a beautiful manicure with semicircular nails is quite simple. This can be done not only in the cabin, but also at home. Let's look at this process in detail so that you understand that the technology is not at all complicated.

The first step is to choose the perfect nail length. The main thing here is to focus on the shortest of them. After all, if the nails are of different lengths, then the manicure will look messy. It is better to make perfect small nails than grow long against the background of several broken ones.

After you cut all of them to the desired length, you can proceed to the process of giving them a rounded shape. Professionals advise moving the file from the corners to the center, and not vice versa. Remember that if you file the nails in different directions, constantly changing them, this can lead to the fact that the nails begin to exfoliate.

To make the manicure look neat, try to adapt to the natural shape of your nails. Work on the edges until you are completely satisfied with the result. After you have done the main work, file the edges with a softer file. So the nails will look perfect.

If your nails are too short by nature and you cannot get the desired shape and length, no matter how you try, you can try to build them. This can be done in several ways at once.

One of the most popular procedures is gel building. Its popularity is due to the fact that with the help of this technology you will get strong nails that will remain the same for a long time as on the first day. In addition, gel manicure looks beautiful thanks to a light glossy shine. In this case, nails can be extended to tips or classic forms.

Beginners are much easier to work with tips. They are shaped before gluing. But in order to make everything look perfect, you need to choose tips that are completely suitable for your real nails. They must match in size and shape. Choose the perfect length and cut off the remainder with special tweezers. After that file, rounding off the edges. And only when they are what you need, stick them to the nail plate.

Design ideas

Neat rounded nails give a huge scope for creativity. Almost all types of manicure look organically on them. You can try a variety of types of nail art. Let's look at some popular options.

Dark glossy

Whatever novelties appear in the world of nail art, classics always remain in trend. The classic version of the manicure is dark. Many people think that on short nails, dark varnish looks ugly, as this makes the nails visually shorter. But in practice, it is very stylish, and many modern girls paint nails that way.

It is especially good if the dark varnish of your choice has a light glossy shine. The most common deep colors are cherry, chocolate, graphite, indigo, and, of course, classic black.

Light coloured

Another classic version of manicure is the use of pastel colors on nails. Beautiful soft pink, powdery and other light shades are perfect for those who have a strict dress code at work or school. And in general, it is light shades that look most feminine. If you ask the acquaintances of men what colors they like on female hands, then they will most likely call something as inconspicuous and close to the natural color of the nail plate.

You can choose the color of the varnish for your color type. So everything will look natural and neat. If you have fair skin, then your chosen varnish should be pale. For example, cream or beige. If you have dark skin, then it is better to give preference to gray and coffee shades.


A simple French manicure with white edges is also a classic that never loses its relevance. On round nails he looks especially good. The classic jacket is perfectly combined with business images and is suitable for everyday wear. But if this option seems too boring to you, then you can always experiment.

For example, you can make the edges of the nail not white, but colored or even black. Or try the so-called moon manicure, in which not the edges of the nail, but the holes remain light.


If you are interested in fashion trends, then you could not help but notice the appearance of bright rainbow manicure in the trends. If you want simple plain nails - please. But you can experiment with the gradient, geometric shapes on the nails, and other color combinations.

Geometric figures Especially suitable if you have wide nails. Select the middle of the nail with a darker strip, and leave the edges light or not stained at all.

If you have round short nails, then it is best for you to refuse to use volumetric textures and other massive details. Do not stick rhinestones and do not turn them into complex compositions of many layers and stucco moldings.

Rounded nails give a huge scope for creativity. Almost all types of manicure look good on them, so you can try something new every time.

Care Secrets

Beautiful rounded nails do not require special care. They need to be filed periodically, so that as the mold grows, it still remains beautiful and neat.

In order to keep your nails healthy, try to constantly strengthen them. To do this, they need to be treated with useful oils and periodically make baths. Also keep a good nourishing cream next to you. It will not only make your hands more well-groomed, but also save you from dry skin.

Also, never forget about caring for cuticles. The overgrown cuticle gives the nails an untidy look. Therefore, it must be cut off or pushed away with an orange stick as it grows.

Used tools

In order to tidy up the nails and give them the desired shape, even at home do not need to use many tools. You will need simple scissors or special forceps in order to trim the edges of the nails and make their length the same.

You can correct the edges with a nail file. Taking metal is not recommended, as they can damage the structure of the nail. It is better to buy a ceramic or glass file. It is also desirable that you have at your disposal nail files of different stiffness. First, the edges of the nails need to be processed with a stiffer and coarser-grained file, and then go over them soft, grinding.

Ideally, you should also buy a special orange stick, which will help to get rid of the cuticle painlessly. If you do not have it, then you will have to do with the same scissors.

Expert Advice

If you decide to give your nails a rounded shape, then you should not have problems. The main thing is to be careful and try to do everything as qualitatively as possible.

Professional craftsmen advise you to always steal your nails. But this must be done a few minutes before the procedure. Hot water will soften the cuticle. After you move it away, and your nails dry out, you can proceed to sawing. Never handle wet nails with a nail file, this will only harm them.

As you can see, round nails are fashionable and feminine. In addition, they are easy to work with and a simple form will not interfere with you in everyday life. So whatever you do, nails of this type will suit you.

How to make a manicure on round nails, see the next video.

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