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Eye gel

Eye gel - A cosmetic product of light consistency, containing a maximum of nutrients for eyelid care. Thanks to this composition, the skin around the eyes is able to maintain youth and freshness for many years.

Difference from cream

Both products, cream and gel, give the desired effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. There are several differences between them. Increased nutritional value is important for the cream, as it is enriched with vitamins and fatty acids.. The main function of the composition is to supply the skin with everything necessary for rejuvenation, restoring skin elasticity. Creams do not leave sticky marks, they have a light texture. Creams are intended mainly for night care.

Gels are needed for those women over thirty years of age, whose skin on the eyelids is not swollen and dry, it needs increased hydration. The gel product has a delicate texture, is quickly absorbed, leaving a feeling of comfort. Apply it both at night and in the daytime before applying makeup. For older women, a complex combination of two types is necessary, since the skin around the eyes needs treatment and recovery.

Beneficial features

Unlike other parts of the face, the skin of the eyelids does not have protective properties. She is the most tender and delicate. Mimic processes are reflected primarily on the skin around the eyes, actively participating in them, causing stretching and sagging.

For proper care, experts have developed a composition of gels with a high content of nutrients. The composition of a quality gel for the skin around the eyes includes:

  1. Vitamins A, E and ascorbic acid. They protect the skin in the cold season from external influences, tighten and improve cleansing from dead cells.
  2. Amino acids and retinol. These beneficial substances are necessary to accelerate collagen synthesis in case of premature skin aging.
  3. Caffeine. It has the ability to remove swelling and swelling, tone and improve blood circulation in the tissues. Gels with this component are especially appreciated and considered effective.
  4. Linoleic and linolenic acid. They create protection and prevent the rapid removal of moisture, providing your skin with intensive hydration.
  5. Rosehip Bean Extractsas well as other plants and algae. Provide nutrition to aging skin of the eyelids, further softening and smoothing it.

Features of the composition depending on age

Eye care begins after 25 years. For the first age group, cosmetics marked “Anti-age”, these are ladies after thirty-five to forty years. The second group of women, over 45, uses cosmetic products with the designation “tretinoin” on the package. These are universal creams and gels, which are designed specifically for middle-aged and older women. They not only moisturize, but also create a protective film, necessary for aging skin, which tends to thin out over time.

In order to navigate a huge selection of tools, you may need the advice of an experienced specialist. High-quality gels and serums for young women allow you to fight the first wrinkles, stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the skin, increasing its elasticity. These products are characterized by a high content of nutrients and hyaluronic acid, extracts from natural ingredients, essential oils, carrot oil, extracts from hawthorn, juniper and aloe, pink water.

In cosmetics for women over 45, a strengthened moisturizing component predominates, as the skin becomes too dry. She needs deep regeneration and intense nutrition. The composition of the gels includes haloxyl to improve the structure of the walls of blood vessels, vitamins K and E, as well as Q10. The multicomponent composition of collagen fibers and antioxidants, retinol complement.


Eye gels are divided according to their main purpose. Specially developed formula helps get rid of:

  1. Dark circles. You should look closely at the color of bruises under the eyes. If they are brownish, this indicates a violation of pigmentation. A gel containing caffeine and bleaching components such as hydroquinone will help eliminate the deficiency. Vitamin C will speed up collagen synthesis. Purple or bluish circles occur in women with weakened capillaries. To strengthen the walls of small vessels, vitamins A and K are introduced into the composition of the product, they increase elasticity with the help of ceramides.
  2. Sacks. Against them, cooling gels are produced that have a strong lifting effect - dioptigel and lyoton, which are used regularly for a month. The effect of applying kurosin-gel is slower, but it is very persistent.
  3. Wrinkles and excessive dryness of the skin. This powerful eye contour restores and helps maintain moisture. Quality products should not contain petroleum jelly and parabens that close pores and interfere with tissue respiration and oxygen enrichment.

How to apply

The gel designed for the skin around the eyes is applied to the eyelids with light patting movements. Do not rub the product into the skin, as you can stretch a thin dermis in this area of ​​the face. For effective application, take a small, pea-sized portion on your fourth or fifth finger. Then evenly distribute the gel throughout the eye cavity, spotting the smears on the upper and lower eyelids. Moreover, part of the mobile eyelid is not affected by eye care, since exposure to it causes tears.

The upper eyelid is smeared with roller gel from the nose to the temples, the lower one in the opposite direction, to the inner corner of the eye.

In a circular motion, pat on the lower and upper eyelids, completing the procedure with a cosmetic massage. To do this, three fingers of the palm - the second, third and fourth - are placed along the edge of the lower eyelid, carefully massaging the eye socket along the edge. The same thing is done in the eyeball.

Massage not only allows the gel to be better absorbed into the skin, but also normalizes metabolic processes.

To achieve maximum effect, the gel is used in the morning and evening. Beauticians call the optimal time for the regeneration of the epidermis - it's eight in the evening, or about two hours before bedtime.

Morning procedures are performed fifteen or twenty minutes before applying makeup on the face.

Review of the best brands

Among the many brands and brands there are those that have gained popularity due to their high quality.

  • Mary Kay For young women from 25 years. 130% increase skin moisture due to the action of plant extracts. Calm and cool, relieve fatigue and swelling.
  • "Black Pearl". The program is from 36 years old. Serum contains liquid collagen and hyaluronic acid, regenerates and moisturizes. It has an excellent supporting effect. Moisturizing Gel Contour Mirra, "Black Pearl" from 36 years old - is a light nourishing agent with a pronounced lifting effect.
  • "Multifactor eyelid regenerator". Issued IP Kirov G.A. This is a cosmetic product based on natural oils and extracts from alpine roses. It activates the stem cells of the dermis, nourishes and returns youth and radiance to the eyelids.
  • Kora. Tones up and provides basic care. Shea butter and argan oil extract helps to overcome puffiness and smooth small wrinkles around the eyes. Cream light texture, economical.
  • Oriflame Aloe Vera. Thanks to the active component - aloe extract - cream-gel tones, refreshes and moisturizes, relieves fatigue from the eyelids. Makes tired and dull skin healthy and revitalizes it.
  • "Natura Siberica", multicomponent composition. It contains Kuril tea, extracts of the Siberian watershed, mountain ash and evening gingerbread, chamomile, lemon balm and ginseng, vitamin E. It is designed to combat dark circles under the eyes and insufficient hydration of the eyelids.
  • Yest. An alternative to expensive creams, an easy remedy to help get rid of swelling and prevent the spread of small wrinkles. For applying a sufficiently small amount, the composition contains nutrients and vegetable oils, yarrow extract and green tea.
  • Planeta Organica, cooling gel contour fights wrinkles and fatigue of the eyelids, contains extracts of mallow and northern linnaea. Creates a protective film around the eyes thanks to the active effects of flower resin, relieves irritation and soothes.
  • Algologie, anti-aging agent for women over 40 years old. Contains noni fruit extracts, shea butter, sunflower and almond oil, lactic acid, vitamins E and C. Rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles, quickly saturates the epidermis and dermis with moisture.
  • Hydrating Gel Kosmoteros, consists of special components that can hold moisture at the intracellular level. Thanks to the extracts of oats, mallow and iris, it strengthens and regenerates the thin skin around the eyes, smoothes and normalizes blood circulation.
  • Faberlic "ETNObotanica 30+". It allows you to create antibacterial protection for the delicate skin of the eyelids, moisturizes and tones. It contains flowers, shea butter and goji berry extract that nourish and smooth the skin.


In the unanimous opinion of customers, the highest ratings can be put on such gels for the eyes "Black Pearl" and Planeta Organica. Gels showed excellent results after application for one month. Applying them regularly, women felt that the skin gained elasticity and began to look fresher. Other means for the older age also earned positive ratings. The customers especially liked the ultra-light gel with shea butter, saturated with vitamins. Such products noticeably smooth wrinkles and are able to retain moisture around the eyes.

More modest reviews of gels to combat dark circles under the eyes and swelling.

These tools help more slowly, they need to be selected individually. But the anti-aging and tonic effect is noticeable.

This video provides feedback on the gel for the eyes "Aqua Smart" by Faberlic.

Watch the video: PRODUCTS FOR DARK CIRCLES & DRY UNDER EYES. DR DRAY (January 2020).


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