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Base under the shade

It is well known that the first eye shadow was invented by the Egyptians, everyone remembers profile pictures from history textbooks with very well-defined eyes. Now our priority is not brightness, but persistence, because sometimes a working day can take up to 18 hours, and you want to look perfect. It is for this that a foundation was created for the eyelids or, as it is also called, a base under the shadow.

What is the base for eye makeup?

Among professional makeup artists, the base is also called a primer or base - this is a special cosmetic product that gives extra make-up to the eyes. The base strikes a preventive blow to such problems as rolling shadows in the folds of the eyelids or in the corners of the eyes where there are facial wrinkles, as well as shedding and loss of the original saturated color.

The foundation for the eyelids creates a kind of soil on which any other cosmetics can easily fit. This product at the same time prevents the loss of moisture necessary for the normal behavior of the skin and absorbs sebum, due to the release of which shadows roll in the folds of the skin.

Benefits & Features

The main advantages are increased shade resistance, a marked increase in the color pigment contained in decorative cosmetics, as well as the prevention of rolling. In addition to these well-known advantages, there are a couple of additional ones, for example, the base greatly simplifies the process of drawing arrows using a pencil or eyeliner, and it is a universal tool, because what is suitable for such a sensitive area is suitable for the whole face.

Primers are often made universal, suitable for any type of skin. If you are the owner of an oily cover, a small matting effect will be on your hand, and if your problem is the opposite - too dry skin, then funds of this kind very smoothly peel off. In any case, it is much better than ordinary shadows applied directly to the eyelid.

You need to pay attention when choosing a base for the eyes:

  • Since the eyes - one of the most sensitive parts of our face, be sure to pay attention to the composition: natural components are very important. It is good if the base contains natural oils, vitamins of groups A and E or beeswax.
  • Pay attention to the consistency. According to the classics of the genre, the base can be presented in three forms: creamy, lighter gel or completely weightless liquid version. Your choice will depend not only on your own preferences, but also on the age and condition of the skin. If your age is no more than 25 years old and you are not complaining of increased pigmentation of the eyelids, use the lightest liquid version of the base. If you are lucky enough to have skin with a tendency to oily, most likely you will find the gel option. For those who need a really tight coating, beauticians are advised to choose a cream base.
  • Always look at the expiration date of the product. Means in which there are natural components “do not live long”. The more natural your assistant will be, the less he will be able to be stored in the clear. Be sure to check the production date and recommended shelf life. Do not use expired products, even if you are very sorry to throw away the leftovers. Eyes - this is the part that requires very careful handling, do not expose them to unnecessary and unjustified risk.


Let us dwell in more detail on the types of primers. The bases are divided according to their “state of aggregation”, Now let's pay attention to the difference in existing tasks.

  • The foundation can be created toto improve the color of the eyelids and even out the tone, hiding possible age-related changes (this applies to pronounced pigmentation).
  • There are funds which set themselves the paramount task of combating excessive terrain. To hide deep wrinkles is not the same as masking a dark spot or just enhancing the color.
  • Some bases are aimed at a kind of therapeutic effect. They help reduce pores and make your skin more matte.
  • Other products are designed to improve durability. If you need to withstand a frantic day with a change in weather conditions and rhythm, while you need to save face (in every sense), then you need to look for just such a base.


In addition to differences in textures and purposes, the bases can vary in color. The primer is not always almost transparent, beige or light pink. What other options are there and what are they suitable for?

  • The base may be pink. This is still a fairly democratic color deviation. It is used to give the eyes a healthy glow. Surely you saw tricks from beauty bloggers who cleverly hide bags under the eyes by applying red lipstick as the basis and blocking it with a thick foundation. In this case, the principle acts in a similar way, but differs in the degree of radicalism.
  • Base with a purple hue It serves an excellent service to those who need to close the excessive yellowness of the eyelids.
  • If your eyelid and skin mottled under the eyes with small vessels or redness, a lifesaver will be a primer with a green tint.
  • If bags under the eyes - your faithful companions, as well as the upper eyelid, have excessive cyanosis, most likely a yellow shade of the base for the eyes will suit you.

We pass from the general to the particular. Consider specific examples of bases under the shade of the most popular manufacturers of cosmetics. Let's start with the two most concise brands - Mac and Nyx. In the line of the first manufacturer, many prefer MAC Paint Pot Painterly and Prep Prime 24-hour Extend Eye Base. Differences between them can be found in everything from the bottle. Paint Pot - This is a cream base, which is located in a transparent glass round jar. It is convenient to apply it with both fingers and a brush, but if you overdo it, the tool becomes noticeable.

Regarding Prep Prime, it is in an opaque plastic tube, has a lighter texture, more like a gel and, as the name implies, its main blow falls on durability. Maintaining color and preventing the rolling of shadows is its main task. Both that and another means costs within 2 thousand rubles, however Paint Pot is nevertheless rather very lasting shades, which they like to use natural shades as a basis. If you like it, keep in mind that the collection has 9 different color options.

We pass to Nyx. This manufacturer also offers different textures - there is a denser base with the simple name Eye Shadow Base. It is presented in four color options, one of which is black. Her task is to create the perfect canvas for applying paints. Matte white shade is best for bright color shades, the rest are quite universal. At the same time, the manufacturer immediately draws attention to the fact that wax is used in the composition and for oily skin this remedy does not work too well.

Another option is the lighter gel waterproof foundation Proof It - Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer. This is a matte, almost transparent product. With it, it is easy to achieve the brightest color pigment, with no rolling and blurring, even if water gets into your eyes. For the summer - the best remedy.

Another product that is positioned as a professional cosmetics is Enu Shadow Base - High Definition. Matte cream finish, hiding fine wrinkles and perfectly fixing decorative cosmetics. Compared with the previous brand, the price category of these products will be slightly lower, but the quality also remains at the level.

The next company, the basics of which are also popular, refers to luxury cosmetics. This is Lancome. There is no specialized base for the eyes among the rulers, but ladies often use products La Base Pro and La Base Pro Eraser - two types of classic makeup basics. Both products are suitable for any skin type and for all ages, and the effect promises to be almost magical. The price category is perhaps one of the highest, but the French quality speaks for itself.

We will not go far from French brands and next we will consider Vivienne Sabo. Among the whole assortment there is only one base under the shade - Fixateur, however, she collected a lot of compliments. A pleasant creamy, but not too heavy texture, a shade close to the light skin color and slight tints make it beautiful on its own, but at the same time it performs other functions: it fixes shadows, evens out the skin color of the eyelid, and the composition also includes components, relieving irritation and fatigue. Well, in the end, the most pleasant thing is the price, which will surprise you with its low bar.

Another manufacturer whose means will be affordable for many is Eva Mosaic. In the line there is also only one product base for the eyes, it is called Eye Shadow Base, it is easy to remember. The appearance is both external and of the product itself, classic - a tube with a pleasant creamy texture. Of the aspects that are especially sweet to the heart are vitamin E in the composition, as well as extracts of chamomile and calendula.

When makeup bases just started appearing, ohmany loved Lumene brand products and absolutely not in vain. Firstly, in the lineup Lumene beauty base There are several products and each one can choose the best for their skin. Secondly, cosmetics was initially positioned as natural, so manufacturers do not forget about natural beneficial components, the effect of which cannot be overlooked.

Another company whose product I would like to consider separately is Urban Decay. The fact is that this brand has an eyelid primer called Eyes Shadow Primer Potion, which lasts 24 hours along with shadows and paints applied on top. In addition to a very lasting effect, it is presented in three versions - Sin (light and flickering), Original (it will become invisible within a few seconds after application), Eden (noble matte). Many people have tried it once, remain faithful for a long time and recruit others.

Before moving on to the top ten favorites, consider a couple more specific products, one of which will be Smoothing and Fixing Eye Primer by Pupa. As well as its name, the product is simple in its packaging. He copes with the tasks of the primer for the eyes perfectly, does not contain additional interesting aspects.

Another iconic classic is Nars' Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. This product is very similar to what Pupa offers, its rating is almost five out of five stars, there is nothing superfluous in it and you can safely take it for a test if the budget allows you.

Another affordable option is Catrice's Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base. The primer enhances the intensity well, has a pleasant and light nude structure and is suitable for any skin type. After application, after a few minutes it becomes invisible to the eyes, which allows you to show the true color of decorative shadows. Very similar to it is the Divage Eye Primer or a similar product from Stellary.

Analyzing brands and their products, it would be impossible to ignore such a major concert as Maybelline. As a base under the shade, you can use several products: nude Color Tattoo, which are known worldwide for their incredible stamina, Dream Lumi Touch product, which can also be applied under the eyes as a corrector and Concealer affinitonewhich is suitable for the whole face.

There are many more companies worthy of you to pay attention to their foundations under the shade, for example Essence, which can be found on the shelves of any cosmetics store, Eveline, Art-Visage, Color Designer, Artdeco, I love Stage, Jolly, even a global retailer like Avon can offer you a couple of products. You can try endlessly, but you should choose wisely.

How to choose a primer for the eyes?

Of course, at the heart of everything is your skin type. A creamy texture is needed for women with skin that is not prone to greasy, gel - just the opposite, but for everyday wear and no problem skin, transparent, practically weightless bases are suitable. For particularly problematic options, do not forget about the existing color base-correctors, which can be applied precisely or completely paint over a certain area.

Remember the purpose of the products: if you need strong, reliable protection, choose a concealer with a mention of the hours of its operation. If you want to highlight the color, not for such a long time, pay attention to this. Read reviews, sometimes you can find a very cheap, but suitable option, for example with Bell, instead of an analogue, more expensive, for example from Make up forever.

In addition to the fact that the primer must be correctly selected, it must be correctly applied.

  1. Before applying any makeup, skin needs preparation. Cleanse your pores, apply a moisturizer and do a light massage with your fingers. To clean oily skin, it is better to use micellar water, not soap and not foam.
  2. Next with soft spotted strokes apply a small amount of base and blend. It is best to use your own fingers, however, no one forbids you to use brushes if it brings more convenience. If you are afraid to overdo it, apply the base first on the back of your hand, and already with it, transfer the product with small strokes to the eyes.
  3. If you create makeup at home and at hand there was no brand cover, do not worry. Quickly, the base can be made from ordinary aloe vera gel or, using a little dye-free lip balm, mixed with corn starch and a drop of liquid foundation.

Makeup artist tips:

There are some tricks that you need to know in order to use the capabilities of primers to the maximum.

  1. If makeup is based on smoky dark tonesthen the primer should have a darker shade than your skin. This will help to make the look more expressive and deep.
  2. If in your makeup you mix a few different vibrant colors and it’s important for you to stand out very clearly, use the white base for the eyes.
  3. If you find a hot and humid season, it is best to stock up with a primer with a matting effect. It will help to avoid such treacherous brilliance.
  4. Remember, if you didn’t like one primer, for example, from Manly Pro, don’t put an end to all means, maybe it just didn’t suit you, and something from another manufacturer will be so to the liking that without a base you simply can’t live.

If in doubt and your eyes widen from the abundance of offers, start with the stamps from the classic top 10 selection:

  1. The first step, of course luxury - Yves Saint Laurent or Dior.
  2. In second place is usually located Mac.
  3. Silver divide Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay.
  4. In good demand brand Clarins with very classic products.
  5. In the middle often appear Smashbox or Divage.
  6. The sixth place is conveniently located cosmetics Artdeco.
  7. Not the last line in ratings stably holds products Lumene
  8. Of all retail brands, preference is most often given Mary Kay
  9. Another noteworthy candidate is the locking base from Urban decay.
  10. And closes the honorary top ten Pupa.
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What are the reviews talking about?

Any product, no matter how expensive or budgetary, good or bad it was not found its lover and hater. Despite the fact that everything is very individual, it’s worth reading the reviews, however, trusting them 100% is definitely not recommended. View the rating of funds by year, because a good company always works on errors, makes adjustments to its product lines and just products, supplementing them with useful components and new properties. Try using something less recognizable instead of well-known brands, replace Relouis with some Chinese brand, because everything is known in comparison, and budget cosmetics are not always bad.

Choose wisely and be beautiful.

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