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Masks for hair density

Silky, shiny and thick hair is not only a sign of good heredity, but also the result of proper comprehensive care for them. And to achieve such luxurious hair can help special masks for the density of hair.


Masks designed to increase the density of hair have two varieties. The first is aimed at naturally thickening the structure of the hair itself, and the second awakens dormant hair follicles, and due to their awakening, the density of the hair increases.

Such nutritional mixtures can be used not only to increase the volume of curls, but also to stimulate their growth, the appearance of shine and silkiness, as well as to maximize the strengthening and thickening of the hair structure due to enhanced nutrition.

These masks have some features that you should not only be aware of, but also need to take them into account. This is the only way to achieve the desired result quite quickly.

The main feature is that they differ in their effect on the strands. Some of the masks give volume only due to the disclosure of the scales of the hairs, so it persists for a short time. An increase in the density of hair is only an appearance, since in fact the curls just get a short-term volume ...

The second group of funds contributes to the active awakening and growth of hair follicles, due to which there is a natural density and volume of strands. The same masks are used to seal thin, weakened hairs, because getting regular intensive nutrition, the strands begin to grow better, become more voluminous and shiny

The second feature is that such funds have a cumulative effect. Therefore, if you need a thick hair for a long time, and not for one day, you must complete their course use.

For each type of hair, it is necessary to select the most suitable mask, which will help not only give shine and density, but also solve some problems, for example, split ends, hair loss or their fragility.

The third feature is that all self-made mixtures used to increase the density of hair must be applied to the strands only in a warm form. Additionally, you should insulate your head with a warm towel or scarf. Only in this case, beneficial nutrients can penetrate deep into the hair and scalp and properly act on them.

Masks designed for hair density can be prepared either independently or purchased in almost any store or pharmacy.

Popular store tools

Many manufacturers today put on sale a variety of masks that can give the curls the necessary volume, shine and density.

Brand at the moment Planeta organica is one of the best. There are several masks of this manufacturer on sale:

  1. Golden Ayurvedic Mask differs in a thick consistency, very pleasant and delicate aroma, as well as the presence of brilliant golden blotches in the product itself. It is economically consumed and easily distributed along the entire length of the hair, does not tangle them. In addition to enhancing the density of curls, this tool also gives them a beautiful shine, a lush volume, and most importantly, it reduces the secretion of subcutaneous fat on the head. Therefore, such a product is ideal for women with fat strands.
  2. Emerald Tuscan mask perfect for owners of thin and dry hair. The presence in the composition of natural oils allows you to nourish the thinned curls with the necessary substances, activates the growth of sleeping onions. The result of the use of this cosmetic product will be voluminous, shiny, light and thick curls.
  3. Mask "Thai Thai", like the rest of the products of this brand, it is made on the basis of natural raw materials. It has a very thick texture, a pleasant summer aroma, is easily distributed through the hair. It gives them not only shine and density, but also maximum nutrition and hydration. If your curls are damaged and especially suffer from split ends, then this tool is ideal for eliminating these flaws.
  4. "Black Moroccan" thick mask, Designed for dull, thin hair, prone to permanent loss. Due to its unique composition, this product will make the strands thick, silky, obedient, very voluminous and soft, and also completely stop intense hair loss.

An overview of masks from Planeta Organica see in the next video.

Planeta Organica has provided its customers with a fairly wide range of these cosmetic products. But the Belarusian manufacturer Bielita-Viteks decided to keep up and, to the delight of his fans, released such masks:

  • "Thick and shiny." This product has a fairly thick consistency, and therefore is very economical in consumption. After it, the curls are silky and very pleasant to the touch. And the very name of this tool is fully consistent with its effect on the strands.
  • "Aminoplasty Bielita" to strengthen, seal and thicken hair is a novelty from the Belarusian manufacturer. Quickly restores very thin, brittle curls. Not only thickens and strengthens the strands, but also nourishes them, as well as intensively moisturizes. Designed for maximum care for severely damaged strands.
  • "Maximum volume and radiance." This cosmetic product is more likely to create visible hair density for a short period of time. Although according to the manufacturer, the regular use of this mask can really increase the density of hair and strengthen them.

But no matter how colorful the manufacturers describe and praise their products, it still contains preservatives and parabens, which are of no use to strands. Therefore, you can use homemade recipes for their manufacture.

Home Use Features

Before proceeding with the direct manufacture of such a useful tool, it is necessary to determine which additional functions it will have to perform. It is from the choice of the desired result that the specific list of ingredients will depend. Most of the masks designed to increase the density of strands and their intense nutrition are made on the basis of honey, dairy products, oils, as well as fruit and vegetable purees. And similar masks, but with a warming effect, that is, those that additionally stimulate hair growth, are usually made on the basis of mustard, alcohol tinctures, as well as onion and garlic juices.

All selected ingredients must have room temperature. They must be carefully mixed with each other until smooth and the consistency of thick sour cream.

Such mixtures should be applied only to previously cleaned strands, it is better if they are completely dry or slightly moist. Before applying the mask must be warmed up in a water bath or in a microwave. And after application, the head must be insulated.

The total exposure time of the mixture to the strands is about 30 minutes. With good tolerance and the absence of any discomfort, you can keep the mask on your hair for about 45 minutes, but no more. Rinse off the mixture with warm water, it is not recommended to use balms after the mask. If the mask was made on the basis of oils or with their addition, then remove it from the hair with shampoo.

To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to carry out course use of this tool.

The course includes 14 masks, which are performed for 28-30 days with an interval of 2-4 days. After this, you need to give your curls a rest for at least one more month.

Folk recipes

There is a huge variety of recipes, using which you can become the owner of very thick, beautiful and radiant hair. The most effective and affordable are the following:

  • A mask based on mustard powder and liquid honey. A dessert spoon of powder is mixed with 3 tablespoons of boiling water, a spoon of honey and a pinch of sugar are added to the resulting slurry, after which everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to the curls. Such a mixture not only increases the density of curls, but gives them radiance, stops hair loss and accelerates growth.
  • From the crumb of bread you can make a wonderful mask. Women with oily hair should prefer rye or bran bread, and those who have dry or normal strands can also use wheat products. Soak 100 crumbs in a glass of warm water or milk, then this pulp is mixed with 2 tablespoons of onion juice and applied immediately to the curls.
  • Owners of dark strands are perfect and masks with coffee. They not only increase the density, but also enhance the color and gloss of the strands. The easiest way to make a mixture of equal proportions of brewed coffee, honey, cognac or pepper tincture and honey. All components must be mixed thoroughly.
  • Henna masks are also very effective. The simplest is prepared as follows: 100 g of colorless henna and warm kefir are mixed to the consistency of thick sour cream. Then everything is thoroughly mixed and distributed evenly along the entire length.
  • For owners of very oily hair, a voluminous mask consisting of high fat kefir and lavender essential oil is also ideal. 3 drops of oil should be added to a glass of warm fermented milk product, mix thoroughly and apply all the way, paying special attention to the roots.
  • A mask with vitamins will allow not only to achieve the desired density of hair, but also to nourish them with useful substances, to get rid of excessive dryness and brittle strands. To prepare it, you need to warm up 50 ml of castor oil, add two drops of vitamins A and E to it, as well as one ampoule of nicotinic acid. The mixture in the form of heat is applied mainly to the roots and ends of the strands.
  • To increase the thickness of the hair itself, it is necessary to apply a mixture of three tablespoons of tincture of red pepper (it can be purchased at the pharmacy) and one spoon of honey. This mask has a powerful warming effect, so it should be used in small quantities.
  • Blondes will help to strengthen the color and density of hair mask made from 100 g of chamomile infusion, one teaspoon of liquid honey or royal jelly and a tablespoon of rye flour.

All these masks, of course, have high efficiency and benefit for hair.

More mask recipes for hair density are in the video below.

Express recipes

Situations in life are very different, sometimes beautiful and thick hair, which nature has not rewarded all, are needed here and now. Quick action masks will come to the rescue in these cases. They are prepared in just a couple of minutes, and their exposure time does not exceed a quarter of an hour. But deciding to use any of the recipes below, remember that the effect obtained from such masks will be short-lived, and you should not abuse them:

  • Grind a couple of spoons of sesame seed in a coffee grinder and pour it with a glass of boiling milk. When the mixture cools down to a temperature that is pleasant to you, apply it to the roots and leave for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse off the rest from the head.
  • Mix in equal parts tincture of red pepper and castor oil, apply over the entire length of the hair for 10 minutes. Rinse off with shampoo.
  • Mix 2: 1 tinctures of ginseng and burdock root. Apply the resulting mask to the entire length of the strands, and after 15 minutes rinse with cool water.
  • An oil mask of 50 ml of castor oil and three drops of juniper oil, left on the strands for 10 minutes will give them not only the desired density, but also a pleasant aroma.

As you can see, there are really a lot of recipes for making masks for hair density. But how effective they are and what kind of mask is still the best, the reviews of those who have already tested them on themselves will most clearly tell.


Most of the women who regularly use such masks noted that homemade products are still the best in this category. Unlike store products, these can be created independently, taking into account your individual preferences and tastes.

But all women, without exception, noted that the regular use of these hair products does increase their density, the structure of the hair itself strengthens and thickens, new hairs begin to grow actively. As a result, the hair looks well-groomed, beautiful, thick and shiny, and the strands themselves are very soft, obedient and silky.

As indisputable advantages, women also note the low cost of such masks, the ease of their use, as well as the long-term effect when completing the full course. If we talk about which mask is the most effective, for women with oily curls, masks with henna and bread crumb are more suitable, and for owners of dry hair, oil mixtures and masks based on fermented milk products and honey will be the best choice. Although it all depends on individual characteristics and capabilities.

If we talk about negative reviews about this tool, then they are practically absent.

Therefore, we can safely say that masks for the density of curls really help to get the desired hair.

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