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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Lipstick Art-Visage

Delicate, sensual lips attract attention and give self-confidence. Lipstick Art-Visage is a great way to give them a luxurious color and hydration without sacrificing budget.

Features and benefits of brand cosmetics

The Russian company Art-Visage is a unique phenomenon in the cosmetic market. This is the first brand in our country, not inferior in quality to many Western counterparts.

Makeup with brand products takes a minimum of time and combines decorative functions and caring properties.

Lipsticks occupy an important place in the assortment of the company. Their virtues already appreciated by many girls.

  • Ease of application. The delicate creamy texture gently rests on the lips, without tightening them and without causing a sticky feeling.
  • Comfort. Lipstick does not dry the skin at all. On the contrary, the nutritional components of the products have a moisturizing and protective effect. The tool visually hides peeling and prevents their occurrence.
  • Durability. Makeup will remain flawless for 4 hours. Lipstick does not slip and does not fade. The color is washed off with any make-up remover.
  • Rich color palette. In the assortment of the brand, you can find gentle nude shades, and bright juicy tones. Matte, pearly, flickering - there are options for the most demanding tastes.
  • Budget price. Despite the excellent quality, brand products are quite inexpensive.
  • Availability. Lipstick Art-Visage is not difficult to find in any cosmetics store.


All brand lipsticks contain natural waxes (candelilla, bee and carnauba).

Carnauba wax is responsible for the hardness of the product. It creates a dense, but delicate texture, prevents its melting on a hot day, gives a pleasant shine.

Beeswax is a healthy ingredient in the skin. It contains valuable fatty acids, vitamin A and bactericidal substances. Wax forms a protective film on the surface of the skin, prevents its dehydration.

Another constant ingredient is castor oil. It gives the lipstick elasticity, promotes uniform distribution of pigment when applying the product on the skin.

Vitamin E nourishes, moisturizes, heals cracks and eliminates peeling.

Also in various collections there are additional caring oils.

Products do not contain synthetic fragrances, are hypoallergenic.

Shelf life

The period of time during which the lipstick is suitable for use is indicated on each case. On average, the shelf life of such cosmetics varies from several months to 2 years.


The brand range includes various lip products. Glossy and moisturizing shines have a liquid texture. Lipsticks are presented in classic versions with a twisting shaft. Among them are moisturizing, caring, as well as a collection with reflective particles.

Matte, pearly, glossy - in the assortment of the brand you can find a cosmetic product for every taste.

Brand lines


Caring lipstick is packaged in a spectacular red case.

The composition of the product includes Abyssinian mustard seed oil. It moisturizes the delicate skin of the lips, promotes the regeneration of damage, protects against the negative effects of the environment.

Valuable vitamins A and E are antioxidants. They also nourish and are responsible for maintaining youth.

The unique Synthetic Sapphire component gives the color shine and saturation.

The product has a delicate velvety consistency, is gently applied and for a long time keeps the coating flawless.

"Pretty Woman"

An exquisite black case with white lace pattern hides a luxurious lipstick named after a famous song.

The product formula is unique. The combination of warm and cold halftones and reflective particles allow each shade to adapt to the individual characteristics of beautiful ladies.

See the video below for an overview of the Pretty Woman series.

Depending on the lighting, the colors of the wardrobe and other makeup details, you will look different every time. Multifaceted sensual tones emphasize natural beauty and make the image as harmonious as possible.

Lipstick has a weightless creamy texture, easy to apply, retains color and cares for lips for 5 hours.

Castor and corn oils nourish, soften and rejuvenate the lips at the cellular level. Vitamin E promotes regeneration, helps maintain skin elasticity and tenderness.

"Intense Color"

Moisturizing lipstick is packed in a compact plastic case, made in black and gold.

The soft texture ensures even application, while the caring components nourish, restore and protect the delicate skin of the lips. The composition of the product includes corn oil, which has an antioxidant effect and restores the protective barrier of the skin. By tradition, the valuable vitamin E is also included in the recipe.

The collection is represented by a rich palette of saturated deep shades with satin sheen.

Lipstick lasts up to 4 hours.

Color palette

A variety of tones of the brand allows you to find the right option for any occasion. Let us consider in more detail the gamut of shades with their numbers.

In the popular line of lipsticks "Intense Color" from Art-Visage 40 beautiful colors with a soft satin sheen are presented.

For romantic girls created a delicate pink color scheme. Pink Metallic (08), Amethyst (27), Pink Chameleon (48) and others create makeup full of youthful freshness and spring coolness.

Neutral tones "Body" (01), "Pink Pearl" (04), "Ice Quince" (15), "Chestnut Decor" (20) help create a natural look for every day.

Connoisseurs of red shades can find lipstick for every taste in the collection. These are juicy plum, cherry, raspberry and other shades. You can choose a muted burgundy in color May Cherry (34) or the dynamic tone of Red Expression (45). But the most popular among shades full of passion is the tone 16 "True Red."

Collection "Cashmere" even more diverse. Shades from 301 to 400 shimmer with a pearly sheen. Tones with numbers 401-500 are distinguished by an even more saturated mother of pearl. With number 501, the matte shades beloved by many begin.

Series "Pretty Woman" combines 8 exquisite colors of natural colors. There is also beige and pink nude shades (101, 102), and saturated berry varieties (105, 108).

How to choose your tone

When choosing a shade of lipstick, you should focus on the color type.

To the blondes suitable pink, beige, peach, pale lilac tones. For evening make-up, coral and red shades are ideal.

Dark haired girls go bright lipstick and dark colors. Owners of fair skin are recommended scarlet, plum, cherry shades. Brunettes with dark skin should choose brick red tones and burgundy.

Red hair girls you can advise lipstick coral, muted pink, brown.

How to apply

Art-Visage lipsticks have a fairly dense texture. In most cases, to fully cover one layer of the product is enough. If desired, two layers can be applied, while the coating will remain natural and neat.

If you want to emphasize the shape of the lips, before applying the lipstick, you should circle the contour with a special pencil, matching the color of the lipstick.


Most shoppers are delighted with Art-Visage lipsticks. They note a pleasant soft texture, weightless coating and excellent durability. Lipsticks really soften the lips, when they are used, the need for moisturizing balms disappears.

Satisfied with the girls and a variety of tones, and noble colors of lipsticks. The shades of the moisturizing series 16 "True Red" and 01 "Body" are especially popular. Nude shades from the Cashmere collection are also delighted.

However, there were some complaints. Some girls do not like the aroma of funds, and some consider the consistency of products to be too oily and heterogeneous. According to them, after applying the lipstick rolls down, emphasizes peeling and is felt on the lips with a heavy unpleasant coating.

What is the reason for such a difference of opinion is unknown. In any case, there are many more positive reviews. And the affordable price allows you to choose a tone to your liking and see from your own experience whether the product justifies the manufacturer's promises.

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