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Brown Eye Shadows

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, it is very important to properly design them, to give special charm and expressiveness. This will help mascara, eyeliner, as well as the right eye shadow.

Which ones are suitable?

Brown eye color is the most common on the planet. It varies in brightness - from dark brown, almost black to light brown, and also in purity - walnut, swamp, interspersed with green and gray. In fact, it is easier to choose a shade of eyes for such eyes than others.

If you are the owner of brown eyes, in your makeup bag must be present nude shades - peach, chocolate, beige. Firstly, because makeup in the style of "nude" has been very popular lately and does not look defiant, and secondly, because it is universal, it can be worn both for a business meeting or for a birthday.

There are also certain criteria for selecting shadows for different shades of hazel. For example, for owners of almost black eyes, it is better to use shades of medium or high saturation, since poorly pigmented ones will look dull and faded. Makeup with golden arrows or “smoky”, as well as red shadows with a white arrow, will look very interesting.

Almost all shades - from yellow to purple - are really suitable for the representatives of the medium brown color. From the cold gamut, various blue and green shades, turquoise, lavender, plum and emerald can be especially distinguished.

Nude peach and brown shades, smoky textures applied to the crease of the eyelid are ideal for light brown. Of the brighter tones, the best are olive, bronze, muted peach.

With hazelnuts, contrasting tones - pink, purple, lilac, lilac, as well as gray, orange and dark brown will be beneficial.

For the so-called "tea eyes", brown warm, burgundy, purple and brown shades are suitable - but well shaded.

If your eyes are not pure brown, but mixed with green, then the green option will be the universal option. Dark violet, brown and eggplant colors are also suitable for you. For the daily daytime option, you can choose walnut shades that are slightly lighter than the color of the eyes to give the look softness and lightness.

Also, if you do not want to spend time daily on eye makeup, you can do it once with permanent shadows. However, it is difficult to recommend such a method, since the result cannot be closed by anything other than foundation and making another make-up will be problematic. Just remember that such an option exists.

Hair color

In addition to eye color, of course, you need to take into account hair color, and also do not forget about skin color. This is very similar to the theory of color types - for example, it is better to choose the same shades of hair for the cold tones of the hair, warm for the warm because the bright eyes and dull hair do not look together, and exactly the opposite.

For brunettes

The first option that comes to mind when choosing shadows for owners of dark hair is black. Indeed, dark tones are ideal for brunettes and dark-haired brown-eyed girls - black, chocolate, brown of various saturations. Both matte and shiny. Plum, nude pink and burgundy will look good - they will give the image of tenderness, silver or gold as an arrow or on the crease of the eyelid.

For blondes

Owners of blond hair - blondes, especially light blond - should first of all pay attention to sand, beige and other nude shades. They will look very gentle, and "smoky", made in these colors with the addition of a bit of black, look very attractive.

As a brighter option, you can pay attention to various shades of green - avoiding, however, light green and near yellow tones, as well as pink - here the restriction is only in saturation, since light pink shades, "pink" and puppet pink look better muted .

If you have sandy or hazel eyes with blond hair, take a look with yellow and gold shades. Golden and brick tones will look very advantageous if you are a blonde with dark brown eyes.

For brown hair

For fair-haired or brown-haired women, violet and blue tones are suitable - they will make the look visually deeper, attract attention, and delicate green ones will give tenderness. Black and silver will look beautiful with dark or almost black eyes.

For red

Copper and red shades go to red-haired girls - they will help to shade the color of the hair. It will look especially spectacular in the eyes of a warm undertone - since both brown and orange give characteristic copper reflections, allowing the eyes to shine in the sun. In this case, such bright shades can be applied even to the lower eyelid or in combination with a red pencil - the main thing is to use the base under the shadows so that they do not crumble.

The emerald always went red, and in the case of brown eyes, he will also be his face. Choose blue shadows with care - they should be a deep night color, but not light blue, this will visually make your eyes tired. The same goes for pink flowers.


For dark skin ideal peach-olive palette, brown tones of eyeshadow. It is better for black not to abuse it, since it, in combination with dark skin, can overload the image.

Snow White should pay attention to pink and chocolate tones, bright blue and emerald green. The skin tint is also important - if it is cold, then bright red and orange yellow shades are contraindicated for you, and if it is warm, you should beware of blue and violet. Otherwise, the shadow can emphasize wrinkles, bruises under the eyes and create a tired look.

How to paint?

It’s not enough just to choose the right shades, you also need to be able to use them correctly. A number of conditions must be fulfilled step by step to create a beautiful image.

  • Choose an accent. It can be eyes or lips, but in no case both zones at once. With a spectacular bright red lipstick, the maximum that you can do with the eyes is to emphasize them with an arrow, mascara or nude shadows. And vice versa - with large shooters or prominent "smoky" lipstick should be nude.
  • However, remember that when highlighting one zone, you should not forget about the others. Indeed, the eyes painted festively look ridiculous without blush or some kind of lipstick. The image must be one.
  • You must have a base under the shadow - base, primer. It prolongs the durability of makeup, makes some shades brighter, does not allow them to roll or run away from the eyes. It also makes the surface of the eyelid smoother.
  • Brushes. A long bristled flat brush is ideal. For shading - fluffy. You can use the applicator, which manufacturers often throw in the package, but the shadows are not well put out and applying requires a lot of effort. Comfortable and convenient application, as well as the level of eyelid injury, depends on the quality of makeup tools.
  • Brushes are used for baked or friable textures. Pencil shadows or shadow sticks are applied directly from the packaging, and creamy textures are usually applied with fingers, liquid ones with a special applicator.
  • It is very important to use the base for the shadows. It prolongs makeup, does not allow shadows to crumble and creates a feeling of comfort. Also do not forget about the corrector for circles under the eyes and foundation for masking imperfections.
  • The colors of the shadows should be in harmony. There can be no more than three - a basic shade, light, which is several tones lighter than the base, and dark, in another way - a marker, the darkest and most emitting pigment.
  • Clear lines are not allowed. Pigments must be shaded.
  • Clear shadows can be applied on top of the shadows. - she will fix makeup and will not allow him to roll or crumble.
  • Mascara or eyelash gel is applied only after shadows. Otherwise, there is a chance to fill the eyelashes with crumbled pigment. The same goes for the arrow.


In classic makeup, the following sequence of actions has always been used:

  1. It is necessary to apply a base for the eyeshadow on the eyelid, wait a few minutes for it to finally absorb. The skin should be smooth and moisturized, prepared for applying shadows.
  2. Then comes the turn of the basic shade - it is applied to the entire upper eyelid.
  3. The area under the brow and the inner corner of the eye are closed in bright color. And the fold of the century from the middle is the darkest. It is also applied along the contour of the eyelashes.

  4. Now it is very important to carefully blend the shades without mixing them together. They should be as bright, but the borders - almost invisible.
  5. Only after you are done with the shadows, you can proceed to the liner or pencil for the arrow and to mascara or false eyelashes.

Acting on this plan, you are quite capable of beautifully shaping your eyes - perhaps not the first time, but you will succeed.


In fact, the classic version of eye makeup is smoky eyes. This is a popular but not hackneyed way to accentuate your eyes. Depending on the shades of shadows, it can be used both for daytime makeup for every day, and evening, for going out. The application technique is simple at first glance, but it’s rather difficult to fill your hand. You will need: a dense concealer or corrector, so that if you smooth out the blemishes, a base under the shadows, a soft black or dark brown eyeliner, a pencil for drawing arrows or a liner, an eyebrow pencil, mascara and eye shadow brushes. The most important thing is the palette of shadows of at least three shades - dark, medium and very light. Classic smokeys are a combination of light brown (or gray), dark brown (almost black) and mother-of-pearl or beige. Remember that matte shadows are a more everyday option, neutral, but mother-of-pearl is best used only in the evening (however, in the case of nude and soft pink shades, an exception can be made).

  1. It is more correct to start working with the eyes already when the skin is aligned. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is apply a moisturizer to the face, let it soak in and apply either foundation or powder, if desired, blush. Highlights and contouring, however, are better left for later.
  2. On the upper eyelid you need to apply a makeup extension base under the shade.
  3. Take a soft pencil and circle the eye as close to the contour of the eyelashes. The contour from the lower eyelid should go slightly to the temple, creating a light, unpainted arrow.
  4. The time of shadows. Take the darkest shade and apply on the upper eyelid and lower from the upper edge to the inside, gradually reducing saturation. Do not paint over the center of the upper eyelid. Feather the shadows.
  5. Paint the remaining free space with a medium shade, also blending, creating a soft and smooth transition.
  6. The lightest shade is applied to the inner corners of the eyes, to the space under the eyebrow and quite a bit - to the upper eyelid closer to the nose. Do not forget to shade.
  7. Optionally, you can complement this makeup with a full arrow. Do not forget about your eyelashes.

"Smoky" looks very interesting on brown eyes in blue, pink and purple shades. Remember that "smoky" is a makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, so you should not use bright lipstick or strongly highlight cheekbones with a bronzer.

For the evening version, we recommend using yellow and raspberry shades (of which they are slightly darker), unsaturated gold.

  1. Do the same face training as with smoky eyes. Apply a base on the eyelid, and then a yellow tint on the center of the upper eyelid.
  2. Apply a smear of raspberry eyeshadows to the outer corner of the eye - they should be saturated. As if circle it with a dark shade of raspberry shadows and add a little bottom. Stew.
  3. Put the highlight on the inner corner of the eye with golden shadows, the lower eyelid and a little on the fold of the upper. Blend thoroughly.
  4. Now it's the turn of the arrow. It should be saturated - gold or black, bright. After - mascara or false eyelashes.

For ladies who want to slightly correct their eyes, make them larger and raise the outer corner, the birdie technique is suitable.

  1. After applying the base, wait a few minutes and apply base pigment to the moving eyelid. The lightest shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, as well as under the brow region.
  2. Next, with a soft pencil, you should outline the ciliary border, starting from the middle, slightly drawing a line up to the temple. To lead them along the fold of the century to the middle.
  3. Now you need to take the darkest pigment - it will be better if it is matte black, and paint over the area behind the pencil line. Quite a bit, hitting the outside corner.
  4. Next, take a contrasting shade - purple, green or blue, glowing pigments will look better. And gently cover them with an area just above black, apply quite a bit of shade to it and the outer corner from below. Gently stew.
  5. For this makeup, as well as for ladies who want to enlarge their eyes, you need an arrow. You will need a black matte liner, a pencil will not work. You must draw a line for them along the ciliary eyelid from above and draw it in the arrow. The arrow should flow out smoothly into the black pigment.
  6. Makeup is supplemented with mascara or false eyelashes.

If you do not want to stain each eye for half an hour daily, you can take a chance and perform a procedure such as tattooing. Its full name is "tattoo of the eyelids with the effect of shadows." Its main advantage is the minimization of the time spent on eye makeup. One wave of carcass - and you can already go to work. However, tattooing works well with arrows and shadows, and it doesn’t mean at all that you shouldn’t paint your eyes after it. However, it is not universal - therefore, if you are not sure that you want to wear the same makeup all the time, make the tattoo less pronounced. As a rule, the outer corner of the eye and the fold are highlighted with dark pigment. Also often draw an arrow. Sometimes customers ask the master to shade the tattoo, then the effect is most natural. You can choose your own shade - the palette is not as large as that of the shadows, but the color can always be emphasized with a couple of additional brush strokes.

The most popular shades are black, brown, various pastel and even nude tones. You must understand that the skin of the eyelids is sensitive, and redness and swelling are possible in the first days after the procedure. In any case, the doctor uses anesthetics and painkillers and will make the procedure painless. You will be advised on how to care for centuries before and after. Masters should be chosen in salons and reviews.

Day makeup for brown eyes is presented in the next video.

Watch the video: Classic Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial (January 2020).


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