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Gourmet Mascara

Voluminous, lush, long and slightly curled cilia - this is what almost every woman dreams of. Due to the fact that “Gourmandiz” mascara has now appeared on the shelves of the store, this dream may well become a reality. Those girls who have experienced it once have now acquired it again and again.

Description and Features

The Gourmandiz brand produces not only mascara, but also some other products for decorative face care. He is a subsidiary of the famous company of St. Petersburg Eva. This manufacturer is known as a quality, reliable supplier of a variety of cosmetics.

You can only purchase the original version of this beautiful mascara at the Rive Gauche store.

The probability of buying her original production in any other place is practically zero. And this is the first feature of this product.

The second feature is that, unlike many other similar products, the color palette of this product is not limited to only one black color. Depending on the series of mascara in which it was released, its shade may be black, brown, green or even purple. This allows you to create a beautiful, stylish and slightly unusual makeup for any occasion.

The third, but perhaps the most important feature of this product is its packaging. Usually mascara is implemented in the form of a rectangular tube with a round bottom. Gourmandiz mascara is sold in a small volume tube that resembles a tube of cream in shape.

Despite the fact that this mascara appeared on sale not so long ago, it is very popular among the fair sex of all ages.

At the very beginning of production, it was very difficult to purchase this cosmetic product. Many girls pre-registered in line for the purchase of this carcass. Now everything is much simpler: since there is demand, the manufacturer has provided a full supply. Therefore, today you can buy this tool without difficulty in almost any Rive Gauche store.

Advantages and disadvantages

The particular popularity of this product can be explained quite simply. To do this, you just need to get acquainted with its main advantages, and all of them are quite significant:

  1. Completely safe composition. The main component is beeswax, and beekeeping products have long been considered the most healthy.
  2. Excellent durability is provided precisely by the composition. When water gets in, with heavy snowfall or even too high a temperature, the mascara does not flow and does not smear, and the eyelashes remain in their original form.
  3. Good staining of cilia. One layer of this product is enough to give them a visible volume and expressive deep color. If you wish, you can even apply three layers of the product, because it absolutely does not stick eyelashes.
  4. Very economical consumption. Despite the small volume of the tube, on average it lasts for 4-6 months of daily use. And due to the fact that it is made of soft materials, if necessary, it can be squeezed and cleaned off the rest of the carcass on a brush. This allows you to use the entire product to the last drop.
  5. Wide palette of shades - This is not only a feature, but also an important plus.
  6. Extra wide long bristle brush allows you to thoroughly stain each cilium, giving them a very voluminous and attractive appearance as a whole.

There are no actual and obvious disadvantages of this tool. Only a very small proportion of customers say that it is not always convenient to paint the lower cilia with such a wide brush. But over time, it starts to work out without any misses.

Today Gourmandiz mascara goes on sale in two main series, in each of which products of various shades are presented.

Non-Stop Volume

Products from this series are presented in two colors: black and brown. At the same time, the last color is very rare on sale. It goes on sale in a classic tube of small size, which allows you to put this mascara even in the smallest cosmetic bag or purse.

Cilia are stained quite well, they become very voluminous, but do not stick together. There is one small feature: the longer and thicker the eyelashes by nature, the fewer layers of the product you will need to color them.

The undoubted advantages of this carcass are its high durability, economical consumption, and also hypoallergenic, provided that the buyer is not allergic to beekeeping products.

When applied to cilia, mascara evenly covers them, stains one by one. This allows you to achieve the most natural, but at the same time effective coloring and stylish, bright eye makeup. Such mascara is for the most part suitable for daily use and for creating classic-style makeup.

The Temptation Non-Stop

Products from this series differ from previous ones in their color scheme. Such mascara is blue, lilac, purple and green. With its help, you can create a bright and unusual eye makeup, highlight the cilia on a general background, or emphasize the depth of the natural shade of the eyes.

According to the assurances of the manufacturers, this mascara also gives the eyelashes an unsurpassed volume, and also colors them in a bright color. But in reality it turns out that in order to achieve the desired volume and density of cilia, as well as for their intense color highlighting, it is necessary to apply at least three layers. By and large, there is nothing wrong with this, since this product does not stick eyelashes and does not leave lumps on them. But this application takes quite a lot of time, because it is advisable to apply the next coat after the previous one is almost completely dry.

If we talk about the shades themselves, then on the eyelashes they do not look as bright as on the package itself and this must be taken into account. So, the bright green color on the package is actually a fairly light shade of deep green. It apparently stands out on the eyelashes only after the third application. Lilac mascara is very similar in color to violet, there is no significant difference in these two shades, which means you can choose any. The blue tint is the most intense and deepest according to the manufacturer, but in fact it is also practically no different from the purple mascara.

Among the advantages of this product, it can be distinguished that it does not cause allergies, does not crumble during the day and does not harm eyelashes.


Reviews for Gourmandiz carcasses vary significantly depending on the series of this product. So, about the means Non-Stop Volume they are mostly positive. Representatives of the fair sex note the low cost of this tool (in the region of 200 rubles), economical consumption, careful dyeing of eyelashes without gluing, and also a visible beautiful volume.

Almost completely natural composition is also noted as a significant advantage of this product. The presence of castor oil in it, as well as two varieties of natural wax, provides additional nutrition for eyelashes, prevents their loss, and also stimulates their growth.

Of the shortcomings in some cases, ordinary people note too wide a brush, because of which, at the beginning of use, it may be difficult to color the lower eyelashes. In addition, due to the fact that the main component of this product is wax, it is necessary to wash off makeup using this product with a special product. It is desirable that it be designed to remove waterproof makeup.

And here are the reviews about the carcass "Temptation non-stop " not so positive. Buyers note that this tool does not give such a bright and visible color and volume as its predecessor. It must be applied in at least three layers to obtain the desired result. In addition, a large number of representatives of the fair sex say that this mascara significantly aggravates the cilia, causes discomfort, and sometimes itching. Therefore, in most cases, the first desire after using it is washing.

Despite the high level of durability and low price, Gourmandiz mascara according to customers significantly differs for the worse from funds from the Non-Stop Volume series.

In any case, in order to understand whether this product is right for you, it must be tested on yourself. This is easy to do, because the price of this carcass is low, and in the Rive Gauche you can even purchase a mini version of Gourmandiz.

Gourmandiz mascara review in the next video.

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