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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Shiseido Mascara

The Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido has been helping women emphasize their natural beauty for more than 140 years. During this time, the company got far beyond the Japanese market and won the love of customers around the world. The ability of developers to create high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price has contributed to the creation of a positive reputation of the company. Each new brand line is created taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of each customer. Shiseido successfully produces both decorative and makeup products.

One of the brand's most sought after collections is the mascara line. But the favorite of makeup artists was Shiseido mascara "Full Lash Volume Mascara".

A new brand tool curls eyelashes, making the look more open. But the manufacturer makes the main bet on the "puppet volume". In addition, the mascara gives the eyelashes infinite length and generally creates the effect of false eyelashes.


A characteristic feature of the product was the patented proprietary brush "Full Expression Brush". The extended applicator during application captures all eyelashes from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, thus staining them the first time. Also, the brush has a curved shape, which helps to curl the cilia and gives them additional volume. At first glance, randomly arranged villi actually contribute to a thorough separation of eyelashes and getting rid of lumps. And the thinnest tip of the brush reaches the smallest and most inaccessible cilia. The innovative applicator was developed by Japanese makeup artists specifically for Shiseido technology "Radial Brush".

Mascara is presented in two traditional shades: black and brown.

The product contains no fragrances, which makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive eyes. In addition, the product is easy to rinse with warm water.

Branded tube with chaotic wave-like bends made of environmentally friendly plastic and gives a light glossy shine. The cost of new items is 1865 rubles.


Thanks to the new 3D formula, you can apply mascara at any time directly on top of existing layers of cosmetics. The process will go smoothly without gluing and creating lumps. As part of the proprietary formula - a competent combination of coloring pigment and several varieties of wax.

Elastic wax promotes comfortable application, enveloping each eyelash and adding extra volume to even the thinnest eyelashes by nature. Persistent wax fixes the product on the eyelashes, helping to avoid showers of mascara particles and keeping eyelashes flexible.

The next component is a rich coloring pigment developed by the brand’s laboratory.

It shows a deeper shade due to the presence of reflective microparticles in the composition, which do not refract light and enhance the color intensity.

How to apply?

Even with perfect mascara, you need a base that prepares eyelashes, nourishes them and fixes the product for a long time. That is why leading Shiseido cosmetologists advise using the Nourishing Mascara Base mascara before applying the Full Lash Volume Mascara mascara. It costs more than the carcass itself - from 2650 rubles - but it will become a universal nourishing and fixing agent, and according to customers, it lasts for a long time.

Shiseido Mascara can be applied in one layer or in several.

It all depends on the result you want to achieve. The first layer contributes to a clear separation of eyelashes and dyeing along the entire length. Application of the second layer will lengthen the cilia and give them an elegant curved shape. And the third layer will create the maximum volume.


The new product of the Japanese company caused a wave of positive reviews among customers. First of all, everyone notes a convenient brush that “combes out” excess funds and separates eyelashes.

Also, the girls who tested the remedy were satisfied with the pleasant texture of the carcass, which "does not flow, does not crumble" and is easily washed off without creating stains.

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