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After Shave

Impeccable appearance is the key to self-confidence for women and men, and one of its important components is beautiful, smooth skin. So that she always remains healthy and does not suffer from daily shaving, after completing this procedure, it is necessary to pamper her with special means.

What are they used for?

After shaving products are needed not only for men, but also for women, because they also often resort to using a razor to remove body hair, and their skin is much more delicate. This is especially true for the sensitive area of ​​bikinis and armpits.

It is necessary to apply these funds regularly, after each procedure, so that there is no irritation, a feeling of dry skin and inflammatory processes.

Causes of skin irritation

It should not be forgotten that even the most delicate shave is an inevitable injury to the upper protective layer of the skin, and after that it remains especially exposed to external negative factors - wind, sun, cold air and pathogenic microorganisms.

The main causes of skin irritation are several:

  • blunt or substandard blades;
  • too sharp blades;
  • a large number of blades on the machine;
  • insufficiently moisturized skin;
  • Shaving too often.


There is a wide selection of after-shave skin care products. They differ in properties, method of application and, of course, price.

  • Gel is one of the most common remedies. He is loved for a light, non-greasy texture that absorbs well into the skin and leaves no residue. As a rule, gels have a refreshing or moisturizing effect and a pleasant menthol aroma.
  • Cologne or Lotion. These are alcohol-containing products with a good disinfecting and drying effect. Often they have a fairly sharp persistent smell, so use them carefully and do not apply too much.
  • Balm. Unlike colognes and lotions, balms do not include alcohol, but they have a good cooling, refreshing and soothing effect, provide delicate care and are pleasant to use.
  • After shaving cream, as a rule, has a fairly dense and oily texture, moisturizes and tones the skin well. It has a neutral, unobtrusive smell. This tool is not resorted to very often, since it is not very convenient to use. Nevertheless, it is among creams that the most therapeutic agents are able to really help with severe irritation after shaving.
  • Salicylic acid. You can use both its alcohol solution and the preparations containing it. Salicylic acid well eliminates irritation and redness, disinfects and dries the skin, is effective in combating acne. But it can be used daily for no more than a week, then you need to take a short break, otherwise the skin can be overdried.
  • After shave emulsion is one of the most expensive products. It has a pleasant light, enveloping texture, thanks to which its active substances easily penetrate into the cells, actively nourish, restore them and provide deep hydration.
  • Various types of after shave oils are commonly used by women. This is especially true to eliminate irritation in the bikini area. Tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, grape seed oil or baby oil used for skin care of newborns have a good calming effect.

How to choose by skin type?

After shaving should be selected based on the individual characteristics of your skin, because each type requires its own specific care.

For oily skin, it is better to choose alcohol lotions or balms that do not have a strong moisturizing effect, but rather dry skin. The use of moisturizing creams can lead to the formation of blackheads and the appearance of oily sheen.

Dry skin requires the use of moisturizing balms and oils and does not respond well to alcohol-containing products. Almost any product is suitable for normal skin - lotion, cologne, cream or gel. One of the selection criteria can be its smell - it should be neutral or almost imperceptible, not interrupting the smell of the main perfume.

For sensitive skin, special soothing cream gels have been developed that can instantly remove irritation, eliminate burning sensation and redness.

How to use?

Before using any after shave, the skin must first be prepared. To do this, wash thoroughly by removing the remnants of soap or shaving foam, as well as the remaining small hairs and, if necessary, make a compress from a cold wet towel for several minutes. This is necessary to soothe the skin after mechanical action, close the pores and narrow the vessels.

Next, apply a little funds to the palm of your hand and with light massage movements, without rubbing heavily, distribute it throughout the treated area. Rinse off the product, as a rule, is not necessary.

Rating of popular manufacturers

Currently, almost every cosmetics manufacturer produces his own line of skin care products before and after shaving, so choosing the best one that suits you with the optimal combination of price and quality is not difficult.

  • Nivea. This popular brand produces a wide range of balms and aftershave for any skin type at very affordable prices. Among them there are products with a refreshing and tonic effect, enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts, as well as restoring and protecting skin integuments.
  • Bayer Bepanten Cream. This is a universal wound healing agent, which is good to use even after shaving or hair removal, especially in the bikini area. The cream perfectly removes irritation and promotes the rapid healing of microcracks, cuts and tissue regeneration.
  • Weleda. After shave lotion and balm from this manufacturer have a pleasant light texture and delicate aroma. They include extracts of medicinal herbs and vitamins. They are suitable for any type of skin, soothe well, tighten pores, relieve redness, have anti-inflammatory and softening effects even after dry shaving.
  • L'Oreal Paris. This world famous brand represents a wide range of after shave products. It includes refreshing and tonic gels that cool the skin, giving it a healthy and rested appearance, lotions with the effect of deep moisturizing, as well as multivitamin creams and balms for sensitive skin.
  • Old spice. After shave lotion of this manufacturer is distinguished by fresh, original, bold aromas and delicate care for sensitive skin, its deep hydration and nutrition.
  • Natura sibirica Introduces the Yak and Yeti Original Shaving Ice Gel. It contains organic yak milk containing vitamins and proteins, wild hellebore extract, which is a good antiseptic and white mulberry extract, which improves complexion. The gel actively nourishes tissues, saturating them with vitamins and minerals, which contributes to the rapid regeneration and preservation of a healthy appearance.
  • Gillette. Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of men's cosmetics produces tonic, refreshing and moisturizing gels, balms and aftershave creams. A wide range allows you to choose a tool for any type of skin, and a reasonable price to save the budget.
  • Dolce & Gabbana. This sophisticated brand has created a perfumery series of aftershave lotions, each of which is endowed with its own unique aroma. They also moisturize and tone the skin well and have a slight tightening effect.
  • Eveline cosmetics produces gels and balms that perfectly remove all the effects of frequent shaving - dryness, burning, redness and peeling of the skin. "Men X-treme" product combines a moisturizing balm and a tonic cream, which gives the skin a charge of vigor for the whole day, and also has a long-lasting effect of deep recovery.

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