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Shaving with a razor

It is widely believed that shaving with the help of the so-called apprehension is already a thing of the past, because today we can buy a completely safe and also quite sharp machine. However, many men may not agree with this opinion.

Royal shaving, namely the so-called procedure for removing bristles with a razor knife, is still very popular because of its effectiveness.


Feature to shave with the use of the so-called apprehension, that is, reusable razor bladesI, which resembles a wide folding knife, consists in thorough preliminary preparation and adherence to technology. As a result - perfectly smooth and clean skin without any consequences.

Another important detail is that shaving with a dangerous blade involves an extremely wet technique. It involves primary hygienic preparation of the face before the main procedure. Ideally, it is performed immediately after taking a shower.

The face should be well steamed with hot water, so that the hair becomes much softer, and the open pores do not restrain the follicles so much, making the shaving process more comfortable and effective.

Simple steaming and moisturizing can actually be much more effective than using all kinds of gels. The main problem is that most manufacturers of shaving gels and foams promise a quality result that they cannot guarantee. In the end, the result of shaving largely depends on the preparation and quality of the blades. That is why dry technology, as a rule, is accompanied by excessive dryness of the skin, the appearance of various irritations, inflammations and rashes, as well as small cuts.

Another wet preparation option - soak a towel in hot water, and then wrap your face with it for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can start shaving with the help of a three-blade machine, but it will be most effective to use a reusable dangerous razor.

Known to many, the "apprehension" when properly handled is a very impressive male accessory. Due to the length and shape of the blade, 1-2 passes of the razor through the skin area are enough to completely remove hairs from it. In addition, any further irritation of the epidermis is ruled out, and additional efforts are not necessary to remove hair.

For wet shaving, only a long beard is a dangerous blade. The fact is that long hair can be pulled out with a blade, because of which the procedure can be very painful. This problem is solved by preliminary cutting a beard.

How to choose a machine?

Of course, the quality of apprehension itself plays an important role, first of all. Today they can be purchased only in specialized stores and outlets, which in itself can act as a guarantor of quality. However, the market has a fairly large selection of blades in which you can easily get lost.

German manufacturers are invariably very popular. Companies such as Boker, Dovo and Hubert, as well as Robert Klaas are especially famous. Immediately it is worth preparing for serious costs, because a good razor knife costs much more than a conventional machine with interchangeable blades.

When buying, you should always carefully check the dangerous razor.

In order not to lose money with quality, pay attention to the following details:

  1. The material from which the blade is made. The standard is considered high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel. In this case, you have to choose between comfort during shaving and the life of the blade. The fact is that carbon steel provides the most effective hair removal without damaging the epidermis, however, it will deteriorate and become dull much faster than stainless steel;
  2. Hilt material. Of course, this factor does not play any role in terms of the effectiveness of the procedures. However, it is much more comfortable to shave your face when the machine is conveniently in your hand. Experienced men talk about the handle of apprehension as a frame. Today in stores you can find options for handles made of plastic, steel, wood or even ivory;
  3. Be sure to pay attention to form! The best men's shaving blades have a slightly concave shape, making them easier to adapt to bumps on the face. If the razor has an absolutely even and straight blade, then it is better to immediately abandon it!
  4. Far from the last role stigma. On a good and high-quality product, the emblem of the manufacturer will be applied by engraving directly to the blade itself. If the mark is applied with paint or is generally placed on the handle, then this is a sign of poor quality;
  5. Study blade thickness. The butt, as well as the ground part, should not only be thin, but the same among themselves;
  6. You should also pay attention to construction. The classic reliable cautiousness is made of one or two components. If the blade folds inside the handle, then it rotates and is held at the base due to two rivets. The presence of any springs and mechanical parts is considered a bad sign;
  7. Sharpening. When choosing a blade, this setting is most important for shaving performance. The degree of sharpening guarantees not only easy removal of hairs from the face, but also the long-term operation of the blade and the possibility of re-sharpening it over time.

What else will you need?

Unlike standard shaving, wet technology with the use of caution will require the purchase of some additional accessories. One of the most important, in addition to the most dangerous razor, is shaving brush.

The brush is a thick brush with a short handle. It is necessary not only for applying foam to the face, but also for whipping it. That is why it is important to pay attention to the quality and material of which the brush itself is made.

To date, there is a fairly large selection of all kinds of shaving brushes. The brush can be made of synthetics, which is the simplest and most affordable option, as well as horsehair, wild boar bristles, badger wool or squirrels.

You should choose based on your own preferences, paying attention to the stiffness and strength of the brush.

Using a high-quality shaving brush allows you to beat a very thick and dense peWell. Unlike various ready-made shaving foams, which are sold in tubes or cans, this tool moisturizes the skin much better. In addition, the foam retains heat, which is very important for wet shaving. During the application of foam, the process of exfoliating dead dermal cells occurs, which is very beneficial for the skin, and the risk of irritations and cuts is significantly reduced.

Any emollient cream may be suitable for the base, however, many men prefer to whip the foam from the simplest home soap for face and hands. Essentially, a reliable wet shave is enough regular soap base without any additional components.

In addition to shaving brush, soap or cream, as well as a bowl for whipping foam, you will need a dense waffle towel. It should be soaked in hot water, squeezed, and then wrap your face for 5-10 minutes immediately before the procedure. This method of preparing facial skin in combination with a dense foam obtained with a brush, guarantees the most effective and comfortable shave.

Some specialized stores offer to purchase a ready-made kit right away, which can include not only a high-quality shaving brush and the blade itself, but also shaving soap, a belt for grinding the fear and other useful accessories.

How to use?

Mastering the royal shave, which is what they often call the procedure using apprehension, is not so difficult. Of course, each of the experienced barbers has their own favorite technique, but for home shaving it will be enough to master the general principles that will help to achieve an effective result and at the same time avoid mistakes. There are only five basic steps:

  1. After all preparations, start on one side of the face., for example, on the right. To do this, it is best to stretch the skin of the cheek with your left hand so that the blade glides much easier. Cut hair in the direction of their growth, holding the apprehension at an angle of 30 degrees and without any additional pressure and effort. Too large or small angle of inclination of the blade can cause cuts in the skin, and if you try to shave against hair growth, you may encounter the problem of growing them in the future. Also, do not forget to wash off the remaining foam from the blade so that it does not dry out.
  2. The left side of the face will be more difficult to handle the bladem, because it requires a change in the working arm. If you know that you don’t have enough dexterity, it’s better not to change your hand, but simply pull the skin near the ear and shave your hair from top to bottom, while holding the fear so that you can see the location of its upper part for better control. At the same time, as the blade itself falls, the fingers of the free hand also lower and stretch the skin for better gliding. At the end of the shaving of the cheeks, it is necessary to continue the movement to remove hair from the neck and beard.
  3. When shaving the area above the upper lip it must be pulled down as much as possible.
  4. Chin Shaving just pull the lower lip up. In this case, movements should be made from top to bottom along the growth of hair.
  5. The area under the chin is the most difficult and requires a delicate approach, because the skin is very thin. It is best to slightly tilt the head back and tighten the muscles of the face, while pulling the skin down with your left hand and straightening it. For greater efficiency, shaving in this area must first be carried out with a blade along the hairline, and then against it. Beginners are recommended to simply repeat the movement of the blade along the hairline several times.

Some men may be confused when faced with a list of necessary shaving sequences. To do this, you need to train, but do not forget about the general recommendations:

  • Decide on the type of blade grip immediately and practice it. There is the so-called "canonical" type of grip "apprehension" in which the cutting edge is always held up or down. You can also use a free grip, in which you need to independently determine the location of the blade that is convenient for you;
  • It’s important to practice holding a razor, feel her weight and inertia. During the shaving procedure, the hand should be almost completely relaxed;
  • Sometimes multiple blade passes may be required.. Do not forget to rinse your face with warm water after each time, and then again apply a dense layer of foam;
  • Rinse periodically with water"to prevent the drying of foam and hair residues on the surface of the cutting edge;
  • Finish the procedure with mandatory facial skin treatment. Rinse it with cold water first, and then apply a gel or lotion that will soften the skin and prevent inflammation;

Advantages and disadvantages

A lot has been said about the benefits of a dangerous shave. Hair removal is very effective and smooth, the risk of irritation and inflammation is reduced, and the procedure itself with proper dexterity will take only 4-5 minutes.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. Among them, the following nuances should be especially noted:

  • Wet shaving is more expensivethan classic dry. So, for example, a disposable machine will cost only 10-15 rubles, but a quality hazardous razor will cost about 100-200 dollars, not to mention the separate purchase of a good shaving brush or a whole set. On the other hand, an expensive hazard shaving kit will last you a very long time.
  • The very name of a dangerous razor says that royal shaving is not a joke. In the absence of any preparation or a fundamentally incorrect approach to the procedure, you can easily get a serious cut.
  • As a result: requires special preparationand dexterity.
  • Unlike dry shaving with a machine tool for such a procedure, you need a suitable place, you will definitely need a mirror and the presence of hot water.


The only thing that stops many men from acquiring a dangerous shave is the price and the need for certain skills. Representatives of the stronger sex, who decided to try on themselves the charms of a real royal shave, never return to traditional machines.

When using the "apprehension", the skin becomes absolutely smooth, the shaving process is completely painless and impresses with its effectiveness. This method of removing facial hair is recommended by many men who already have rich experience in caring for their appearance.

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