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Why does gel polish crack?

The manicurist assures that the gel polish lasts on the nails for more than two weeks. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Such a manicure can crack or peel for a variety of reasons. To prevent this, you need to know why cracks can appear on such a coating.

Coating features

Gel polish is a fairly persistent kind of nail polish. This product can not be removed from the surface of the nail using ordinary nail polish remover, in addition, it is very resistant to external factors. This varnish is able to remain on the nail plate without damage for about two weeks. The main feature of manicure gel is that after applying it, it is necessary to bring it to absolute and final drying on the nails with the help of a specialized ultraviolet lamp. It is such drying, as well as the persistent and specific structure of gel polish, that is the reason for the durability of this coating.

You will learn more about the causes of cracks on gel polish from the next video.

A gel manicure is also distinguished by the fact that it is very reliable, and at the same time it is much less harmful compared to the nail extension procedure.

Such a tool can be applied to the nail plates for absolutely all women, since there are no contraindications to its use. High-quality gel polish, applied by the correct technology, will adhere well to the nails and will not cause cracks on it. Beauticians and manicure specialists reduce all the causes of cracks on such a coating to improper gel polish of the nails or to the presence of subsequent mechanical damage to the nails with such a manicure.

Application Errors

Cracks on such a coating can appear in the first days after a manicure has been done if the master violates the basic rules for using this cosmetic product. So, if during this cosmetic procedure the nail cuticle is only partially removed or the nail itself is poorly sanded and polished, this can become the main cause of cracks afterwards. Sanding the nail plate is a mandatory procedure that is performed using special tools. Moreover, it is not necessary to carry out deep grinding, you can superficially polish the nail plate, but it is better to pay attention to the lower edge of the nail, adjacent to the cuticle. As for the cuticle, it must be removed before the manicure with gel polish, and in addition to it, it is also necessary to get rid of a thin layer of skin along the nail called earrings, it can interfere with the full fit of the gel polish to the surface of the nail plate, which can lead to cracking or delamination of the gel coating.

In addition, cosmetologists do not recommend applying cream to hands for women who are going to visit a salon for applying manicure, because if this product gets on the nail plate before applying gel polish, it may lie uneven and then crack. Because of the cream, gel polish can exfoliate at the tips and therefore it will not be able to stay on the surface of the nail plate for a long time. In addition, cosmetologists do not recommend coating wet nails, so they need to be dried and wiped dry before applying gel polish.

Another mistake of cosmetologists, which can lead to cracking of this coating, is the insufficient drying of gel polish, as well as the use of low-quality degreasing agents or the absence of this procedure at all. A well-fat-free surface of the nail provides the necessary level of adhesion of the nail plate with gel polish. In the absence of specialized degreasing agents, you can use acetone-based nail polish remover, otherwise your manicure will be doomed, the gel polish can then crack very quickly. Degrease the nail plate with a cotton pad or a special cosmetic wipe, and you need to wipe the nail with a good quality.

Before starting the gel nail coating procedure, you and your master must make sure that various small particles do not get on the nail plates before the manicure, as this can also cause cracks in the coating.

In addition, you must make sure that the top gel polish and other manicure products that your master uses are high-quality and tested, since it is low-quality gel coatings that are most likely to delaminate and crack.

Another reason why the gel coating may crack is an error in its application, namely, coating the nail plate with a very thick layer of gel polish. But at the same time, a very thin layer can also lead to cracking of the coating. That is why it is necessary to apply the base and gel polish in a normal amount and not to allow their overabundance or deficiency on the nail plate.

Some women try to make a manicure using gel polish on their own at home, but at the same time they sometimes do not apply the specified coating uniformly or in the wrong amounts.

When the gel plate is excessively coated with gel, it accumulates along the edges of the nail and does not dry well, it also coarsens and the first cracks already appear during its drying. This is due to the fact that during drying each layer decreases in size and thus tightens previously applied layers. In this regard, it is necessary to repeat the procedure for applying thin coatings several times, this will lead to a quality coating of the nails in structure and color.

In addition, all layers must be thoroughly dried before applying the subsequent layer. During the manicure, it is also necessary to make sure that the workplace is clean and there are no unnecessary things on it, because if the table is not cleaned or dirty, specks can get on the nail plate or on one of the layers, due to which the adhesion of the nail to the gel will deteriorate and the coating will no longer be so reliable and durable.

External factors

Even if all of the above rules and recommendations regarding the correct application of gel polish were followed and the top-most coating was used, it can quickly crack under the influence of external factors or for other reasons. Gel polish manicures most often crack in women who have very thin and weak nails. That is why, before doing manicure with gel polish, it is necessary to treat the nails with the help of special restorative and firming agents. Brittle nails are not able to withstand such a coating for a long time.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to treat nails, you can try to apply another firming layer before applying gel polish.

In addition, cosmetologists indicate that if you take antibiotics, this can also affect your manicure, no matter how strange it may be. These funds can be removed through the pores of the skin, which is why their reception can adversely affect your manicure. If your body does not tolerate any element of this cosmetic product, it can also cause cracks on such a coating.

Experts recommend performing all household chores with special gloves in case you are doing manicure with gel polish. All detergents can adversely affect the appearance of your coating, resulting in a cracked manicure. In addition, it is necessary to minimize the amount of physical activity that can have a mechanical effect on the nail plate. It is necessary to try to handle your nails as carefully as possible, as well as with heavy objects that can break off the tip of the nail, since such a fracture can affect the coating and turn into painful sensations for you. In this case, the nail may not even break, but only bend, but this will necessarily lead to cracking of the gel.

Under the influence of all these factors, gel polish begins to flake and cracks appear on the coating. That is why, in order to avoid the appearance of such cracks, it is necessary to correctly apply gel polish on the nail plate, using only high-quality cosmetic products from trusted brands, and also try to avoid mechanical influences on the manicure from the outside.

Many pregnant women face cracks in the gel coating.

Beauticians do not recommend carrying out this procedure in the first few and last months of pregnancy, since cardinal changes in the hormonal background of a pregnant woman occur and the duration of the coating is compromised. Many cosmetologists do not recommend doing manicure with this varnish for some time after the end of pregnancy, since during this period the hormonal background is also not yet completely restored. During pregnancy, nails can become weaker and, or, conversely, grow back at a tremendous speed. All this can lead to delamination and cracking of the coating.

Some experts also indicate that gel polish may crack due to the fact that the manicure itself, or rather, all the care and preparation procedures were carried out immediately before applying the coating. They recommend starting to care for the nails and preparing them for applying the gel coating the day before the immediate procedure.

How to avoid

The first rule that must be observed in order to prevent cracking of the gel polish is that it is strictly forbidden to influence the coating on the first day in any way, since the gel polish is completely dried no sooner than twelve hours later. In addition, many experts indicate that permanent damage to the nails leads to rapid damage to the coating over time. The upper part of natural nails is thinning and therefore, after applying this coating for several months in a row, gel polish begins to crack instantly for no other reason.

In order to prevent cracking, you need to take a break at least a month after the previous five procedures for applying this coating.

Gel coating, applied for a long time without a break, blocks the access of oxygen to the nail plate, as a result of which the necessary nutrients are not supplied, which leads to a slowdown in the growth of the nails and the deterioration of their structure and quality in general.

In order to prevent the appearance of cracks on the gel polish coating, first of all, you need to give preference only to good and high-quality products, and you also need to choose the right master who knows a lot about his business. An incorrectly applied coating procedure, as well as applying a low-quality product in any case, will lead to the fact that your manicure will be damaged, because cracks will appear on it. In addition, in order to avoid deterioration in the quality of nails and, as a result, deterioration of the made manicure with such varnish, it is necessary, after at least a month of using such a remedy, to carry out several therapeutic and recovery procedures to prevent adverse effects.

Watch the video: Why Gel Cracks, Peels & Separates (January 2020).


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