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Blush Essence

To create a complete image of powder, shadows and mascara is not enough. Many people neglect such a tool as blush, but in vain: they not only make the makeup complete, but also give your face a healthy shade and appearance. Some of the best and noteworthy blush are Essense brand products.


Blush Essense possess a very simple, but at the same time stylish packaging. It immediately shows what color the product is, how much it remains, and it will not be a shame to get a box at a social event in the restroom to correct makeup. The texture of the product is slightly loose, suitable for application to the skin.

However, you should be careful when typing blush on the brush, because there is one drawback because of the structure: the product begins to dust a little, so when applying, shake off excess product and only then apply it to the skin.

If this is not done, terrible pink spots will appear on your face instead of a slight blush. In general, with proper application, the product is very easy to shade and is almost invisible on the face, leaving only a light weightless and pleasant color mark at the application site. Essense brand blush has decent durability and will stay with you throughout the working day or evening.


Blush can be presented in various formats. First of all, these are standard familiar compact products that give both satin and matte effects. Their choice is quite wide, in particular, Essense brand offers "Silky Touch" blush.

This type of makeup is familiar and quite convenient. You can not be afraid that they will wake up, there is only a risk of breaking the product, but in the case of Essense, you will have to try very hard for this.

Essense blush can be baked, from the usual they are distinguished by the method of manufacture. In production, blush powder is mixed with water or oils, and then baked in a special oven. As a result of such manipulations, a very unusual product is obtained with a not so pronounced color, but a very beautiful satin shine. Essense releases the “Blush Ball” shadows of this manufacturing method.

Brand lines

The Essense brand offers a wide selection of different blushes of different price categories and, of course, in different shades.

SIlky Touch Blush - one of the most common and popular brand products.

About the blush Silky touch blush can be seen in the next video.

They are not too persistent, completely matte and very nice when applied to the face. There are a lot of color variations of the product, the most popular are Adorable (pink-peach), Indian Summer (soft pink) and Summer Dreaming (pink).

Blush "Mosaic Blush" differ from the rest in that the palette contains three matching colors, mixed during use. They are presented in 4 different options, so you can choose a product that suits your skin color. As a result, you will get a nice satin finish.

To obtain a matte result, we recommend that you purchase blush "Matt Touch Blush". The series is made in very fresh, berry shades that will give your face a healthy and rested look.

Gentle "Satin Touch Blush" Refresh your skin and brighten it with shine. The product is made in natural colors, so it is especially suitable for those who are afraid to go too far with blush or have too fair skin. The manufacturer offers one color - "Natural Beauty" (natural beauty).

Collection "My Must Haves" It is presented in two versions: one will give a satin finish (it is presented in three shades), the other, respectively, matte (here you will find two shades). Both types will give your face a fresh and healthy look.

For lovers of bright colors or for girls preparing for a photo shoot, they are suitable Blush Up Blush, soft, the lights perfectly convey the pigment, as a result of which you get a bright rich glow. They stay on the skin for a rather long time: about 5-7 hours.

Blush Essence "Winter Glow Cushion Powder Blush" - Winter limit in an unusual package with a mirror and snowflakes on a box. The product itself is in the packaging lid. The sponge attached to the second part of the box, when closed, comes in contact with the blush, which greatly facilitates and automates the process of applying makeup.

Another limited collection, only already summer - "Juice it". Blush has high pigmentation and bright color, so you should be careful when using. However, the resulting color will cost you to carefully apply the product.

Baked product "Blush Ball" - The very option that can be easily used "on the run." Made in the shape of a ball, it can be applied to the skin without a brush. The manufacturer recommends holding them in the face, and then just blending the blush with your fingers. The color of this makeup is not very strong, but it gives a very nice glow. The product is presented in one color - "Peach Candy" (peach).

If you couldn’t decide on the right color, Essense comes to the rescue with a palette. "Blush Play Sculpting". Blush colors are perfectly matched to each other. You can use the kit as a means for contouring, or you can mix colors yourself to achieve a unique shade.


Essense not only allows you to purchase the necessary products, but also create your own unique palette for personal use. Since the color palette offered by the brand is very extensive - from pale pink and peach to bright - there is a reasonable solution.

Essense in the Must Haves line produces empty pallets for 4-8 refills, which you can fill as you wish. In addition to blush, other necessary products can also get into the palette - powder, highlighter or, for example, bronzer.

My Must Haves Blush Review - in the following video:

Just imagine: all the cosmetics you need are brought together, they are easy to take with you, and most importantly - you yourself choose the shades at an affordable price.

Among the shades that you can choose for the blush of this series are the following:

  • Matte
    • Tea rose - pale pink;
    • Terracotta - dark pink, tending to red;
  • Satin (with sequins)
    • Apricot - close to the natural color of the skin;
    • Pink with a bright shimmer;
    • Coral.

How to choose?

The most important thing when choosing a blush is choosing the right color. If the color of the product does not suit your face exactly, the purchase can be safely thrown away as useless garbage. The wrong color will not only not decorate your face, but will play against you.

Therefore, for each skin type its own option:

  • For fair skin, it is recommended to choose cold shades of blush. Such products will not stand out on the face, emphasizing the unnatural makeup. Apricot and coral tones are also ideal for this type of skin.
  • Brown-haired reddish shades in makeup will do. This emphasizes the natural beauty and color of the skin.
  • Owners of dark skin are easiest: almost all shades will suit them, and even a bright color will not look too defiant.

How to choose and apply blush, see in the next video.

Do not forget that you must also take into account the color of your eyes. Depending on it, you should choose the following blush to emphasize it:

  • Blue eyes are pink;
  • Dark eyes - dark brown, terracotta, copper shades;
  • Green eyes are light brown, terracotta hues.

How to use?

Blush will help to create the perfect make-up, but for this you need to learn how to apply them correctly. Before proceeding directly to the use of the product, apply foundation or powder to the skin. Due to this, blush does not roll on the face and will fall on an even layer.

Blush can be applied both on the cheekbones and on the cheeks. A brush is best used with natural pile.

After you pick up a product on it, be sure to brush off the excess so as not to go too far with the color and avoid too bright a color. In general, the correct application of blush depends on your type of face.


Buyers are very satisfied with the products manufactured by the brand. Essense offers a wide selection of products for a variety of purposes, in various forms and in many colors. The best part is that many say that cosmetics are sold at a very competitive price, but at the same time they are pleased with their quality.

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