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Belorussian mascara Lux Visage

Almost all Belarusian cosmetics are very popular among women in many countries. It is of high quality, efficient, safe, and also inexpensive. Belarusian mascara Lux visage combines all these advantages in full.


Under the term "quality mascara", most women understand a product with a high level of safety, with all the functions that the manufacturer announced. Of course, the tool should have a low cost. It should be noted that the Belarusian Lux Visage mascara fully meets all these requirements.

Its high popularity is due to the presence of several very important features for consumers:

  • Low and affordable cost. In terms of quality and safety, this mascara is not inferior to most luxury products. It was the manufacturers from Belarus who made sure that all the fair sex were able to test the merits of this product. On average, its price is 280 rubles.
  • Pleasant aroma. For many ladies, it is no secret that high-quality cosmetics have a very delicate, delicate and barely perceptible aroma, which testifies to its quality and safety. Lux Visage mascara has just such a scent.
  • Saturated and very deep black color allows you to give your eyes expressiveness and a very beautiful shade. Even the darkest eyelashes using this mascara look even more expressive and black.
  • Convenient application. Lux Visage Mascara is available in several varieties, with different brushes. Each woman will be able to choose the option for herself that will allow her to conveniently and efficiently color her eyelashes without gluing them together.
  • The right consistency allows you to use exactly the amount of product that is needed to create a spectacular makeup. At the same time, the mascara itself does not crumble, does not flow and does not roll off the cilia.
  • Ease of removal is an important feature. Usually in its original form, the mascara can be on the cilia for up to 11 hours, and can be removed very easily, using cosmetic milk or gel for washing. When removing makeup, there are no dark circles under the eyes.
  • Safe and nutritious composition. This product is made using not only chemical components, but also healthy vegetable oils, beeswax and vitamins. This allows not only to give cilia length, volume and expressiveness, but also to combine makeup with proper care for them.
  • Mascara gives visible volume, length and density, but at the same time it looks quite natural, without the effect of false eyelashes (with the exception of the product, which is designed to create makeup with this effect).
  • The ability to use both to create a day make-up, and for the evening. Mascara applied in one layer will help to create a beautiful and easy daytime make-up, and applying a few more layers allows you to turn daytime make-up into a beautiful evening.

It is not surprising that such a large number of features and advantages of this product made it one of the most popular and best-selling.


Lux Visage mascara is currently available in several varieties. This makes it possible for almost every girl to choose the most suitable option for herself, depending on the goals set:

  • Lux Visage "XXL" is available in three versions, which differ from each other in terms of their functions: "Separation, volume, shape", "Length, Volume, Bending"and"False eyelash effect". Each product fully fulfills the functions declared by the manufacturer. The first product helps to divide and lengthen the eyelashes as much as possible, as well as to give them a beautiful shape; the second means curls and lengthens the eyelashes, and the third mascara helps to create an expressive look, like using false eyelashes. Red inscription on a tube of mascara "Effect of false eyelashes" immediately attracts attention.
  • Mascara called "Killer"allows you to create maximum volume, and all thanks to a unique brush with microscopic vesicles at the ends of the villi. It is they who simultaneously separate the eyelashes and give them maximum splendor. Using this product, you can twist your eyelashes a little. This will give the look even more expressiveness.
  • MascaraPerfect color"fully lives up to its name -"Fan of lush eyelashes". Thanks to a well-made brush, the cilia are separated, beautifully stained and slightly moved apart. This allows you to create the effect of eyes wide open. Using this tool, you can create makeup with thick fan cilia in just two strokes of the brush.
  • Product from the series "Smoky eyes"goes on sale in two varieties at once:"Panoramic volume"and"The effect of multiplication and lengthening". The first tool allows you to create a fan effect - with maximally wide open volume cilia, somewhat resembling butterfly wings in appearance. The second mascara helps to turn short and thin eyelashes into long, voluminous eyelashes without gluing. It visually greatly increases their density.
  • "The secret of luxurious eyelashes". This tool is available in three colors at once: brown, ultramarine and black. It helps to create a stylish, modern and eye-catching make-up. All mascaras from this series help maximize the density, pomp and length of the cilia and make the eyes as flirty and expressive as possible.
  • Mascara SeriesPerfect color"also produced by Belarusian manufacturers in three varieties. The functions of each are enclosed in the name:"Express volume and length", "For fluffy eyelashes"and"Push up effect“All three of these products have one thing in common: they add incredible volume, but they don’t stick eyelashes at all.
  • Mascara3D effect"has two varieties:"Ultra volume and length"and"Extra volume, separation, bending". As the name implies, the first product increases the volume and length of the cilia, and the second tool not only helps to make them more magnificent, but also to separate them, as well as give a flirty bend. A distinctive feature of these two products is increased resistance. Even with friction eyes with hands or water entering the cilia in their original form.
  • Series "Art volume"consists of two carcasses:"Non-Stop Fan Volume "and"Euphoria of lush eyelashes". The first variety of the product was specially created for owners of short and thin cilia. A unique brush after the first application allows you to turn them into as long, voluminous cilia and create the effect of a fan-like look. The second product has the same functions, but is suitable for eyelashes of any density and lengths.
  • MascaraMixx"is an innovative development. Even after the first layer of this product, the thinnest, rarest and shortest cilia become fluffy, thick, long and voluminous. Mascara itself quickly and evenly covers the eyelashes, absolutely not making them heavier.
  • "Show off"- it’s mascara that can give such a density and splendor to the cilia that you could not even dream of before. Easy application, high durability, visible effect and additional nutrition - this is exactly what this product combines.

Such a wide range of products, of course, makes it possible for any woman to choose the most suitable product for herself.

How to choose?

Sometimes such a wide assortment causes girls confusion. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to decide on the final choice. In order not to be mistaken, you need to perform only a few simple steps:

  1. For a new purchase, it is best to go to a specialized hypermarket. Firstly, there you can see the full range of cosmetics of Belarusian manufacturers (in particular, Lux Visage mascara). Secondly, in such stores there are stands with testers. This will make it possible to evaluate the appearance of the tube and examine the brush in detail.
  2. All mascaras of this brand perfectly add volume to the eyelashes, but some of the products also perform additional functions, so it is important to choose mascara taking into account the effect of using the product.
  3. Owners of short and rare eyelashes should prefer mascara, which is designed specifically for such cilia. It has a special brush and a richer composition, which allows to achieve maximum effect from use.
  4. If you have doubts about the choice, then if possible it is better to purchase a small mascara probe. It is inexpensive, but it will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular cosmetic product in full.
  5. It is necessary to study the composition, because it contains many herbal supplements, which you may have allergies to. In this case, it is best to refuse to purchase goods and choose mascara with a different composition.

Sometimes, to achieve the desired result, choosing the right tool is not enough. It must also be used correctly.

How to apply?

In order not to be disappointed with the result and create a really beautiful and expressive eye makeup, you need to apply mascara to the eyelashes in the following sequence:

  • Remove the brush from the tube with light twisting movements. If necessary, excess mascara can be removed from the tip of the brush on the edge of the tube.
  • With smooth, combing movements, the product is applied to the upper eyelashes of the left eye, and then the second eye is immediately painted.
  • After that, the lower cilia on the left and right eye are gently stained (or rather combed) with a brush.
  • If the effect obtained does not suit you, you can apply another or two layers of mascara in the same sequence.

These simple recommendations will help to create the most vivid, beautiful, voluminous, but at the same time natural eyelash makeup. The main thing is to remember that mascara is applied in the last turn, that is, after shadows, eyeliner or pencil.


Many reviews of the Belarusian carcass Lux Visage are positive. Women note the amazing effect, safe composition and low cost (as the most important advantages of this product). Many of them even say that this mascara is an excellent analogue of most of the more expensive luxury products.

The video below allows you to learn more about XXL mascara.

Watch the video: Белорусская косметика. Всё по 1 $: туши Люкс Визаж и Подиум Белор Дизайн, основы под макияж Витекс. (December 2019).


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