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Glowing Nail Polish

Currently, lovers of fashionable manicure can afford to realize any fantasy. Quite often in nightclubs and at parties you can see the glowing nails of visitors in the dark. It looks very unusual and arouses the interest of others.


When it comes to choosing glowing nail polish, the modern market offers several options:

  • Varnish based on neon. Its light can only be seen under ultraviolet light. In complete darkness, it is poorly noticeable, so it is not particularly popular among lovers of nightclubs. But in the afternoon it looks very bright and spectacular. If desired, you can find only the most catchy colors: light green, orange, yellow. Other shades are difficult to find, since they are not very popular. Fluorescent nail polish has a similar effect.
  • Phosphoric. He first absorbs the light, and then gives. In complete darkness, it shines in light green or blue. It is a tube with a clear or cloudy liquid with the same brush as for ordinary nail polishes. It is very difficult to find it on the market, as manufacturers stopped creating it because of the increased concentration of harmful substances in the composition.
  • Luminescent gel is considered the most popular shimmering varnish. If it will be in the light for several minutes, then it will shine in complete darkness for a sufficiently long time. Compared to other types, luminescent varnish “burns” many times brighter and longer.

How to do it yourself

Using special technology, you can independently make it “burning” from simple varnish, and also make it so that the finished manicure is visible in the dark. Varnishes that are made at home can shine no worse than expensive brands of well-known brands.

To create your own shining gel, you need to purchase a phosphor or phosphor powder, due to which the substance glows in the dark. You will also need a regular gel (color or transparent) and a palette in order to mix everything.

In order to get a luminous substance, you need to mix the existing varnish with the phosphor in a ratio of 1: 4. For this, any smooth surface is suitable.

To make the manicure shine longer, you need to apply the material in several layers. In addition, if you want the light from the marigolds to please its effect all night, you can increase the amount of phosphor. For reusable use, you can mix a large volume of ingredients and store the finished product in a bottle. Luminous powder can be combined with materials such as shellac, gel polish, acrylic and gel for nail extensions.

When interacting with these materials, the phosphor is harmless to the skin and nails.

Create a club look

If you are going to a night party, then you must consider absolutely all the nuances of your image. You should carefully consider the choice of outfit, especially if your nails are covered with a luminous varnish.

  • A combination of a snow-white top or dress in combination with a luminous gel will look very impressive. On a white background, it will seem even brighter.
  • Just a mystical and incredible image is created when some parts in the wardrobe contain luminous elements, coupled with nail polish. For example, a blouse with a shining pattern in itself attracts attention in complete darkness, so also sparkling nails that complement the image - this style is to the liking of any club party girl.
  • Recently, it has become increasingly popular to paint nails through one finger - this effect in the dark makes a double impression: unusual and confusing, or coloring all nails in different colors for an even more festive mood.
  • Very often, fashionistas combine a luminous gel for nails and an accessory to match him, for example, a bracelet, brooch or earrings. It is enough to cover the desired object with a substance containing a light element, and the composition is ready. You just need to remember to let it "recharge" in the light before going to a dark place.

Interesting design

In order for the luminous varnish to look even more spectacular, it is worth paying attention to the most popular designs and drawings using it.

  • Screen design using a luminous gel for nails may have a double effect. During the day, it may look like a regular jacket, and at night it will glow with a bright shine.
  • Lunar design looks very interesting if luminous substance is applied to the length of the nail and the nail hole is left untouched. Then in the dark, the nails will take the form of an arc.
  • Favorite design - strip - looks very impressive if applied with multi-colored shiny gels. It can be a straight or with a different interval grid or just randomly intersecting lines. All this will look even brighter in dark light.
  • It is extremely difficult to draw with a shining gel in daylight, since it is almost transparent. But if you try to use this gel in artistic design, you can afford any fantasy that no one will see in daylight, but in complete darkness it will shine.
  • Stamping design can also be used with luminous gel for nails. To do this, first apply a regular varnish to the mini-stamp with the selected pattern, and then glow, let the nails dry, “nourish” it with daylight and you can safely go to a night club.

A color scheme

Glowing gels do not have smooth transitions from one color to another, so you should carefully consider the selection of colors in a manicure. Even if the clothes are combined with one of the shades in the manicure, it is far from the fact that in the dark the nails will look beautiful. Therefore, it is worth recalling the most successful color schemes:

  • Red: purple, orange, yellow;
  • Blue: lime, lime, turquoise;
  • Green: aquamarine.

For fans of the original design, consider the "game of contrasts":

  • Red Green;
  • Blue: yellow, lime;
  • Green: pink, orange.

Despite the fact that the luminous varnishes are all very bright and artsy, you can create a fairly delicate image if you choose the right colors.

For example, purple and silver together give a calm combination. And for extravagant fashionistas who want to make a splash on the dance floor, combinations of antipodes, such as red - green, yellow - lilac, lime - pink, will be interesting.


In today's market you can find quite a popular series of luminous gel for nails made of various materials and at varying prices.

One of the most popular companies today is Dance Legend famous for a large assortment of products for manicure, which was appreciated by many lovers of nightlife. Neon varnishes of this brand stay on nails for more than one day, without losing their main property - glow in the dark. The price per tube is quite high - this is due to the high-quality composition of the varnish, which does not damage the nails.

Also a famous brand of luminous varnishes - Neil art, gained its popularity due to the release of a wide palette of shades of luminous varnish. In addition to solid colors, you can also find bright shades with silver or gold splashes.

Mark Jerden It is famous for its varnishes, which include phosphorus. Due to this composition, the price differs significantly from the more expensive manufacturers of luminous gels. In order for the nails to glow, this varnish needs to be held in very bright light.

In this video you can get acquainted with how to make a glowing nail polish at home:

Watch the video: DIY Glow In The Dark Nail Polish! (December 2019).


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