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Editor'S Choice - 2020

NYX Liquid Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks have become a real must-have product for creating trendy lip make-up. However, those girls who have encountered similar textures note that matte lipstick dries lips strongly and emphasizes all the imperfections of thin skin, and it is often necessary to update it. NYX Matte Liquid Lipstick breaks stereotypes: it adheres perfectly to the surface of the lips, lasts up to 3 hours and cares for delicate skin thanks to a moisturizing formula.

NYX Professional Make Up Liquid Matte Lipstick is featured in three collections by the American professional cosmetics brand.

"Soft Matte Lip Cream"

The classic liquid lipstick is presented in the format of soft lip cream in 34 shades - from natural or nude to bright. The names of the shades are the most famous megacities of the planet. Among the nude shades of skin color, we note:

  • "Abu Dhabi"
  • "Cairo"
  • "London"
  • "Athens"
  • "Stockholm"

Natural shades of pink:

  • "Buenos Aires"
  • "Istanbul"
  • "Milan"
  • "Zurich"
  • "Tokyo"
  • "Milan"

Classic reds are:

  • "Amsterdam"
  • "Manila"
  • "Morocco".

Brown shades are represented by cities:

  • "Cannes"
  • "Rome"
  • "Berlin"
  • "Dubai"

In the collection of liquid matte lipsticks, there are lilac (violet) shades, burgundy (Marsala color) and even saturated blue.


Among the main features of the liquid matte with a matte finish "Soft Matte Lip Cream" it is worth noting the following:

  • Rich creamy texture the density of which is easily adjusted by the number of layers applied. Makeup artists recommend applying two layers;
  • Comfortable wearing lipstick It is felt due to the fact that the product dries instantly on the lips without a feeling of tightness. It is not felt on the lips due to the lack of a sticky effect and a heavy glossy finish;
  • Matte lipstick has a convenient applicator, with which application of the product becomes easy. Using a brush it is convenient to make the contour of the lips without using a pencil and fill it with pigment, create additional volume or emphasize only the natural shape.

The classic among liquid matte coatings "Soft Matte Lip Cream" is liked by girls and women who managed to discover the ideal formula.

The velvet soft texture is evenly distributed on the lips in a dense, saturated layer. Consumers recommend using two layers, but no less so that the lipstick looks spectacular.

The coating is completely matte and has no hint of gloss, lasts up to 3 hours on the lips and does not have a sticky texture. Reviews about this product are mostly positive, women note the affordable cost of decorative cosmetics and an excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, they are satisfied with a gamut of shades, among which it is easy to find "your" ideal color.

"Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick"

The palette of this series is represented by 24 mostly bright and unusual colors. The liquid lipstick coating of the collection is velvety, matte, without a characteristic shine, but with a rich coating without flaws. Among the shades I would like to mention a novelty - the black color of "Alen", as well as the "old-timers": pink, orange, blue, purple, blue, red and several nude ones - "Tea & Cookies", "Soft-Spoken" and "Life's A Beach" .

This line of professional brand has mixed reviews.

First of all, she is chosen by bright and modern girls, for whom lip makeup is not an empty phrase. The line includes ultra-saturated shades, unlike the classic Soft Matte Lip Cream collection with versatile products.

According to reviews, Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick has a high-quality texture that provides a dense, uniform coating with a wear duration of about 2 hours. Due to the intensity of the shade, it is necessary to follow its update more often, however, the color lasts an amazingly long time.

"Lip Lingerie"

This collection is presented in 24 shades, but in Russia you can find only 12 tones of the liquid matte finish "Lip Lingerie" (translated as "lingerie for your lips") from a well-known professional brand. Absolutely all shades of lipstick are nude, close to the natural shade of a woman's skin. Such a wide variety of colors allows you to choose the perfect shade of liquid lipstick for the color type and skin tone of a woman - from a blonde beauty to a seductive mulatto, from a red-haired beast to a burning brunette.

The classic nude (peach, pink) is presented in shades of "Lace Detail", "Ruffle Trim", "Satin Ribbon", "Push-Up", "Bedtime Flirt", "Corset", "Baby Doll", "Exotic". The colors of the lipstick with brown pigment are as follows: "Teddy", "Beauty Mark" and "Honeymoon". The shade "Embellishment" has a muffled lilac pigment and belongs to a separate category from the palette.

The advantage of the exclusive line is that it represents exceptional nude shades for every day or for a special occasion. The collection has both too light tones and more saturated dark with brown pigment, which allows you to choose a shade for your own skin tone and color. Packing matte lipstick is traditional - a small tube of transparent plastic with a convenient applicator. The novelty is notable for its small volume - only 4 ml versus 8 ml of the classic "Soft Matte Lip Cream" matte coating, however, as the reviews show, it is enough for daily use and not to get too saturated with color.

Read more about this product in the next video.

After the world premiere of lipstick from the collection of nude shades "Lip Lingerie", Russian girls were waiting with triumph for new items in their country.

Only 12 shades presented above reached us, and the same amount remained to be sold only in the western market. The girls appreciated the novelty, but not all colors are suitable for everyday life, they say. The shades of liquid lipstick are very similar to each other, all of them are predominantly bodily, light, which is not for all women. In addition, the girls note that the fashion for bodily lips has long passed, the only thing that is relevant now is the matte texture.

Women note a uniform coating of liquid lipstick "Lip Lingerie", which is convenient to adjust the natural shape of the lips and give them extra volume. Among the shortcomings of the shine, consumers note that it emphasizes minor imperfections like peeling and wrinkles. If you can fight peeling and not let them be on your lips, then there is nothing to be done with natural wrinkles, and liquid light lipstick makes them even more noticeable.

How to apply

The matte finish can emphasize imperfections in the skin of the lips and dry delicate skin due to the high content of powder in the composition. To avoid this trouble and get even coverage, we recommend that you read the tips from top makeup artists:

  • Before applying matte (and any other lipstick) makeup artists recommend making a scrub and remove the skin flakes from the lips. As abrasive particles, choose plain sugar or fine salt, special cosmetic formulations or a toothbrush;
  • Mandatory stage before using matte lipstick - moisturize the lips. Apply a regular moisturizing balm to the lips, wait 3-5 minutes and pat the excess with a dry cloth;
  • To make lip makeup more resistant, use a special primer, or foundation. A professional product will allow the lipstick to last longer and additionally take care of the moisture of the skin, protect it from rolling off the lipstick and provide a rich, even color.

The matte finish lasts on the lips for up to 3 hours, but do not be lazy to update or adjust the lipstick every hour and a half.

Despite the durability, pigments can give gaps after contact with dishes, a kiss and other mechanical influences. On matte lips, any such imperfection is immediately noticeable!

Watch the video: NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Matte Lipsticks Review. Arm & Lip Swatches of ALL 24 SHADES (January 2020).


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