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Foundation with SPF

It is impossible for a modern woman to do without foundation, and there is no reason to. Today's tonal bases and powders have a light texture for summer, allowing the skin to "breathe" and protecting it from harmful effects from UV radiation. Therefore, using the tone in the summer is not just a whim, but a necessity to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin. When buying a foundation with a protective UV factor, it is important to choose wisely: the product should be suitable for the type of skin. For example, for the greasy type, choose a composition without oil, and for the dry one you can’t do without this “greasy” component, otherwise you can show everyone small peeling and additionally dry the surface.

What is SPF?

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a factor that absorbs ultraviolet rays before contact with the skin. There are several degrees of protection from the weakest (5-15) to the highest (90-100). The lighter the skin, the higher the degree of protection. This “golden” rule will keep the epidermis young for a long time and prevent its redness. When choosing a sunscreen foundation, stop at a mark of at least SPF 30, because the face skin is so thin and delicate that a lesser degree of protection can not cope with the summer aggressive sun. And for winter, you can choose something less "heavy" - SPF 15-20 will be just right. Note that the higher the UV protection, the higher the density of the foundation and the more likely it will lie in an uneven layer or interfere for the whole day, causing sensations of clogging of pores and even heaviness on the face. But for such a problem there is a solution, replace the word “cream” with “fluid”, and choose a tinting agent with sun protection with a light texture. Perhaps it will not fully tone the skin, but it will not create a mask effect and will not cause irritation of the epidermis.

Protection level

The number on the packaging of the protective cream means how much you can enjoy the sunlight and not get sunburn. To get started, note how much time passes before you blush. Let's say 5 minutes and choosing a tonic with SPF 10: 5 x 10 = 50 minutes of calm exposure to the sun. But we choose a cream for toning the face and additional protection against harmful UV rays, which means that this arithmetic is not entirely appropriate when choosing a tonal foundation, and yet, let's talk about the value of SPF in numbers:

  • 2-4 - the lowest protection, which prevents the ingress of about 50-75% of solar radiation;
  • 5-10 - averageprotects up to 85% UV;
  • 10-20 - high degree with protection up to 90%;
  • 20-30 - intensiveabsorbing up to 97% of sunlight;
  • 50 - the highest degree (exactly like SPF 90-100, but such numbers can not be found on the packaging of the foundation), which guarantees protection of up to 99.9% of sunlight.

The optimal SPF value for foundation remains 5-30, depending on age, condition, skin type, vulnerability to sunlight and individual characteristics. For example, for young skin, an SPF 15 foundation for winter and an SPF of 20-25 for summer, for a mature epidermis or after a chemical peeling procedure will suffice without a product with a high SPF of 30.

Does it protect against tanning?

The original purpose of the foundation is to create a uniform coating and perfect tone. When SPF gets into its composition, the product instantly gains an additional advantage - it protects the skin from premature aging, wrinkles and even melanoma - skin cancer. When asked if a person tans under the influence of a foundation, there are two answers. After applying to the skin, the foundation lasts more or less evenly on it for two hours, after three hours the skin almost completely “eats” it from the surface. Therefore, whether the skin is tanned or not depends on the renewal of the tonal coating. If you apply it in the morning and go to work within the first two hours, then the epidermis will not tan, if you forget about updating the cream and go to the beach, then a light tan can not be avoided.


Classic tonal

The texture of the product with a tonal effect can be different: dense, medium, liquid and light (fluid). Its main advantage is tone creation and additional protection against UV radiation. The shades of the tonal remedy also differ, which you need to select in the store and test on your own skin.

  • For fair skin, choose a cream with a protection factor of at least SPF 20, if you plan to use it in the summer and spend most of the time indoors;
  • For tanned skin, select the appropriate shade directly in the cosmetic store, because the current color is different from natural and requires an updated product. This does not mean that the SPF factor will have to be chosen less;
  • Giving shine. This foundation contains reflective particles that emphasize the surface of the skin and relieve minor imperfections. It looks equally good on light or dark skin, all the more so today “make-up without makeup” is relevant, and the natural shine will only be to the face.

Post-peeling Protective

This type of foundation with sunscreen factor is indicated for girls and women after a chemical peeling procedure. It is used regardless of the time of year and contains a mechanical protection factor, usually iron oxide. The chemical peeling procedure is carried out in the autumn-winter season and requires high-quality protection of the epidermis even from not so aggressive, at first glance, winter UV rays. Post-peeling foundation can not be found in all brands, more often in professional ones, like an Israeli brand Christina. Such a product was created for better mandatory protection after peeling. In addition, it perfectly cares for the skin, retains moisture, normalizes lipid balance and prevents premature aging.

Company Overview

"Teint Haute Tenue" by Clarins

The cream is presented in 8 shades and has a protection factor of SPF 15. Composition "Teint haute tenue"enriched with natural ingredients like quinoa extract and the unique Anti-Pollution complex to preserve youthfulness and beauty of the skin. It is highly resistant and creates an excellent face tone with a matte finish, while the texture of the foundation Clarins unusually light.


Foundation "Photoderm Max"has a high protection factor SPF 50 and is presented in one natural shade (it adapts to the individual skin tone). A high degree of protection means it can be used by women with increased sensitivity of the dermis to UV radiation and skin diseases, for mature and vulnerable to the formation of age spots The skin is moderately dense, evenly and easily distributed over the surface of the skin and does not leave a white coating.It is well absorbed into the skin and needs to be renewed every 2 hours for reliable protection.

"Rose de Mer" by Christina

Protective post-peeling foundation is presented in a single natural shade, which adapts to the natural skin tone and is suitable for any type and age. The main protection factor in this product is iron oxide or red clay, which blocks the penetration of ultraviolet radiation on the epidermis by 99.9%.

"Glow" by Lumene

The foundation with the effect of radiance is presented in 6 shades and has a light texture with an additional moisturizing effect. A lightweight creamy coating instantly transforms and refreshes the epidermis, gives it a natural glow and lasting pigment. Its degree of protection is SPF 15.

"Ever Matte" by Clarins

Matting foundation "Ever matte"with SPF 15 ideal for summer and skin prone to increased sebum production.


UV-protected foundation creams have become relatively recent and today there are no less reviews than traditional counterparts. Highly rated product "Benefit Hello Flawless" with SPF 25 with a light texture, like a fluid. The best foundation - Clarins, women think so and substantiate their opinion by the fact that among the brand’s products you can choose the composition according to skin type and density. Excellent dense coverage "Haute Tenue". Consumers note that it perfectly tones and lays down with a light coating, does not make makeup heavier and does not slip when worn. Cream "True Radiance" from the same brand with a slight effect of radiance - one of the leaders, according to reviews on the network. It is famous for its light texture and translucent coating, which is ideal especially for summer and good for any other season.

The next video is an overview of tonal resources with SPF for the summer.

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