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MAC Concealer

Unfortunately, the majority of the fair sex always have flaws on her face, but at the same time, every woman wants to be attractive. To hide certain flaws on the skin of the face, dark circles under the eyes, redness, age spots, acne and much more, women use special tools called concealers or concealers. Some of the best are funds from the professional MAC brand. About there, how to use them correctly and how to choose a suitable option, we will tell further.

What it is?

Concealer is, in fact, the same corrector for the face. It is used for precise correction of certain deficiencies. Most often, the concealer has a dense texture, so you can mask everything you want and even moles.

Just like the foundation, concealers have a fairly large palette of shades, from the lightest to darkest shades.

This tool is considered more effective than any other means, since most often foundation creams can shine through pigment spots or redness, but a previously applied concealer can easily get the perfect complexion.

It is very important not to confuse that concealers and concealers are not intended to be fully used as a face cream, since they need to correct certain specific zones, and use the foundation after to complete the creation of a flawless and even complexion.

Many people wonder what is the difference between concealer and corrector. Both of these tools are designed to correct imperfections on the face, but nevertheless it is believed that correctors have a more lightweight texture and an extensive selection of shades that are aimed at correcting a variety of skin problems. But in reality there is no significant difference, the description of these products is almost the same.

Advantages and disadvantages

The MAC brand has millions of fans all over the world, including not only lovers of professional cosmetics, but also real masters of their craft, as well as celebrities and other media personalities. The brand differs from all others in its approach to creating funds, because they comply with international quality standards and from year to year are becoming more and more popular and in demand. However, the MAC does not need additional advertising. Brand funds, and especially corrective and tonal options, always diverge with a bang.

Corrections from MAC are distinguished by their stability and excellent composition.

They include many healthy ingredients and herbal extracts. And besides, there are no fragrances in them. Corrective formulas are very soft, so the coating is weightless and as natural as possible.

In the brand’s range of products you will find proofreaders with a resistance of up to fifteen hours, but in reality they last much longer. In addition, you can easily select the shade of the product you need, since the MAC does not skimp on the range of shades. And if you are looking for the very palettes that all makeup artists have, then the MAC will help you with this too.

The negative aspects include high prices for funds, as well as not always convenient dispensers, which spend the tool very uneconomically.


The professional cosmetic brand MAC is in great demand among makeup artists all over the world who very often work with celebrities. That is why it offers a huge variety of face remedies, among which you will find the following options:

  • Stable and fluid proofreaders;
  • With a resistance of 8 to 15 hours or more;
  • Professional pallets for face correction;
  • Condensers with compacted texture, concentrated options;
  • Compact;
  • With UV protection;
  • Moisturizing
  • With plant components and minerals in the composition;
  • Double;
  • Removable blocks that may be of interest to makeup artists;
  • Proof-sticks.

All brand funds have passed clinical tests and tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

They do not cause acne and do not clog pores. Most products are targeted at all skin types, and in addition, many of them are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

How to choose the right one?

To choose the necessary corrector for your type of face, skin needs and, of course, your own expectations, we recommend that you pay attention to the following selection of tools, where we will consider the most popular brand corrector and concealer options.

  • The steady proofreader "Pro Longwear Concealer" is a liquid remedy that will correct any imperfections in the skin. You can adjust the coverage yourself - from medium to more dense. In addition, this tool is designed for 15-hour resistance. After using it, you will get soft and silky skin without any flaws. In addition, this corrector is waterproof and does not leave prints. Suitable for any skin type. We recommend that you pay attention to the following universal shades: light NC 20, darker NW 20 and NW 25.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the fluid corrector from the brand "Concealer Cache-Cernes".
  • Concealer Palette from MAC "Pro Conceal and Correct Palette" It is a very convenient palette of 6 shades to correct a variety of skin imperfections. Stability - up to 8 hours. The shades of this tool can be conveniently combined with each other or used as independent colors. This palette will help to correct age spots, acne marks, dark circles under the eyes and much more to achieve the best result. You will find this 6-in-1 palette in several versions: Medium, Light, Medium Deep and Dark - from medium and light shades to the most saturated and dark.
  • Also, limited options for concealers can be an excellent option for purchase. For example, from the collection "MAC x Ellie Goulding." But with limits, be careful, today they are often faked.
  • Proofreader "Studio Finish" It is a concentrated product with a pleasant to the touch texture. The composition contains SPF protection, antioxidants and beneficial vitamins. This tool will help to hide all skin imperfections, create a smooth matte effect and prevent earlier the appearance of oily sheen on the face.
  • Corrector "Select Cover-Up" with a resistance of up to 10 hours it has a liquid consistency and a convenient dispenser, so the product is used as economically as possible. This corrector can easily brighten circles under the eyes, hide all imperfections on the face and even out skin tone. Absolutely imperceptible and invisible on the skin of the face.
  • Corrector "Select Moisturecover" It is a moisturizer to correct imperfections on the skin of the face. At the same time, after it remains a smooth and natural coating, absolutely imperceptible on the face. This corrector has a very convenient applicator, which allows you to conveniently distribute the product on the desired areas of the face.
  • Mineral Concealer from MAC It is a moisturizer for correcting facial imperfections with moisturizing and herbal ingredients. This corrector has a creamy texture that is pleasant to the touch for the most comfortable sensations when applied. Allows you to get a silky and natural coating from translucent to medium density. We recommend paying attention to the light shades of NC15 and NC20.
  • We also recommend taking a closer look at double concealer "Studio Conceal and Correct Duo". This tool is designed to pinpoint imperfections and equalize the tone. Holds up to eight hours. Suitable for all skin types. With regular use, this product deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Corrector "Matchmaster" perfectly adapts to any skin tone thanks to the special pigments in the composition. Instantly hides flaws. It is very convenient to use due to the fact that it is available in stick.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to Studio Fix Perfecting Stick. It allows you to precisely mask all the flaws on the face. This product has a matte powder effect. The corrector is beautifully shaded, and in addition, at any time you can use it to correct makeup.

Be careful with brand corrector palettes.

Very often you can find copies of the "MAC Professional Makeup" set of 15 colors.

How to apply?

When using the concealer palette, apply them individually or mix colors. You can distribute the product with a brush or fingertips, shade carefully. If you purchased a concealer palette, then it will contain detailed instructions for which this or that color is needed. We also recommend that you pay attention to the following brief tips:

  • Green shades of concealers are designed to hide redness.
  • Yellow help hide ugly spots on the face.
  • Purple shades correct the yellowish color of the skin and allow you to achieve a natural and even tone.
  • Blue help correct dark circles under the eyes.
  • Dark and cream shades in the palettes of correctors are intended for sculpting the face.

Liquid concealers can be applied as stand-alone products (for adjusting certain areas of the face) or as a foundation.

Do not forget to shade them carefully.

The Pro Longwear Concealer Concealer will help you disguise anything. The area under the eyes is best adjusted with the help of finger pads, so the coating will turn out to be easier and more natural.

You will quickly learn how to use such products, as they will help transform your face in seconds.


Women of all ages purchase corrective products from MAC and give the following feedback about them:

  • Proofreaders, Undoubtedly pleasing with its excellent durability and pleasant texture. Even if you go with makeup all day, they do not fail, do not flow and do not give a greasy shine.
  • Great camouflage all imperfections, in a matter of seconds, remove dark circles under the eyes and hide acne.
  • Pleased with a huge variety products and shades, as well as their excellent composition with vitamins and minerals.
  • Many complain on inconvenient dispensers, since the product is used uneconomically. But this concerns, most often, concealers in glass.
  • Some ladies say that persistent options do not fit their dry skin and roll off, but the mineral concealer for extra moisture even very copes with its tasks.
  • Pallets from the brand 6 in 1 praised by both professional makeup artists and homemade makeup enthusiasts.
  • To controversial Reviews also include high prices for corrective means, but this does not stop many ladies from buying, because they believe that you can overpay for excellent quality.

You will see an overview of the Mac from the next video.



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