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Clay masks for hair

Cosmetic clay has been known for a very long time. It is often used to treat many skin diseases and for prevention. But clay-based products that are used for hair have gained even more popularity.

Today, even the most popular brands are engaged in the production of such cosmetics. The effectiveness of clay is so high that it can solve almost any problems associated with hair growth and scalp.


There are quite a few different tools that allow you to care for your hair. Most of them are made from natural components, so they have a soft and fairly good effect. However, clay-based masks deserve much more attention.

The final effect and quality depends on the type of clay that is used to create the product. There are quite a few of them, and it is customary to distinguish a clay mask by its color. The main advantage of such procedures is the complex effect, which has a positive effect not only on the hair, but also on the scalp.

The main result that any clay mask will provide is silky and healthy curls. It is also an emergency aid for oily or weakened dry hair, quick cleaning of strands of dirt and split ends, as well as dandruff removal.

Clay is often considered as a medicine, therefore it can be used even in very difficult situations. She practically has no contraindications, in addition to fresh and bleeding wounds on her head. Depending on the color, this product nourishes body tissues, facilitates exfoliation of the upper layer of the dermis, strengthens the follicles, normalizes capillary circulation and sebaceous glands, and eliminates irritation and infection.


Clay masks are also divided into different types depending on what kind of mass is used in them. It is thanks to a wide variety of foundations that the tool can be used in almost any situation. It will only be necessary to understand what features a particular type has.

Blue clay products most often used when there is a change in the water balance of the body and natural metabolic processes are disturbed. This is primarily reflected in the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, so such masks can be successfully applied by women with a fatty type of curls.

The main components are potassium and kaolinite, which provide normalization of moisture in the scalp and hair roots. Also, a blue clay product contains copper, bromine, iron, zinc, thanks to which not only the walls of the capillaries are strengthened, but also the blood flow itself and metabolic processes are improved.

The overall clay composition provides a deep cleansing effect. A bactericidal and antiviral effect is observed, numerous toxins are excreted. Also, due to the presence of radium, the level of influence of free radicals from the environment on the hair and scalp is significantly reduced. It is because of this unique property that blue clay masks are recommended for residents of large industrial cities.

See more about the benefits of blue clay for hair in the next video.

White clay masks also have proven themselves to cleanse the scalp and hair. In its pure form, it is a powder with a grayish or yellow tint, the main active ingredient of which is kaolin.

This tool is also recommended for women whose strands have increased fat content.

The main advantage is a soft and deep effect. Kaolin perfectly cleans, eliminates fungus, due to which it is considered the most powerful anti-dandruff agent, normalizes the sebaceous glands, removes toxins and even reduces soreness in the presence of itching and inflammation.

See more about the benefits of white clay for hair in the next video.

Specific color green clay due to the high content of iron oxide in its composition. Due to this, the tool has a very strong adsorbing effect. Even the smallest particles of dirt and fat are removed from the surface of the head and hair, unpleasant odors or purulent discharge disappears in case of inflammatory diseases.

In addition, in the composition of green clay is ionic particles of silver and molybdenum. They play an important role in the regulation of biological processes at the cellular level. All natural regeneration mechanisms are activated, due to which the separation of old particles of hair and skin is intensified, and complete recovery takes place.

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Moroccan clay, also often called black, is used for deep peeling. It contains quite a lot of particles of iron and carbon fiber, thanks to which it has a color corresponding to its name.

The complex of these components perfectly cleanses the skin and hair roots. With regular use, a rejuvenating effect is also noted, since clay helps to separate old scaly cells and detachable layers of hairs. It can also be recommended for split ends.

After using a mask made of Moroccan clay, the curls become smoother, cleaner, silky.

See more about the benefits of black clay in the video below.

If you often have allergic dermatitis, you should pay attention to the mask made of red clay. It contains a lot of copper, iron ions, and a small fraction of manganese can also be observed.

Such a foundation is most effective for combating active inflammations. The remedy is indicated for atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, frequent allergic inflammation on the scalp, dandruff, and many other diseases.

To receive pink clay in fact, it’s enough to mix white and red. This combination of components makes the product ideal for those cases when it is necessary to improve the natural restoration of hair tissue.

Pink clay masks have good nutritional value, they perfectly prevent hair loss and are designed for dry, brittle, lost their natural shine curls.

AT yellow clay potassium and some elements of iron prevail. Its main advantage is the quick and effective removal of dirt and grease. A mask of this type is best used with oily or normal curls, but dry and brittle hair can even suffer.

In addition, on the shelves of cosmetic stores you can find clay, which is extracted in certain regions. So, for example, Baikal is especially popular among blue clays, but Kamchatka is among black clays. This is due to the characteristics of the microclimate and other environmental factors.

Popular brands

The easiest way is to buy a ready-made clay mask. Fortunately, many cosmetics manufacturers offer an assortment of all kinds of options for this product. On the other hand, it is this kind of diversity that can make a woman who has never had to take care of her locks like this before bewildered.

Unfortunately, among a huge variety of brands there are very mediocre manufacturers. Their products are quite expensive, but there is practically no effect from it. Understanding this is not so easy. Many women are guided by their own experience, choosing masks of the company that they are well aware of in other types of cosmetics. Someone listens to the recommendations of cosmetologists and girlfriends. Nevertheless, there are several brands that have established themselves in this area.

The Elseve series from the famous L'Oreal company is represented not only by various creams and means for washing, but also by a line of clay masks called "Extraordinary Clay Masque". Also, they can often be found on the labels "Valuable Clays".

This tool is best suited for oily hair type or for women whose curls and scalp need a fairly deep cleansing. The mask has a very pronounced effect of sorbent and scrub. Presented in the form of a ready-made mixture of white with a green tint, the consistency resembling mousse, with the addition of apple flavoring, which almost completely interrupts the smell of diluted clay.

Among the positive qualities noted ease of use. The mask is easily distributed along the roots of the hair. Unlike standard scrubs, it does not get stuck between the strands, thanks to which it reaches the scalp and provides a deep cleansing effect.

The mask can be used before shampooing, withstand about 10-15 minutes, and it is better to carry out such procedures no more than 2-3 times a week.

Indigo "Hair Architect" from the Indigo style brand series is the best choice for women with dry and brittle hair. Clay masks of this manufacturer often have the mark “reconstruction” or “restoration” on the label.

It differs from other analogues in its high keratin content, due to which a pronounced strengthening effect is observed. The mask nourishes the hair well, helps to separate the old layers of tissues and activate the recovery process. Curls become silky and smooth, split ends are eliminated, so they no longer get confused and acquire a natural shine.

The mask has a fairly light structure, does not weigh down the hair, so it can be used both for treatment and for the prevention of loss.

Due to its unique composition, it has a directed effect on the roots, so this mask is currently considered the most effective way to strengthen and restore curls.

Also worth noting is the 3 Valuable Clays line, which is also owned by L'Oreal. It includes cosmetics prepared on the basis of healing cosmetic clay and their compounds. These are special nutritious shampoos, masks, scrubs. They are also very successful due to their effectiveness and ease of use.

Review line "3 Valuable Clays by Loreal See in the next video.

How to make at home

It is not always necessary to purchase the finished mixture. As it turned out, a clay-based mask can be cooked on its own, because there are far more than one recipe for this tool. At the same time, they will not be inferior in efficiency, and the total price can be much more pleasant.

In addition, in the manufacture of the mask, you can use those ingredients whose quality does not cause you any doubt. Also, another positive side is that you yourself can combine certain components of the funds, thereby achieving a certain effect.

Masks for oily hair are usually made on the basis of green clay. They should have a pronounced cleaning effect, remove excess fat and dirt from strands and scalp, and normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands:

  • Dilute dry green clay in an equal amount of warm water or herbal decoction. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the mixture and mix thoroughly;
  • You can also use a recipe with blue clay. The powder base must be diluted in water or a decoction of herbs in the proportions of 1: 1. Make sure that a fairly thick consistency is achieved. Add the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, as well as 1-2 chopped garlic cloves.

Blue clay is also very good for strengthening hair. This recipe can be considered a classic effective remedy, which is suitable if your strands are too dry, brittle, or suffer from frequent loss:

  • To the powder base add lemon juice and liquid honey in proportions of 2: 1: 1, respectively. You can also drive in the egg yolk to the resulting mixture. After that, dilute with water until a uniform, dense consistency is formed;
  • Grind one large bell pepper into gruel with a blender. Add clay and kefir to it in proportions 1: 2. You can use clay of any color, but it is recommended that it is white or yellow;

Also, homemade clay masks can be successfully used for preventive purposes or to accelerate hair growth. If you have always dreamed of long and magnificent curls, then use the following recipe:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of clay per procedure. Add one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil and a teaspoon of liquid honey. Beat the egg yolk into the mixture and dilute it with water or broth until a thick consistency;

For a recipe for a clay clay mask, see the next video.

How to use

In order to properly use the clay-based product, you can follow the recommendations that professional cosmetologists give to beginners:

  • First of all, you need to identify the main problem of hair and scalp, and then choose a tool, focusing on the desired color of clay;
  • To prepare the mask, always use clean filtered or boiled water. If this is a dry finished base, then usually it is diluted in 1: 1 proportions. The main thing is that the mask should not be too thin. A standard consistency is one that resembles fat sour cream;
  • Although clay does not cause allergic reactions, the presence of other components in the purchased product should be considered. Before using the finished mixture, apply a small amount to the inner surface of the elbow or wrist, and then wait 15 minutes;
  • Apply the mask best on clean, slightly damp hair.. An exception is those products that the manufacturer has recommended as a mask before shampooing;
  • The product is distributed over the scalp and along the strands, from the roots to the tips. Then the head can be covered with a film and wrapped in a towel;
  • You should not keep the mask on your hair for longer than 20-30 minutes, as the clay dries quite quickly and rinsing off the product will be very problematic. Before use, be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations;
  • Rinse off the mask without using shampoo. If this does not work, then try to use it as little as possible! After that, you can rinse your hair with a warm decoction of herbs;
  • Such procedures should be done regularly, but the frequency depends on your problem and the type of hair. If your strands suffer from increased fat content or there are irritations, dermatitis, seborrhea on the scalp, then you can apply a mask 2-3 times a week. Dry and brittle hair is more sensitive, so even a nutritious clay mask is better to use no more than 1 time per week.


You can always find quite conflicting reviews about clay-based masks. The reason for this is that the first impression of such a remedy may not be very pleasant, so many women prefer not to continue the procedure.

Features of the structure and consistency are much different from the usual homemade hair masks, for example, from butter or kefir. Clay is a bit heavier, prone to drying out, and sometimes it is not so easy to remove after the procedure.

However, those who have tried such masks on themselves say that the result is worth such efforts! In their effectiveness, they are superior to any shampoo or other means for cleansing and strengthening hair.

Moreover, clay allows you to quickly solve problems such as seborrhea, dermatitis, profuse dandruff and peeling, hair loss.

Also, a properly prepared clay mask, subject to regular procedures, can provide a lot of useful effects, depending on its color. These are hair nutrition, strengthening of their growth, strengthening of follicles, elimination of split ends and many other useful properties. At the same time, the cost of a clay mask, especially if you cook it yourself, is much more economical in comparison with other means, especially considering the fact that it alone replaces several shampoos, balms and conditioners.


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