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Mascara Pupa

Mascara has long been a favorite tool for girls of all ages, because it makes the eyes more expressive and attractive. Widely open and fluffy cilia simply cannot but attract all the attention. That is why the ladies so carefully choose for themselves these universal eye products, spending a lot of time in stores. Carcasses from Pupa - these are real finds, their assortment pleases even the most fastidious ladies, and the Italian quality does not make you doubt for a second.


Famous brand Pupa recognizable in every corner of the globe, because its products are sold in almost a hundred countries around the world, including Russia. The brand entered the cosmetics industry in 1976, for a long time it has found regular customers who will never cheat on him, and every year there are more and more of them.

The words themselves "Pupa" means "doll", if translated from Italian. Recognizable branded red packaging is known to absolutely every girl, this is a special difference between the brand. Besides, the brand is also distinguished by the fact that it pays great attention not only to the composition of the funds, but also to their design. Pupa designers know how to attract a female audience and how to interest it.

All Pupa cosmetic products meet international quality standards, are tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and are absolutely safe to use.

In addition, Italian quality can be purchased at a fairly reasonable price. If you characterize the brand’s products in a nutshell, you can safely say that it is of high quality, profitable with perfect design. It’s one thing when the product is of high quality, it’s always nice to apply, but it’s much more pleasant to take a nice little thing in your hands, whether it’s an unusually designed lipstick or mascara.

Despite the fact that the funds from the brand are among the products of wide demand, their quality is in no way inferior to the luxury options, so you are unlikely to be disappointed with your purchase.


The final touch is expressive eyes. Mascara really decides a lot, and most importantly, it is universal. It can be used at any opportunity, thereby refreshing your makeup and making it more winning. Next we will consider carcasses from Pupa, which are produced today and are in the greatest demand among the female population.

  • The same iconic mascara "Vamr", which absolutely all the ladies talk about. This is mascara for getting the most luxurious volume in minutes. It will help create the effect of fashionable false eyelashes, but they do not need to be glued at all. Just a couple of brush strokes and you're done. Fluffy, thick, elongated and voluminous - it's all about your future cilia. This mascara has a pleasant to the touch brush, which is a pleasure to apply the product. And the mascara itself will impress with its perfect consistency. You will find her in 6 vibrant colors.
  • A tool that would like to pay quite a lot of attention is the version of the cult carcass from Pupa "Vamr!" Extreme. She is gives your eyelashes a sensational volume without any lumps or application problems. It will help to create a stage effect, with it you can make the most unusual doll cilia. After the first stroke of the brush, the eyelashes will become lush and voluminous. The mascara is very pigmented and bright, has a pleasant liquid consistency, which is evenly distributed on the cilia and is absolutely not felt on them even throughout the day. An ideally designed brush captures the right amount of product without surplus and does not cause uncomfortable application. You will find this mascara in a rather extensive range of shades: Extrablack, Dramatic Brown, Navy Blue, Shocking Blue, Intense Purple, and Military Green.
  • "Vamr! Waterproof" - waterproof mascara of the popular version from the brand. It is really very stable, especially if you like to swim with make-up or started a couple of photos while swimming in the pool. This mascara creates the effect of false cilia, makes them more dense, thick and fluffy. Available in black and carbon shade. Very saturated.
  • Mascara "Vamr! Definition" for the clearest separation of cilia and maximum volume. According to many experts, this is the most comfortable mascara, it is a pleasure to apply it, because it does not form lumps and is absolutely not noticeable in the eyes. Very pigmented. The kit comes with a flexible brush that perfectly stains each cilium, enveloping it in an extra black consistency to get the perfect result.
  • Curling and lengthening mascara "Ultraflex" helps to lift the cilia and make them long without undue weighting. Ideally designed applicator - a brush captures every eyelash, from the very roots to the ends. Available in extra black.
  • Mascara "Diva's Lashes" with the effect of huge volumetric cilia help to create the most attractive and deep look. Available in three universal shades.

We also recommend paying attention to mascara, stimulating cilia growth "Lash Mascara Energizer". It has a creamy texture and is absolutely unpretentious in application. After a month of regular use of the product, you will notice elongated cilia. This mascara is the perfect solution. After all, it not only makes your cilia attractive, long and voluminous, but also has a real healing effect.


As part of mascaras from the brand no harmful parabens, but there are waxes with a special gel-like phase containing special components. And natural, synthetic and vegetable waxes. But all of them are absolutely safe. They seem to envelop the cilia, making them more dense and lush. Also, all the carcasses are very pigmented. The composition also contains polymers to achieve flexibility, separation and comfortable application of the product.

Waterproof mascara contains a special polymer that is as resistant to water and other liquids as possible.

The whole formula of the product is enriched with natural and synthetic waxes, which not only provide a smooth and bright application, but also have restorative properties. Also in the composition of the brand’s funds you can find ceramides which moisturize, restore and strengthen the cilia, and are also useful for their growth.

How to choose?

Mascara can be called a means of primary necessity. But for some, the choice with him is obvious, while others hesitate. To choose the right tool for your cilia, first of all, it is worth starting from your preferences. But there is also some features which should be considered when choosing this tool.

  • If you are the owner of dense cilia, then it is better to choose brush options with long setae short options are unlikely to be able to comb your density.
  • For long cilia, it is better to choose options for precise separation, as well as brushes with elongated setae.
  • It is also worth remembering that very big brushes it’s rather difficult to stain small cilia in the corners of the eyes, so sometimes you can either have a spare thinner brush or other mascara. By the way, a lot of makeup artists use several tools at the same time to create perfect makeup. This is nothing complicated. The main thing is to experiment with the means in advance, and not five minutes before the release, because sometimes the effect is unpredictable, especially if you layered different mascaras on top of each other.

How to apply?

Almost all professional makeup artists recommend applying carcasses in zigzag movements. Begin with the roots of the cilia (their base) and continue the movement up to the tips. At the end of the application, you should turn the brush over and apply the mascara with the tip, as it were, perpendicular to the growth of the cilia, so you can color even the smallest cilia.

Color mascara is applied in the same way as regular mascara; it should not cause you any problems.

A very interesting move can be the use of black mascara in combination with color, which can only be painted over the ends of the cilia. A great option to supplement can be purple or green.

If you choose mascara for a clear separation of the cilia, then in this case, avoid zigzag movements. It is best to comb the cilia along the entire length with vertical movements from roots to ends.


Millions of women have been buying funds from this brand for many years and are always satisfied. Some highlight it advantages and disadvantages. But speaking of reviews in general, it is difficult to summarize such a result for the carcasses from Pupa:

  • They have reasonable prices, and the quality is practically not inferior to the famous luxury options. Many ladies switched from expensive carcasses to options from Pupa.
  • For some ladies, brushes are harsh, but this is not so critical, because the funds themselves are absolutely not felt before our eyes.
  • All shades are insanely bright and saturated, even color options that many brands can not boast of sufficient pigmentation.
  • Pleases with an excellent design and the absence of an intrusive smell.
  • Many ladies complain that in a very fast time the mascara begins to dry out and it is very difficult to apply, lumps begin to form. But perhaps this is due to improper storage. Indeed, many people forget or remain silent about this.
  • Some girls get cilia glued, although many do not care about this problem at all.
  • Also, ladies do not note the special resistance of mascaras, saying that makeup has to be regularly corrected.

But how many women - so many versatile opinions. On the means of the brand there are various positive and negative. In any case, Pupa has already managed to establish itself over the many years of the existence of the non-cosmetic arena.

Many products from the Italian brand have been awarded and are often printed in glossy fashion magazines around the world. Get mascara from Pupa or not, of course, your decision.

But what if this particular thing in a red package will become your must-have in a cosmetic bag for many years?

For a review of Pupa mascara, see the next video.

Watch the video: Come applicare Mascara Vamp! Extreme. Giorgio Forgani per PUPA Milano (December 2019).


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