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Holy Land Cream

Face creams from the famous Israeli brand Holy Land are known among cosmetologists and their clients, because often it is specialists who recommend expensive cosmetics for high-quality home care. They differ in skin type and problems that the dermis may have, regardless of age, but at the same time, Holy Land creams have universal “helpers” with moisturizing and protective properties.

Features and Benefits

Means of this brand have a number of distinctive features that distinguish them from other brands:

  • Holy Land creams are created in Israeli laboratories using unique formulas created here;
  • They differ among themselves directed action: some of the creams are anti-aging, others are aimed at treating oily skin, and others are dry;
  • Holy Land cosmetics used in prestigious beauty parlors and is suitable for use at home, however, a specialist should choose the means for proper care;
  • There are active products in the line like a lightening cream that effectively fights inconspicuous spots;

Key benefits:

  • Using Holy Land Creams allows you to evaluate the result after a week of use, provided that the care program is selected by a specialist;
  • The composition of creams differs depending on the problems. and the needs of the epidermis, however, almost every one of them includes natural extracts;
  • Products possess hypoallergenic composition;
  • Each Holy Land product is of high quality.confirmed by world laboratories.


Creams of a professional cosmetic brand differ among themselves not only in composition, but also in time of use, texture and frequency of use.

  • The Holy Land daily product has a light texture, regardless of the type of skin it is intended for. In addition, almost every Holy Land daily product can be used as a makeup base due to its excellent moisturizing properties.
  • The Holy Land night product has a dense, heavy texture, despite the fact that creams of the same series practically do not differ in composition. A restorative product for night care can be used during the day in the cold season, when the skin needs not only additional nutrition, but also protection from external factors.
  • Holy Land clarifying cream can be classified as individual products. If we talk about the bleaching composition, then it is worth using it only at night for quality care, while a simple brightening and moisturizing product is suitable for everyday use.


Holy Land creams differ in composition depending on the needs of the dermis, however, each of them contains certain components:

  • Acids. Creams for oily and damaged skin are based on salicylic acid, which destroys the stratum corneum of the epidermis and allows deeper penetration of the active components of the product. Kojic acid is the basis of whitening creams, lactic acid - in creams for the sensitive type.
  • Antioxidants. Green tea extract, orange, lemon, squeeze from red grapes, avocado in moisturizing composition Holy land Avocado Cream.
  • Vitamins Vitamin C is a frequent guest of products for mature skin, in addition, as part of creams Holy land you can find substances of group A, E, F, PP.
  • Squirrels. Collagen, elastin, dairy by-products like proteins and probiotics are present in the balancing product.

Tool lines


The line of the Israeli brand Azulen was created for the sensitive type of epidermis: the creams of the series act as antiseptics and perfectly moisturize skin prone to dryness or rashes. At the heart of each product is azulene - a component aimed at relieving irritation, moisturizing and eliminating dryness, healing the skin and its regeneration. The classic daily product of the series has a light texture and perfectly moisturizes the epidermis. Its use is not limited by age or skin type, the main thing is that it is suitable for hypersensitive dermis.

"Bio Repair"

The line of Bio Repair creams is aimed at combating age-related skin changes, among which there are lethargy of the epidermis, dullness, dehydration, the formation of deep wrinkles and age spots. Bio Repair Dav Care - a daily moisturizing product that fills the skin with moisture and prevents its dehydration. It contains essential collagen and elastin, which are responsible for maintaining the oval of the face and elasticity of the dermis, vitamin E, glycine to preserve the integrity of the epidermis and prevent its wilting.

Night Car Night Cream has a denser texture, so its use is limited exclusively to night care or in the harsh time of the year. It qualitatively restores the epidermis over the whole night, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level, stimulates recovery and renewal, and acts as a barrier against harmful external conditions and especially from UV radiation.

The eyelids and cheeks have a thin and sensitive epidermis, and care is provided thanks to the Eye & Neck Care emollient cream with active ingredients for cell regeneration and renewal.


The A-Nox line is designed to care for the oily and problematic type of epidermis, which is based on antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components. Cream "Hydratant" has a light texture, which does not allow clogging the pores with frequent use of the product. Arnica and green tea extract - natural antioxidants, linoleic acid to combat the excessive production of sebum and vitamin E - are the basis for problem skin.

Daily use of the product significantly improves the condition of the skin thanks to the directed action of its components: regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of edema and the formation of inflammation, fight against the effect of "oily" skin, narrowing of pores, smoothing skin tone.

"Sebo Derm"

Cream for oily skin type Sebo Derm Balancing Cream is aimed at regulating the production of sebum and eliminating aesthetic problems. It has a light texture and is instantly absorbed. The product is based on lactic acid, aloe extract, sorbitol and several active ingredients that prevent excessive production of sebum and the formation of peeling.


The Whitening line is designed to brighten the skin of the face and eliminate age spots - post-acne, age-related or formed after cosmetic procedures. Classic whitening cream has an active composition, among the components of which are niacinacid, fruit and berry extracts, kojic acid. The product fights the formed pigment spots of various depths and its use is recommended under the supervision of a specialist - cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Protective Moist Protective Moisturizer has a mild effect and is used in daily skin care, devoid of even tone and uneven color.


Daily Moist Cream for Dry Skin is based on lactic acid and is suitable for daily care of normal and dry dermis. An excellent analogue for moisturizing oily skin will be the product Moist Cream for Oily Skin. Both products are used to easily moisturize and protect the epidermis from external conditions, lactic acids in the creams make it possible to combat external imperfections of the epidermis, for example, rashes, dryness, shallow wrinkles, uneven tone.

The unique Lactolan Peeling cream is created to cleanse the skin and even out face tone thanks to a composition based on lactic acids, protein, albumin and its derivatives.


Day cream is an indispensable assistant in daily care, because it has a light texture and can be used in hot summers: in addition to the active components, it also contains protective factors from UV radiation. Day Defense Cream has a delicate texture and a transparent shade; the product allows you to moisturize the epidermis and even out its color, texture, so it can be used as a base for makeup.

Alpha-Beta & Retinol Restoring Cream is universal in its properties: it is used for normal and problem skin aged 25 years. It is based on extracts of berries (blueberries), fruits (orange, lemon) and vitamins (A, C) - natural antioxidants and acids - lactic, salicylic and glycolic. The active ingredients of Alpha-Beta & Retinol Restoring Facial Cream help fight against disorders of the epidermis: acne and posture, pigmentation, roughness and peeling, seborrhea and other diseases of the dermis.


Like any skin care product, Holy land cream needs to be applied correctly:

  • Any Holy Land Facial Product applied to pre-cleaned and dry skin thanks to gentle movements.
  • Apply cream pointwise and distribute it along the massage lines, and then complete the procedure with soft patting movements.

If the cream is felt on the face after 60 minutes after application, blot the surface with a dry cloth.


Holy Land funds have a huge number of reviews that are mostly positive in nature. There are many reviews of Holy Land whitening cream: women consider it the best product in the fight against pigmentation and mark its work for the "five". Women claim that the whitening product was able to replace chemical peeling procedures and significantly save time and money on professional procedures.

The Alpha-Beta skin renewal product line appealed to women with a wide range of problems and skin age. The restorative night cream was especially liked by consumers due to its dense texture and pronounced effect - in the morning there is a noticeable reduction in pores and redness on the surface of the skin.

You will learn how to choose Holy Land cream from the next video.

Watch the video: Мой уход от Holy Land (December 2019).


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