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Gel polish manicure

Beautiful, bright, and most importantly, persistent manicure is what many women dream of. But often the coating peels off the nails within two or three days. But that was before. Now everyone has the opportunity to perform manicure with gel polish, which will create a bright, beautiful and very persistent nail art of nails to your taste.

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Coating features

Gel nail polish manicure is becoming more and more popular every day. It allows you to make a beautiful, persistent manicure even on your own at home. In addition, unlike nail extension or acrylic coating, gel polish is safer for the structure of the nails. A variety of shades, the ability to apply a picture or rhinestone on top of this coating make it possible to create a manicure for every taste and occasion.

The main feature of gel polish is its durability and the absence of such a defect as cracking on the surface of the nail. Therefore, you can not be afraid for the safety of your manicure and feel free to do such household chores as washing, washing dishes and wet cleaning.

10 photos

Being the opposite of standard varnishes and acrylic coating, this tool not only does not injure the nails, but also contributes to their strengthening and growth. Therefore, this type of nail art is ideal for women with thin and brittle nails.

Also, such a coating will be the best choice for those who love a bright and beautiful manicure, but cannot or do not want to do it every day on their own. The unique formula of this product allows him to preserve the brightness of the paints, their luster and safety on the nails for more than 14 days. Therefore, this nail design is perfect for those who go on vacation or on a long business trip.

But perhaps the most important feature of gel polish is the need to use specific equipment in its application.

The process of coating them with nails is not complicated, but may become completely impossible due to the lack of necessary tools. Therefore, before proceeding directly to the manicure, you should acquire all the necessary attributes in advance.

Tips for Beginners

Those who decide to try on their own to do manicure with gel polish, need to stock up with the necessary equipment, and especially with regard to special ultraviolet lamps. On sale there are two varieties of such a lamp - UV and LED. For beginners, it is best to give preference to the first option, since it has a lower cost and is easier to operate.

You will also need special files of various sizes and a special file for grinding the nail plate - buff. In addition to the gel polish itself in various shades, you will also need a special base and fixative. Particular attention must be paid to ensure that these two products are designed specifically for gel coatings, those that are used for nail extensions are not suitable. After using them, the gel polish begins to crack in a few hours. In extreme cases, you can cover the gel with a regular colorless varnish, but in this case you should not count on the long-term durability of the manicure.

And you will also need accessories such as special lint-free cotton pads or napkins, degreasers, orange tree sticks and emollient cream or cuticle oil. But it’s not enough to get all the necessary tools, you need to learn how to use them correctly.

First of all, you need to undergo special training. It is the preparation for further work that plays an important role. Not only its appearance and durability, but also the opinion of you as a specialist depends on how well the manicure will be performed.

This can be done both at specialized courses and by asking a good specialist to show you a master class. Better yet, take private lessons periodically, so you can avoid many problems at work and, if necessary, immediately get competent help. The gel polish instruction manual itself is very simple, all the steps are accessible, understandable and detailed in detail, but it’s better to see it once than to read or hear it several times.

An important role in the work is played by the neatness of both the master himself and his work area. Therefore, it is very important that your desktop is always in perfect order. The first impression is the most important, even if you plan to do manicure only for yourself and your friends.

A simple gel polish of one color quickly bothers. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly improve your professionalism. The easiest way is to purchase special stickers, rhinestones and stencils to create patterns and patterns.

Experienced manicurists strongly recommend that all beginners, even those who plan to make gel polish exclusively for themselves, create a portfolio of their work. This will allow you to visually see the progress of their activities or to discern some errors.

In addition, in the future this will provide the client with a visual choice of a possible nail design.

How to apply at home

But you can learn how to qualitatively, beautifully, correctly and accurately cover your nails with gel polish only by practicing regularly. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand in detail how to properly paint nails with gel polish at home independently.

Do it yourself with your own hands, without leaving the walls of the house, in two ways. They differ in the materials used and the type of lamp. In the first case, to perform a manicure you will need a file, buff, base and top coat, UV llama, gel polish of the desired shade, degreaser and disinfectant. In the second case, similar tools are used, but a primer is also added to them, and the UV lamp is replaced by an LED lamp.

The instruction of the first method contains the following steps:

  1. Sawing the edge of the nail to give it the necessary even shape and removing the keratin layer from its surface using a regular file and buff file. It is necessary to use the buff with caution, it is enough to make only a few movements with this tool to remove the shine from the surface of the marigolds. This is necessary for better bonding of the coating with the nail.
  2. Then you need to cut the cuticle, using special tweezers.
  3. Degreasing the nail bed is a mandatory step in manicure with gel polish.
  4. After that, the surface of the nail bed is covered with a special helium base. It is best to apply it on each finger and dry it in a lamp. In UV, the drying time is two minutes.
  5. After that, the selected shade of gel polish is applied in a thin layer on dried nails. Pay special attention that the first layer should be translucent. We also recommend applying on each finger in turn, and each next should be painted after the previous one has dried.
  6. We apply the second layer of gel polish, which should be much thicker than the first. We also dry the fingertips in the UV lamp.
  7. In conclusion, a top coating is necessarily applied to all nails, which should also cover the end of the nails. It should also dry completely under ultraviolet rays. After time, the sticky layer from the nail is removed with a disinfectant.

If we talk about the second method of performing manicure at home, the sequence of actions is similar to the above method. The difference is two things:

  • After degreasing the nail bed, a primer is first applied to it, which is dried in a lamp, and only after that the base is applied under gel polish. Further manicure techniques are also performed step by step, as in the first method.
  • Unlike an ultraviolet lamp, the LED lamp allows you to dry the coating not in two minutes, but in just 15-20 seconds, which can significantly reduce the time of the procedure.

Although in the first embodiment, the LED lamp can also be used. It all depends on material capabilities and personal preferences. The technology for performing manicure with gel polish does not imply the mandatory use of a primer. But experienced masters say that it is this tool that allows you to extend the life of manicure and has a positive effect on nails.

Performing a manicure in stages, you can add some of your changes. So, for example, before applying a top coat, you can decorate your nails with colored threads, rhinestones or any pattern. It should be remembered that additional decorations can be applied only after the gel polish has dried in the lamp.

After decorating the nails, they must be especially carefully coated with a fixative to fix the elements on the nails and dry in the lamp for about three minutes or 30 seconds, it all depends on its type.

When doing manicure with gel polish, you need to pay special attention to the accuracy of applying all types of coatings on nails. It is worthwhile to carefully ensure that the gel polish or fixer does not get on the skin rollers around the nails and the cuticle. Firstly, they can provoke the appearance of irritation or an allergic reaction, and secondly, such a manicure will look untidy and careless.

How to make a manicure gel polish at home, see the video below.

But to do nail art using this tool is only half the battle. Sooner or later it will be necessary to remove it from the nail plate.

Withdrawal rules

This type of nail coating cannot be removed in the same way as regular nail polish. Some masters remove it from the nails with a file, that is, cut it off, like an acrylic coating or extended nails. But this is absolutely wrong. Firstly, it is a waste of time, and secondly, such a procedure can significantly damage the nails.

To remove gel polish from the surface of the nails, you can use a special cleansing solution, which can be purchased immediately complete with gel. And you can use a regular nail polish remover, but provided that it contains acetone in its composition.

In addition to the liquid itself, you will also need cotton disks or balls, orange wood sticks, as well as ordinary kitchen foil.

Disks are abundantly wetted in the selected solution and tightly applied to the fingertips, and wrapped with foil on top. In this position, the hands are on average 20 minutes. If a special tool was used, then its exposure to gel polish is 15 minutes. If a regular nail polish remover was used, then it must be left on the nails for half an hour.

Then the fleece foil is removed from the fingertips. The nail coating, located under them, should swell strongly and rise above the surface of the nail itself. Using an orange stick, gently lift it to the end and move it to the edge of the nail, then completely remove it. Under the influence of a liquid, the varnish turns into a thin film, which is easily and simply removed from the surface of the nail without injuring it.

Of course, it should be understood that the longer this product was on the surface of the nails, the more difficult it will be to remove, and the procedure can take much longer. Therefore, the optimal time interval between the application of this coating and its removal is considered to be 14 days.

After removing the gel polish, it is necessary to give the nails a rest for at least a couple of days. It is best to make special herbal baths or baths with sea salt, this will help them recover faster after the procedure.

Master classes

Using gel polish, you can create a manicure in any style and color. And in order not to have to rack your brains and look for the most suitable options, we have prepared for you 3 master classes in nail design with gel polish. Among them, you can definitely choose for yourself the most suitable option.

The first master class will help you create the most elegant and popular French manicure of all time. You can choose not only the classic colors for this design, but also any others to your taste.

  1. Prepare a lamp, buff, nail file, primer, primer, base, gel polish in two selected colors, fixative, disinfector, cotton pads and special strips for French manicure.
  2. We file the edges of the nails and process their surface with a buff.
  3. Apply the primer in one layer and send the nails to the lamp for 2 minutes or 10 seconds, it all depends on its type.
  4. We cover the entire surface of the nails, including the end face, with a base for gel polish, and apply a primer on the tips of the nails with a thin layer. We send the nails in turn to the lamp for a similar period of time.
  5. We apply a gel basecoat in two layers on the entire length of the nails. Do not forget that the second layer can be applied only after the first has dried.
  6. Glue special strips to the nails, which limit the color zone to the second shade. We paint the tips of the nails with a second, darker color, again in two layers, sending each time the hands in the lamp.
  7. In conclusion, cover all nails with a fixative, dry them in a lamp and remove the sticky layer with a disinfector.

Your French manicure, done with your own hands at home and in your favorite colors, is ready.

3 ways to apply French manicure gel varnish, see the video below.

Lovers of rhinestones and sequins should definitely like a quilted manicure. And how to do it yourself, the following master class will tell you:

  • Prepare rhinestones, special super-glue, light shade gel polish, degreaser, base, fixative, lamp, manicure thread, nail file and buff.
  • Prepare your nails for coating using the same tools.as in the previous master class.
  • Apply a layer of base on the nails and send into the lamp for 30 seconds or one minute.
  • Remove the sticky layer and spread the manicure thread on the entire surface of the nails in the desired order.
  • Apply two coats of the selected gel polish on the entire surface of the nail. Drying each of them for two minutes or 30 seconds in a lamp.
  • We remove the threads from the nail and apply small drops of glue to its surface where it is planned to apply rhinestones.
  • We put the decorations on super-glue, gently pressing them.
  • In conclusion, apply the fixative and send the nails to dry for another two minutes.

Beautiful iridescent quilted manicure is ready. You can apply glitter not on every nail, but only on a few. The same applies to applying the pattern with threads.

How to make a quilted manicure gel varnish, see the video below.

Very popular is the so-called partial manicure. It consists in the fact that 3-4 nails on the hand are stained with gel polish of the same color, and the remaining ones are decorated at will - you can use stickers, you can create any pattern or borrow elements of a quilted manicure. Making this nail art is very easy.

  1. Prepare a lamp, nail file, buff, degreaser, fixative, base, primer, gel polish, stickers with patterns, a disinfector.
  2. Prepare the nails for the procedure, as in the two previous cases.
  3. After degreasing the nails, apply a primer on them and send to the lamp for 2 minutes. When performing this manicure, each layer of the product should dry for two minutes or 30 seconds in a lamp.
  4. We apply the base under gel polish on all nails and dry.
  5. Next, apply gel polish to all nails, except the ring finger on one hand, as well as the little finger and middle finger on the other hand. Dry in a lamp.
  6. We glue prepared stickers to not made up nails. They can be color, black and white, with the image of flowers and so on. It all depends on your taste. We cover all nails with a fixative and send it to the lamp.
  7. Remove the sticky layer with a disinfectant.

Your bright and individual manicure is ready. If you have the proper skills and patience, you can replace the stickers with any own pattern or rhinestones. Such a manicure always attracts attention, and depending on the chosen shade is suitable for any occasion and image.

The technique of applying the stick-slider in manicure gel varnish - in the video below.

A manicure using gel polish can be anything: bright and imperceptible, classic and rebellious, but one cannot be taken away from him - this is durability, color brightness and ease of execution.

Watch the video: Perfect Gel Polish Application - Crispynails (December 2019).


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