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How to apply foundation?

Many girls and women are aware that applying a tonal foundation is a basic step in creating any makeup. Thanks to the use of this tool, you can hide small flaws and defects. The cream helps to even out skin tone, make make-up more harmonious and attractive. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to choose the right tools for applying cosmetics.


The process of applying a tonal foundation is characterized by many nuances that must be considered when creating makeup. Quality should be not only cosmetics, but also the accessories that you use for work. From this directly depends on how evenly and easily the tonal base will lie on the skin. Basically, special sponges and brushes are used for this process.

What is the name of?

Soft makeup tools are called Beauty blender. These sponges are quite comfortable, they provide uniform and proper distribution of cosmetics throughout the face. Basically, it is these products that are most often used to work with the tonal base. Recently, for the cream used brushes with a soft pile. A well-known brand is developing such accessories. M.A.C.

What accessories are there?

Makeup tools can be very diverse. As noted above, sponges are most often used for the process. They have different shapes and sizes, in choosing the right tool it all depends on your preferences. The same goes for brushes. They can be wide, narrow. Recently, round tools with a thick pile have been especially popular.


In comparison with many options, this cosmetic tool is very popular. It is worth noting that when using a wet sponge, the tonal foundation lies in the same way as the BB cream. The main advantage of this tool is that even with a too dense structure of the product, the sponge distributes it so that after application a slight translucent effect is obtained.


Modern tools from M.A.C. reminiscent of the design of a standard large toothbrush. These accessories became a real hit, and managed to gain popularity among many girls. The main advantage of the brush is that it is suitable for tonal foundations even with a dense texture. Initially, these cosmetic accessories were intended for professional use, but now they are actively used at home.


One of the latest cosmetic novelties is the sponge, resembling an egg in shape. The main feature of this tool is the presence of a tapered tip, with which you can perform spot application. In addition to tonal foundations, this sponge is used for concealers. Using an egg, you can turn to two application options. The dry type is suitable for dense substrates, wet - for the lungs.


One of the universal types is aerial makeup. For applying cosmetics, a special spray is used, which distributes the tonal foundation throughout the face. In the container you need to add a little cream, after which you can begin to use. The spray evenly applies the tonal base, covers all flaws on the skin. But, it is worth noting that this option is best chosen for professional use.


This option can be attributed to universal devices, as it combines a brush and a sponge at the same time.

The tool is convenient to use, thanks to light movements, cosmetics are evenly distributed on the skin. The applicator is suitable not only for tonal foundations, but also for concealers. The tool has a narrow tip, which is convenient to mask minor defects.


Many different materials are used to create cosmetic accessories, and foam is the most popular type. Basically, these are the most budget products, not differing in durability. It is best to use silicone or latex sponges to create a natural make-up. As for the manufacture of brushes, most often they are based on synthetic fibers. Due to this, tools can be easily used for liquid creams.

How to choose?

When choosing tools for applying foundation, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the material. It should be hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch. You should not save on cosmetic accessories, since the quality of your makeup directly depends on this. Decide in advance what type of tool you will use for the process. It’s best to buy several options, as you can easily correct minor mistakes when creating makeup. In the arsenal of each experienced makeup artist there are both sponges and brushes.

Popular manufacturers

One of the most famous manufacturers of cosmetic accessories is the company PR Professional. This brand is engaged in the creation of different types of tools. Applicators from this company are especially popular. It is worth noting that recently Avon began to produce pretty good similar accessories for tonal foundations. The trend of recent seasons are sponges from the company Divage Convenient and high-quality products evenly distribute the tonal foundation on the face, so that the makeup is as natural as possible.

How to do it yourself?

If you don’t have professional make-up accessories at your fingertips, you can easily make them yourself. To create a sponge you will need a regular sponge with small pores. It is best to choose the most mild options for the foundation that will not damage sensitive skin. The sponge can be cut to give it a more comfortable shape.

How to use?

In order to make the makeup as natural as possible and without the effect of a mask, the sponge must first be moistened with water, and squeezed. The product should be slightly damp. After the sponge increases in size, they can distribute the tonal base. This should be done with patting movements.

Do I need to wet?

Quite often, girls wonder about whether to wet the sponge. If you work with a dense tone structure, the instrument should be slightly moistened. Due to this, the cream is evenly distributed over the face, the shade will become as natural as possible. If the tone texture is light, do not wet the sponge.

How to care?

You need to take care of the sponge regularly, as the dirt remaining on its surface will get on your face. After each use, the sponge must be thoroughly washed with soap and allowed to dry until the next application. Please note that you can use one sponge for no more than 2 months. The cosmetic product must be stored in a dry place.

Do I need to wash after application?

As noted above, the sponge must be cleaned of cosmetics after each use. It is best to use several tools, as this will be more convenient for you. To remove cosmetic residues, use an antibacterial soap. But, if there is no such option at hand, you can use the usual product.

How to wash?

Sponge must be cleaned for several minutes, until the remnants of cosmetics completely disappear from the surface. In order to wash the product, you need to hold it in water for some time, and gently rub it. At the moment when foam is formed, the sponge must be cleaned completely. After that, the product is rinsed with running water and placed on a dry cloth. Wash the sponge is not recommended, as it will lose its properties.

Which tool is better?

To apply a light texture, it is best to use a brush or applicator. They distribute the tone well across the face, leaving no residue. Especially often these accessories are used for evening make-up. But shading is best done with the help of a sponge, since it carefully processes each zone.

What can be replaced?

As noted above, a sponge or brush can be replaced with an ordinary fine-pored sponge. If this option is not at hand, then the base should be spread with your fingers.


Reviews of women who already use various accessories will help you choose the right tool for applying a tonal foundation. Especially popular among customers are egg-shaped products. Beauty Blender. Women say that with their help you can create the perfect natural make-up.

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