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Kylie Jenner Eye Shadow

Kylie Jenner cosmetics has been a trend for several seasons. Decorative face care products are very popular among both young girls and older women. It is worth noting that the Kylie Jenner brand has appeared in the beauty industry relatively recently, but at the present time, it is almost impossible to find a person who would not hear about him. Especially popular among fashionistas is the palette of shadows from this brand.


The founder of the cosmetic brand was the popular American model and socialite - Kylie Jenner. Many have heard about this beauty thanks to her equally successful sister - Kim Kardashian. Participation in a reality show ensured incredible success for the family, and soon girls started talking about the world. Gradually, Kylie got tired of being in the shadow of a successful sister, and she decided to create her own unique line of cosmetics. After the start of production, products from the Kylie Jenner brand literally scattered from store shelves. The cosmetic line includes not only shadows, but also matte lipsticks, presented in sets. Today it’s hard to find a girl who wouldn’t use these options to create bright makeup. Professional eyelids have gained popularity among women around the world.

The main advantages of this cosmetics include:

  • variety of shades;
  • shadows are suitable for creating both evening and everyday makeup;
  • The products are presented in stylish branded packaging.

The cosmetics are based on exclusively natural ingredients, and therefore it is suitable even for owners of sensitive skin.

Today, these eye shadows are often used by professional make-up artists with a worldwide reputation.


Kylie Jenner's cosmetic eye shadow line includes several types of decorative products. The first and most popular option is The Royal Peach Palette. The palette is presented in 12 bright shades, which are ideal for creating a bright feminine make-up. One of the main advantages of this type is that the package has a mirror. Many customers were unhappy that such an important element was absent in previous versions. Also, a special soft brush for shading is included in the kit. It is worth noting that its base is made of natural pile.

The palette contains rich shades that are ideal for creating summer makeup.

One of the most interesting tones is Peachywith a peach matte color. Quite often, professional make-up artists use the Kyshadow Bronze palette in their work. This is a unique option that is suitable for creating the perfect make-up. If you want to focus on originality, you can mix several shades. Skyshadow shadows apply well to the eyes and have a soft texture.

Equally popular are the shadows from the line. "Holiday Edition". High-quality professional shadows are presented in bright unusual shades that are suitable for creating evening makeup. 9 tones, presented in palettes, perfectly emphasize the beauty and individual style of any girl. Fans of romantic, delicate looks can use Kylie Jenner's “New” shade. Soft calm shades emphasize the ease and attractiveness of the girl, perfectly complement the stylish image.


Shades from the cosmetic brand Kylie Jenner are presented in palettes, and the number of colors in them can vary. The most popular are the Kyshadow sets, consisting of 9 shades. Warm brown gamut, ranging from light tones to dark, is ideal for creating any makeup. When applied, the shadows acquire a slight flicker, which favorably complements the make-up. Cosmetics are resistant, which has been repeatedly noted by professional makeup artists. After application, the shadows do not crumble, and are able to stay on their eyes for up to 12 hours.

But the shadows of Kylie "The Royal Peach Palette" are presented in 12 colors.

Pressed products in trend colors of this season are suitable for creating an exclusive designer make-up.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

Since the release of original products from Kylie Jenner, many manufacturers have "replenished" the cosmetic market with numerous fakes. That is why during the acquisition of products it is necessary to pay attention to several important points that will help to avoid this situation.

  • To begin with, it is worth saying that the original cosmetics from Kylie Jenner presented on the official website or at points of sale that are entitled to distribute this product.
  • The next thing you need to pay attention to is quality. Real products from this brand are always easy to apply on the eyes, do not crumble, and retain their color for a long time. Fakes cannot boast of such qualities, so they can easily be distinguished from the original.
  • An important point is the smell of cosmetics. Many shoppers complained that the Kylie Jenner eye shadow had an unpleasant, pungent aroma reminiscent of paint. Such defects can only be observed if you purchased a fake.
  • Another significant criterion is packaging. This box is made of durable material of high quality, there are no scuffs and other defects on it. It is worth noting that faking the original packaging is quite simple, as it is made of cardboard. But, on real products there is always a small mark "XOXO".

How to use?

If you want to create the perfect make-up, you need to familiarize yourself with some features of the use of shadows. To create a natural everyday make-up, neutral shades are suitable that complement well other cosmetics. Thanks to the correctly constructed formula of shades, they can be used simultaneously, layering on top of each other. This will allow you to get new original images. It is worth noting that this is the main idea of ​​Kylie Jenner. The model has repeatedly said that she prefers to use bright exclusive tones in makeup, which can rarely be found in cosmetics from various well-known brands.

Shadows must be applied to the entire moving part of the century.

A mandatory step in creating makeup is shading. If you use black shadows, then complement them with eyeliner is not worth it. If you want to correct facial features, it is best to use matte cinnamon shades for this. The main advantage of cosmetics from Kylie Jenner is that it is suitable for creating multifaceted shimmers in makeup.


Choosing the shadows of Kylie Jenner, special attention should be paid to customer reviews. Basically, all customers are satisfied with the quality of cosmetics, its dense structure and durability. A variety of universal and unusual shades allows you to create a beautiful make-up in which all components are advantageously combined. Many customers noted that the colors in the palettes are suitable for any image. During use, the shadows do not crumble, evenly distributed over the eyelid.

Those who do not like too bright shades are ideally suited products from the brand Kylie Jenner.

You will learn more about the Kylie Jenner palette in the next video.

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