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Gel eyeliner

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. That is why the makeup of this part of the face is decisive in the female image. In order to emphasize beautiful eyes, many people use makeup in the form of arrows. Smooth lines are very difficult to draw, but gel eyeliner can come to the rescue, which very accurately highlights the features of the eyes and helps to make them more expressive.


Gel eyeliner is a very popular cosmetic product that is used by many makeup artists. It is the eyeliner in the jar that allows you to apply makeup as professionally as possible and bring your eyes very beautifully. The main advantage of this type of cosmetics is that it is very easy to apply, with it you can quickly and easily draw arrows on your eyes yourself and at the same time they will be very even and clear. In addition, the great advantage of this eyeliner is that with its help you can adjust the thickness and length of the line along the eyelids. Gel eyeliner differs from the usual one in that it is applied with a special brush, such cosmetics themselves are in a small jar. It can be easily shaded and any make-up can be done with it.

Gel-based eyeliner is notable for its stability. As a rule, this is waterproof cosmetics, which retains its beauty for a very long time, in addition, the arrows can remain in their original form all day. You can not worry that before the evening they will be erased. A great advantage of this eyeliner is that it dries very quickly and you can not worry about the fact that it will be printed on the upper eyelid or worn off. Another advantage of such cosmetics is that it has a large number of pigments, which are responsible for the brightness of the color. That is why the arrows turn out to be as bright as possible and retain their color for a very long time.

Such makeup is perfect for creating a solemn image. So you can draw attention to your eyes, this make-up can be the highlight of the image. Also characteristic for this eyeliner is that it is very easy to apply, since you can draw the line with small strokes and it is convenient to blend it, as well as expand and extend it. Therefore, even those who are going to do such makeup for the first time can cope with this type of makeup. The only drawback of such cosmetics is that it dries very quickly on the eyelids and therefore it will be quite difficult to correct the mistake made when applying makeup, that is, for this you will have to completely remove this line from the eyes and draw again.

Many experts also argue that any gel-based eyeliner does not react in any way to weather conditions, including high humidity. It is also very difficult to erase, accidentally hitting your hand, so the makeup remains unchanged for a long time. She very well and beautifully lays on her eyelids and does not slip if her shelf life has not yet expired. It should also be noted that compared to eyeliner, such a tool very rarely causes irritation. By applying it, you will not feel discomfort, in addition, such a line is practically not noticeable in the eyes. Also, the great advantage of such a cosmetic product is its cost effectiveness - one jar is enough for a long period of time.


A good eyeliner gel consists only of quality ingredients and does not dry for a long time. Very often, manufacturers when creating such cosmetics include vitamins and other useful substances in its composition. It also includes only the safest and hypoallergenic components, since the eyelids are one of the most sensitive areas of the female face. Therefore, such products have a very soft texture and practically do not contain harmful ingredients.

This product consists only of natural dyes. In order for such an eyeliner to be waterproof, gum is included in its composition, and for the density of this agent, various types of resins or ordinary wax are included in it. To give color to it, special color pigments are added. Black eyeliner is made up of iron oxide and white eyeliner is titanium dioxide. Each specific product consists of different substances and elements, each manufacturer chooses the composition independently. But they are all made on the basis of a gel that gives it such a structure.

How to use?

The main feature of applying gel eyeliner is that you can draw arrows with it only with a special brush, and this brush must be elastic and thin. Often, manufacturers apply such brushes in a kit with such cosmetics, but you can separately buy a brush that is more suitable for you. Painting eyes with such a tool is quite simple. Before embarking on this process, it is necessary to settle down in a well-lit place to draw the most even arrows.

You need to fix the hand very correctly so that it does not suddenly start and the line does not blur. You can place your elbow on a table, window sill or other hard surface.

After completing all the preparatory procedures and applying the foundation to the face, you can proceed to the drawing of arrows. To do this, you need to dip the eye brush in a jar of eyeliner and take a small amount on it. Then you need to draw a line of small thickness, starting from the inside of the eye. The line is better to draw not in whole, but in small short strokes, slowly moving to the outer edge of the eye. After you reach the end of the century, you can slightly bend the strip up, and then gently expand it.

You can also shade the arrow, thereby making it more smoky. If you want to more clearly highlight the eyes, then you can also draw this line at the bottom of the outer corner of the eye. Now your eye makeup will be finished, you can just rinse the brush, and the eyeliner itself will dry very quickly, you won’t have to wait.

How to rinse?

All gel eyeliners have a very stable structure, it is often difficult to remove them with plain water. That is why all experts advise resorting to the use of special makeup remover during this procedure. Makeup removers will help to gently remove makeup and not damage the skin around the eyes. It is better not to use ordinary soap for this, in order to avoid irritation and redness of the eyes. If you don’t have at hand a special tool for removing such eyeliner, you can replace it with ordinary vegetable oil, it is better if it is olive. This method is also quite effective, but removing makeup from the eyes in the form of eyeliner gel in this way will be a little more difficult.

How to dilute?

Since the gel-based eyeliner is in the jar, you will have to open it often, and while you are doing makeup this product will remain open. Since its base consists of a gel, it can dry out quite quickly. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to close the lid of the container where it is located as tightly as possible and try to keep it open as little as possible. There are so many ways with which you can dilute such an eyeliner if it is dry. In order to reanimate the gel gel for the eyes, you can add some liquids to it and mix gently. Thus, you can extend the life of its operation for a month, or even two.

The most common way is to add a drop of vegetable oil to such an eyeliner. You can use peach seed oil, almond. If you do not have the opportunity to find these types of oils, you can use the more common and popular option - olive. One or two drops will be enough to dilute such an eyeliner. And after that, it is better to leave it for about half a day, so that its consistency becomes the most uniform.

Some experts recommend using a very simple option in order to dilute such an eyeliner. You can drop one drop of aloe juice into it. Thus, this tool will get a more pleasant consistency and be saturated with useful vitamins and other substances. But this method will extend the life of only one to two weeks. Also, some women use ordinary alcohol or vodka, they can also be replaced by perfumes. It will be enough for you just one drop per standard tube to restore this cosmetic consistency. You can also use distilled water, a liquid for storing contact lenses, or purified water, such as thermal water, to dilute it. These are very simple and safe methods, and no infection or harmful bacteria will get into your cosmetic product.

You can also use regular face tonic or water, but the effect of such funds will be very short-lived, your eyeliner will soon dry again. Beauticians recommend using makeup remover to dilute such cosmetics, and it must be oil-based. But this method of dilution has one significant drawback: your eyeliner will very quickly lose its durability. Its consistency will change a little and it will not be able to remain for so long.

The most common way that many women use is to warm the jars with this cosmetic product. In order to restore the eyeliner in this way, it is necessary to tighten the cap with this product very tightly and place it in a container with hot water for 10-15 minutes. Thus, your product will become more liquid and will lie easier on the eyelids, but this method is also not very effective, because as it cools, such cosmetics will harden again and change their structure in the opposite direction.

The simplest and most effective way to dilute the gel eyeliner is to buy a special product that is designed specifically for these purposes. Using a diluent, you can maximize its life and not damage the structure.


Using gel eyeliner, you can create the most interesting and diverse types of makeup. For a daytime make-up, white eyeliner or its creamy shades are perfect. If you want to make your image more vivid and interesting, you can use purple, blue or other bright and unusual shades of such a cosmetic product. They will help emphasize the color of your eyes and highlight them. This option is perfect for a party, because you can choose the color of the arrow to match the dress or even the purse.

For an evening out, a brown or black eyeliner is a great choice. Makeup with any such gel means is carried out after applying the foundation on the eyelids. Then you can use the shadows that will overlap with the color of the gel eyeliner, and only then you can complete the makeup with beautiful even arrows. If you plan to do everyday makeup with such a cosmetic product, you can bring the line only to the edge of the eyelid, without bending it up. If you do evening makeup, it would be better to drive it up or draw arrows, creating the effect of a cat's eye, that is, bring your eyes in the outer and inner corners with sharp bends. This type of makeup looks very impressive and unusual, it visually enlarges the eyes and makes them brighter and more expressive.


Now many well-known cosmetics companies produce gel eyeliners. Reviews show that it is very difficult to name the best brand, because there are a huge number of them and each one has its own advantages. Such a variety of cosmetics is produced by brands. Maybellinehis best eyeliner is "Lasting Drama 24h", Vivienne sabo, MAC, NYX, Essence, Avon other. The latter is a 2 in 1 remedy that can be used not only as a contour for the eyes, but also as eye shadow.

In the next video - an overview of gel eyeliners of leading cosmetic brands: Essence, Catrice, Avon, Inglot, Maybelline.

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