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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mascara NYX

The well-known brand of cosmetics NYX is gaining more and more hearts of Russian customers. It's all about quality and a very affordable price. NYX Mascara is available in many varieties, all of which are different in effect and quality.

Brand and assortment

American cosmetics NYX is considered a professional brand, although it is sold at very "unprofessional" prices. Many make-up artists in quality compare this brand with Bobbi Brown or MAC, the cost of which is higher by an order of magnitude.

The brand was created by an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, inspired by Knicks, the goddess of the night from ancient Greek mythology. The main idea of ​​the brand is bright, but very easy to use products that would suit every girl. They do not require professional skills to use. The brand is aimed at young female students, young professionals, mothers, leading an active lifestyle and striving to always look good.


The line of mascaras from NYX is very unbanal. It presents interesting products each with its own philosophy and special functions.

  • "Double stacked" - a double tool for increasing the volume and length of eyelashes. Comes with nylon fiber for building and black pigment for dyeing.
  • "Doll Eye Mascara" - A series of products for various purposes with a glossy finish. The main action is lengthening and separation of eyelashes.
  • "Lush Lashes Mascara" - A series of caring drugs.
  • "Color Mascara" - a series of colored products.
  • "Skinny Mascara" has a super-thin brush for the most natural make-up.

Descriptions and reviews

For creation of "doll" eyes the line "Doll Eye Mascara" is suitable. It includes three remedies.

  • "Long Lash" - mascara with lengthening effect. The manufacturer assures that the composition contains special nylon fibers that add length to the eyelashes, without weighing them down. The composition also contains various oils and vitamin E. Mascara dries quickly and does not imprint on the skin of the face.
  • "Volume" - of course, this is voluminous mascara. There are no nylon fibers in it, the effect is achieved due to a more dense consistency of the product. It, as the manufacturer claims, envelops each cilium, adding length and thickness to them.
  • "Waterproof" - waterproof modification. It works on the principle of "volume + length" and withstands direct contact with water. Removed with a special makeup remover.

According to reviews, the best mascara from the line is lengthening. She copes with her tasks, although many expected more from her. Volume dubbed "too thick" and gluing eyelashes. All products have the same brushes - not silicone, made in the form of an 8-ki, i.e. wide at the edges and narrow in the center. The "Doll Eye Mascara" does not give the effect of "doll" eyelashes, but it is suitable for simple makeup for every day.

"Double Stacked" is an original product. Two tubes "live" in one box - black directly with mascara and white with nylon fiber. Eyelashes are covered with a layer of pigment, then fibers are applied, and after that - again a layer of mascara. The manufacturer promises thick, lush eyelashes with the effect of false.

The general verdict of buyers is a worthy and interesting product, but it has a lot of nuances. The most important drawback - eyelashes, "extended" with fibers, do not look too neat. They look good only with full make-up, when eye shadow and eyeliner are applied, eyebrows are brightly decorated. Many noted that the mascara well extends the eyelashes by itself and the fibers only spoil the effect.

You will learn more about cosmetics from the next video.

Most shoppers recommend using funds from both tubes only for an evening out.

The Lush Lashes series is 5 eye makeup products with different brushes and caring additives. Consider the most popular products.

"Voluptuous" contains collagen and keratin. The brush is a classic cone-shaped, voluminous mascara by action.

According to users, the product is very mediocre - the mascara is thick, so it is very difficult to cope with it. The effect is not consistent with the effort.

"Badunkadunk" - also voluminous mascara with a glossy effect. This product has a thick silicone brush. Buyers appreciated it - it evenly collects pigment, does not collect it into lumps, stains and separates eyelashes well. Another plus is the bright glossy shade that highlights the cilia.

Among the minuses - during the day it begins to smear and crumble.

For those who like "invisible" makeup, mascara is perfect "More to love" - She is also from the "caring" series. According to reviews, it has a light texture and a good silicone brush. Almost does not crumble and lies in even layers. Customers consider this product a good combination of price and quality.

Romantic Name Tool "Fly with me" won the hearts of girls with an unusual brush. It is made of silicone - wide at the beginning and narrow at the end. This allows you to pay more attention to the eyelashes in the outer corner of the eye, lift them and color well. In general, mascara copes with its tasks - gives volume, divides and holds well throughout the day.

NYX Failure - "Skinny Mascara" with a superthin brush. The manufacturer positions it as a means for the most natural makeup, which is almost invisible. Those who purchased it did not notice the effect. Many complain that the mascara is thick, practically does not tint the eyelashes and also has a small volume (only 3 ml) for the price of a "full" product.

In general, NYX carcasses are popular due to brand promotion and affordable prices. However, no product can be called a "hit." They are suitable for someone, but someone is disappointed. It’s still worth to get at least one remedy from such a manufacturer in a cosmetic bag to try, but only the practice will show what the effect is.

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