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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Concealer Bourjois

Bourjois is a cosmetic brand, rooted in its history in 1863, when the first round jar with dry blush was sold to the actors of the Parisian theater. Since this all started. The company developed rapidly and gained success. Today it is one of the leading brands of makeup in the world. The company's products do not lag behind current trends and trends and keep up with the times. Bourjois concealer is no exception. This is an indispensable tool that can be found in every girl’s cosmetic bag and purse. This is a kind of lifesaver, saving in the most unforeseen situations. Facial concealer is simply irreplaceable, because it can hide redness, inflammation, bumps, dark circles under the eyes.

"Healthy Mix"

The “Healthy Mix” means to hide the darkening under the lower eyelid, create a matte effect, make the face as after a good rest, filled with strength and energy. This is exactly what the fair sex is expecting from a corrective. After all, no one wants, looking in the mirror, to observe blackness in the eye area and annoying pimples that strive to appear in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

The concealer has a delicate texture that allows you to create the perfect tone. The tool is presented in three different shades. This allows you to most effectively hide spots, redness, circles under the eyes. The silk texture does not create a mask effect and is evenly shaded. Corrective product is perfect for all skin types.

This cosmetic product is able to merge with the natural color of the skin.

One layer is enough for imperfections to become invisible. This effect is achieved due to active bright pigments. Concealer "Healthy Mix" from Bourjois performs the functions of not only decorative cosmetics, but also care products. The composition includes natural components that moisturize the epidermis. The effect of a healthy complexion is achieved thanks to the excellent qualities of the product. The concealer does not roll and sticks to the skin all day. The French product is available in a tube of 7 milliliters. It will be enough for a long time, since it is spent very economically.

You will learn more about this tool in the next video.

"Radiance Reveal Concealer"

This concealer is available in convenient glass packaging with a volume of 7.8 milliliters. There is a convenient brush for applying. The product is available in three colors - from light to rich beige. The manufacturer promises that Radiance Reveal Concealer can change and transform the skin with one touch, hiding all the imperfections.

This is not just a corrector, the product operates in several directions. It gives a radiant look, effectively glosses over everything that you want to hide, cares for the epidermis. The concealer is able to cope even with swelling on the face, not to mention the dark circles under the eyes and redness. A distinctive feature of this product is hyaluronic acid, which is part of the composition. Also in the formula is the water of glaciers from Mount Mont Blanc.

All these components take care of the epidermal cells immediately after applying the concealer.

You can be sure that the skin will not be tight and will not experience a lack of moisture. This is especially important for the delicate area under the eyes. The effect is valid for 24 hours. Such an active composition allows you to fight with small wrinkles.

Texture "Radiance Reveal Concealer" - soft and airy. This allows you to feel lightness and freshness on the face. A special applicator makes it possible to use the concealer as a highlighter. The product does not slip, does not clog pores and does not gather in the folds of the skin. As a result, the skin is well-groomed, healthy, glowing and not too dry.


Concealer "Radiance Reveal Concealer" customers in their reviews are called a faithful assistant. They mark its interesting convenient packaging made of frosted glass. Using a soft sponge, the product is very easy to apply. Women advise you to carefully test the color palette before buying, since the shades during application and shading are significantly different.

A light and pleasant texture is noted, which helps to simplify the process of applying to the skin. It does not accumulate and does not focus on folds and wrinkles. The hue merges with the natural complexion and hides all imperfections. The coating does not tighten the skin and does not form a crust.

The "Healthy Mix" tool, according to customer reviews, copes with dark circles under the eyes.

The concealer does not require updating throughout the day. It is very conveniently packed in a small soft bottle with a beveled nose. Women are attracted by the natural ingredients included in the composition: raspberries, apricot, melon. After using the product, the face acquires a matte glow due to special pigments.

Plus, the concealer is also put for a gel-like texture, which is quite dense, but not heavy. Shading does not take much time. A sweet fruity smell will certainly please during use.

Watch the video: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer VS Radiance Reveal Concealer. Natasha Summar (December 2019).


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