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Banana face mask

Banana is a fruit rich in various vitamins and substances that resemble endorphins and serotonin in their properties. The consumption of this fruit can not only cheer up, but also increase mental performance.

Currently, banana has found its place not only in the food industry, but also in cosmetology. All kinds of masks, creams, shower gels and much more are made from it. It is an ideal component for many types of cosmetics and procedures.

Beneficial features

Bananas are a storehouse of healthy vitamins and minerals. It consists of vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, beta-keratin, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Vitamin C helps the body fight premature aging and wrinkle formation. Vitamins B1 and B2 help fight psychological disorders, such as: stress, insomnia, overwork. They eliminate acne on the skin and prevent their reappearance. If we talk about beta-keratin, then this is a unique component that prevents the development of cancer cells and many cardiovascular diseases.

Regular use of bananas is necessary for a person to fill the body with potassium, which is often not enough for full-fledged performance. Potassium increases appetite, relieves muscle fatigue and lowers blood pressure.

Bananas are very useful in exacerbating gastritis so as not to irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract once again. This fruit is also able to normalize water metabolism in the body to eliminate swelling.

Diabetics without any fears for their health can eat banana puree. A regular use of this product by people suffering from headaches will help eliminate the cause of migraine. Another banana helps strengthen the immune system. But for obese people, this product is often not allowed. It is very high in calories and contains a lot of starch.

Banana masks have beneficial effects on the skin, nourish and moisturize over-dried face skin. It has long been known that this fruit does not cause allergies, even in infants, so you can safely make various masks from it, without fear for your health.

Skin action

Banana masks are able to transform aging and aging skin, thanks to the action of antioxidants. For example, vitamin C is often used in cosmetics to create a rejuvenating effect. It penetrates deep into the cells of the epidermis, strengthens blood vessels, accelerates the regeneration process and protects tissues from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. That is why women aged benefit from resorting to banana ointments.

The banana gained immense popularity as a bleaching agent. Together with lemon juice, it is able to remove light pigmentation and lighten strong pigment spots so that they are practically not visible.

Of course, one banana is not able to eliminate many skin imperfections, but in combination with other components, it is able to remove greasy shine from the face and regulate the sebaceous glands. But at the same time, a cream with the addition of banana extract will moisturize dry skin.

The composition of the banana pulp consists of beneficial substances that have a beneficial effect on the health and beauty of the epidermis. Photosterols help make wrinkles smaller and even out the face. B vitamins normalize metabolism in cells, nourish, moisturize tissues, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Magnesium, calcium and potassium help skin cells breathe properly, relieve muscle pain and tension, protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

Indications for use

Banana masks are suitable for any skin type, but there are still some limitations. Although this ingredient is considered completely hypoallergenic, there are still rare cases of allergic reactions to this product. Therefore, before you start using cosmetics based on banana, you need to check the body's reaction to allergies.

Banana masks are recommended for older women to remove fine wrinkles and reduce already deep and visible wrinkles. Regular use of the ointment will allow a woman to tighten her face skin and even out its contour.. And if the skin is subjected to overdrying, then this method will allow you to saturate the cells with useful vitamins and minerals and moisturize them.

Such masks are also useful for owners of age spots or various redness. To get rid of freckles or make them less noticeable, remedies with banana extract are the best helpers in this.

Using a mask from this noble fruit is desirable for anyone who wants to maintain their youth and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and grooves. Therefore, this product is useful for any skin type and any age.

Cooking rules

Each product needs to be properly prepared and used in order for it to work properly.

Experts recommend applying fresh mass to problem areas. It is advisable to do this within 15 minutes from the receipt of a uniform consistency of the mixture. In this case, the fruit should be completely ripe, not green, but not overripe. If there are visible defects or darkening on the peel, it is better not to use such a fruit.

To achieve the best result, the skin must first be cleaned of dirt and sweat. To do this, use special lotions or mild cream-based soaps.

It is advisable to collect the hair in a bun, and bang the bang with a hairpin so that it does not fall on the face. The mixture must be evenly distributed over the surface and cover it with gauze cloth. This will help the mass stay wet longer, so that it nourishes and moisturizes the skin as long as possible.

The areas around the eyes should be free from the mixture. It is best to keep the mask for no more than 15 minutes. This time will be enough to get the desired effect. You can remove the composition with warm water or a cleansing lotion, but in no case should you put pressure on the skin so as not to stretch it and create microcracks. After carefully removing the composition from above, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First, take a porcelain or ceramic cupto maintain the health of the trace elements that make up the fruit.
  2. In a blender, beat a banana until a uniform consistency is formed. Manually do it much longer and you can not always achieve a homogeneous porridge.
  3. If present in the recipe citrus fruit it means that you only need his juice. In other cases, the pulp itself is needed.
  4. If there is a recipe honeythen its pre need to warm up.
  5. Any cereals included in the recipe presoaked and added to the mask only in a cooled form.
  6. If you do not have exactly the oil that is necessary to create the mixture, it is better not to replace it with another oil. The properties of the mask will be violated and you will not achieve the desired effect.
  7. Lemon juice can be replaced with tomato. They have identical properties.
  8. Beat the yolk and protein with a whisk, and only then add to the main structure.

How to cook a banana face mask at home, the author of the next video will tell.

The best recipes at home

There are many recipes for banana masks. All of them are designed for a certain type of skin and perform a specific function. Therefore, before specifying what effect you want to get.


Moisturizes the cells of the epidermis, healing tissue.

Recipe 1

Half-banana, 10 drops of jojoba oil, 2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil. All ingredients are mixed and applied to the skin for 15 minutes.

Recipe 2

2 teaspoons of banana puree, 2 teaspoons of applesauce, a little kiwi pulp, 2 dessert spoons of olive oil and one yolk. Rinse off the mixture preferably with mineral water.


It nourishes the skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals, which are often not enough for dry skin.

To make this mask, you will need half a banana, 2 teaspoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of fat cream and 1.5 teaspoon of cinnamon. All components must be mixed until a homogeneous consistency is formed. After evenly spread over the surface of the skin. Rinse with cool water.

To create another recipe, you need to mix half a banana, one yolk, a little olive oil and a teaspoon of fat cream.


Eliminates age spots and reduces redness. To prepare this mask, you need to make banana puree and pour 2 handfuls of sea salt into it. The composition is rubbed into the skin with light massaging movements and can withstand it for about 10 minutes. Often, this procedure is not recommended, so as not to damage the epidermis.


Prevents premature aging and reduces shallow wrinkles. To prepare a mask from aging skin, you need half a banana and a tablespoon of cottage cheese. To sustain such a slurry is enough 10 minutes, then rinse.

The second option involves mixing half a banana with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil and 1⁄2 teaspoon of turmeric.

For acne

Effectively cleans the surface of acne and acne. To prepare the mask, you need half a banana, 1⁄2 teaspoon of yeast, 1 teaspoon of milk and a little warm water. You can keep the gruel on your face for no more than 15 minutes, then rinse with plain water.


Removes signs of aging, fatigue, and restores a healthy complexion. To prepare a tonic mask, you need to mix half a banana with a tablespoon of yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice. You can keep the mixture on your face for 15 minutes, and you can carry out the procedure several times a month.

Another version of the tonic mask involves mixing 1⁄4 pulp of avocado, half-banana and a tablespoon of low-fat cream.


It removes redness and painful inflammation. For this method, you only need a banana peel, which wipe the problem areas for 4 minutes.


Suitable for daily use and for any skin type.

Recipe 1

Half-banana, 25 g of low-fat yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey. The gruel is applied to the desired areas and held for 12 minutes. Rinse off the mask with a decoction of chamomile.

Recipe 2

Half a banana is mixed with 1/2 tablespoon of yogurt. The resulting slurry is kept on the face for 10 minutes and washed off with warm water.


Allows you to remove accumulated dirt from the pores, narrow them and align the contour.


Half banana, one egg white and some lemon juice. Mix all the components well and keep the mask for no more than 20 minutes. Use the tool can be no more than 2 times a week.

To reduce pores

Ideal for narrowing pores. For its preparation you will need 1 banana, a tablespoon of melted honey, peach pulp, 2 teaspoons of almonds and a tablespoon of steamed oatmeal. You can hold the mass on your face for 10 minutes, and then remove it with cool water.

Traditional medicine offers many recipes for banana masks. All of them are equally useful and effectively cope with the task. The main thing is that when creating the mixture all the ingredients should be included in its composition, as the quality of the procedure depends on compliance with the recipe.


Women who monitor their appearance often resort to various recipes that can prevent premature skin aging. For any person, beauty is what gives confidence and attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Banana masks have a beneficial effect on the delicate skin of the face, without causing any harm. They respond only positively and are advised to use a banana to nourish and moisturize dry and problematic skin. It is especially pleasing to users that one banana peel is enough to eliminate redness or inflammation.

Another plus of banana recipes is the ability to penetrate deep into the pores to narrow them. And women aged after just a few procedures note a reduction in facial and age wrinkles, which gives only great joy.

Watch the video: Banana Face Mask for Dry Skin, Glowing Skin, Anti Aging, Winter Skin care Routine Mask (January 2020).


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