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Gel Polish Indi

Every woman dreams of having well-groomed nails with a beautiful manicure that will last as long as possible. Unfortunately, due to frequent contact with water while washing dishes, bathing, cooking and other things, nail polish peels off or simply completely peels off. We have to apply everything anew, which takes extra time and effort.

To make it easier for women to take care of their nails, many cosmetic companies producing manicure products began to produce innovative products called gel polish.

It means a more resistant coating that lasts on the nail plate for up to three weeks. It is very convenient, and most importantly, economical.

One of the manufacturers of gel polish has become the Russian company RuNail. One of the affiliated brands of the company is Indi. The palette of this line includes six series and about 50 shades.

Features and Benefits

The Indi brand is very popular both among professional masters and among amateurs who independently make shellac manicures at home. One of the main advantages of these funds is their affordable cost, which the manufacturer makes 165 rubles per bottle of 9 ml.

Indi gel polishes have a fairly dense consistency, respectively, when applying just the color layer, one coating is enough. The product is easy to apply, lays evenly and accurately, glistens beautifully even after removing the sticky layer. All products have the ability to self-level, getting on the nail plate, and this provides even greater convenience. The coating retains its original appearance for a long time, does not lose its luster and does not chip. The brand provides its customers with a very wide palette of colors having saturation and brilliance.

Gels of this brand last up to three weeks, as the manufacturer promises. Therefore, we can rightly assume that one bottle is enough for a long period, and this guarantees economical consumption. A great advantage of varnishes is the fact that they are quickly and easily removed using special means for removing gel coatings.

A great advantage of these products is their very convenient packaging.

Outwardly, at first glance, they are similar to all the others - an opaque white bottle with a spinning black lid, but this is what the highlight is all about. At the top of the cap, a small area has transparent plastic, where a small varnish probe with a real liquid color is enclosed, which will help you make a choice and make an impression of the color you are acquiring.

Indi varnishes have a very convenient brush with a pile of medium density, which is convenient to distribute the product over the entire area of ​​the nail plate. The consistency of the products is ideal for easy and even application, it is not too thin and not thick, which makes it even better distributed over the nail.

The Indi "laque" palette is very rich and diverse: it contains six thematic lines and fifty beautiful and fashionable colors that will not leave anyone indifferent.


The color range of products is distributed across six lines, each of which has its own name and a certain category of shades. The first four series contain classic tones, the fifth has pearlescent shades, and the sixth is the brightest and youthful, as it consists of gel polishes with shimmering sparkles. Consider each collection individually.

  1. The first series is called "I want a vanilla cocktail." Based on the name, it can be assumed which particular shades will be presented. Soft pink, beige, peach and purple tones will not leave indifferent romantic persons who like to look cute and feminine. Such shades are suitable for both young girls and adult women with a soft character and gentle nature. They will look great both during the day and in the evening.
  2. Second line "Laque" It presents to customers bright and catchy shades that taste the burning beauties who want to always stay in trend and at the peak of fashion trends. The line is called "Fashionable to be bright." It consists of red, scarlet, yellow and orange colors, as well as fuchsia, beloved by many fashionistas.
  3. The third series, "Surrender to the Blueberry Temptation" speaks for itself, it presents delicious shades of purple, lavender gel varnishes with a berry undertone. If you are a lover of summer fruits, then you will definitely like the products from this collection.
  4. "On the shore of a forest lake" is the name of the fourth classic line of Indi gel polishes. Here you can find beautiful natural shades that will not leave indifferent any representative of the fair sex. Green, mint, blue, blue, turquoise, sky colors delight all fans of the brand. There are also black, gray and brown tones, without which not a single forest can do.
  5. An incredibly delicate and romantic line with a glossy pearl finish is called the “Light touch of satin”. Feminine coral, pearl and mint shades are perfect for lovely girls who love not only tenderness, but also attractiveness.
  6. The sixth and final series is "I love parties." Actually, the name already makes it clear that we will talk about vibrant youth colors intended more for visiting clubs, parties and other nightly events. Bright and saturated colors are complemented by a large number of sparkles. Funds shimmer beautifully like a shiny disco ball. They perfectly complement any evening look, and in the afternoon they will delight their owner and give her a bright and extraordinary personality.

Additional and indispensable products for creating the perfect shellac are primer, basecoat and finish top.

How to use?

Before you start using gel polish, you should wash your hands thoroughly and preferably wipe them with an antibacterial gel. Then, if necessary, do a manicure, giving the nails the desired shape and length, and removing the cuticle with tweezers or moving it with an orange stick. Using a buff, the surface of the nail plate is gently polished to remove a smooth shiny layer. After that, the dust is removed with a brush and the nails are degreased using a special degreaser - Bond or ordinary alcohol. Then, an acid-free primer is applied to the nails, it serves to link the nail and the material. Since Indi gel polishes are three-phase, accordingly, during the procedure you will need three products: the base for gel polish, the colored gel polish itself and the top for gel polish.

After the primer, a base coat is applied to the nail with a thin layer and dried in an ultraviolet lamp for about two minutes.

Next, the nail plate is treated with the first layer of colored gel, and after two minutes of drying in the lamp the second, so that the color looks brighter, more saturated and more attractive. After drying the colored varnish, we proceed to the final stage, namely the application of the topcoat, which fixes the three previous layers. It is also dried in an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes.

After all the necessary steps are completed, the nails are dried, on top there is an adhesive layer that needs to be removed. For this procedure, you need a cotton pad and nail polish remover with acetone or a special sticky layer remover. Vatu abundantly moistened with them and gently wipe the nails one by one. The last step in the process of creating a shellac coating is to moisturize the cuticle with the help of special oils. It is enough to apply a drop of oil to each finger and massage it into the cuticle with massage movements to moisturize and restore.

Creating a nail design with varnishes Indi - in the next video.


Reviews about the Laque gel polish line and about the whole Indi company as a whole are very positive. Girls are happy to be able to purchase quality goods at affordable prices. Varnishes are incredibly stable and stick to nails without chips, loss of gloss and scratches up to three weeks, which contributes to a more economical consumption. The durability of the varnish is also a big plus, because it’s enough to spend about half an hour creating an ideal coating and then you can walk with a calm soul for more than two weeks and not worry about the attractiveness of nails.

The convenience of the bottle is also noted, by the lid of which it is easy to determine the internal color and navigate when buying.

A convenient brush, a consistency of perfect density and easy even application with the function of self-leveling on the surface of the nail are also among the important advantages.

And, of course, the girls really like the wide range, including a huge variety of colors. And thanks to the low price, you can afford to purchase several shades you like from different collections at once. Many begin to get involved in nail art and create real works of art on nails that will long delight the hostess's eye and arouse the interested looks of others.

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