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Eisenberg Cream

Women will always strive for perfection, endless beauty and youthful skin. That is why they spend a lot of time in cosmetic stores and beauty salons. It would seem that there is nothing easier than choosing a regular face cream. But in this matter, a skillful approach is needed, since this tool is part of the daily care of our face and the general condition of the skin depends on it. Further you will learn about luxury creams of the famous French brand Eisenberg.

About Brand

In the perfumery and cosmetology industry, the Eisenberg brand appeared relatively recently, in the 2000s, but has already established itself as something special and luxurious, combining not only the best quality products, but also real art.

The founder of the brand is the talented man Jose Eisenberg, thanks to whom all brand products are brought to the ideal, because he himself is a perfectionist. Eisenberg perfume products are very memorable not only due to extravagant aromas, but also luxurious packaging that is unlikely to leave you indifferent.

Today, the brand is represented in many countries of the world, including Russia, and its facial care products include many lines for a variety of skin types and age requirements. High-quality cosmetic products are a unique creation from Eisenberg, because a special, patented formula "Trio Moleculaire" was created specifically for the future brand, which is actively used in skin care products.

The brand pays great attention to the creation of makeup products, it is absolutely safe to use, as it undergoes a number of clinical trials.

Product Overview

A rather extensive assortment of face creams will help to make a choice even to the most fastidious clients.

A series of Pure White products with a special patented formula offers the following creams that will help you find a radiant face and will fight pigmentation:

  • Daytime SPF50. Ideal against the negative effects of the environment, especially harmful UV rays. It will help deeply moisturize the cells of the epidermis. The composition contains daisy extract and vitamin C, which previously prevents the appearance of pigmentation. In addition, after using this product you will get a perfectly smooth and velvety skin tone.
  • Daytime SPF30. It will help even out the tone of the face, protect from negative influences and prevent the effects of oxidation caused by light.
  • Night. As you know, it is at night that our skin best absorbs various kinds of cosmetics, which is why this night cream will help to intensively affect tired face skin. The composition contains vitamins and daisy extract, which has useful antioxidant properties. This tool will help to find a more even and rich tone of the face, and also restore the face its former radiance.

Creams from the Excellence series for tired skin include:

  • Restoring and strengthening daylight. It will fill the skin with strength and radiance for the whole day. It also has a restorative and firming effect. The composition contains silk peptides, which are coated with the thinnest layer of real gold, as well as various useful minerals. This tool will help deeply moisturize your face. It has anti-age effect.
  • Restorative and firming night. The composition contains diamond powder, which will help even out skin tone and color, as well as restore its former radiance. This cream will help to deeply saturate the epidermis cells with oxygen and reduce the visible signs of aging, as well as prevent their further appearance. The composition is also enriched with herbal extracts and vitamins.

The brand also offers men's lines of products in which you will find excellent creams against edema and dark circles, fatigue and various signs of aging.

Nutrition and hydration

If you are looking for a moisturizer, be sure to look at the option "Hydra Comfort", which has a lifting effect. The composition contains components of plant origin, which will help provide the skin with the necessary moisture. This cream is suitable even for the driest skin, as it has a pleasant texture for the face. You can apply in the morning and evening on a pre-prepared face.

Cream souffle "Hydra Lifting" to maintain youthful skin helps globally moisturize the skin. It has lifting and antioxidant effects. Can be used twice daily on a pre-cleansed face.

Eisenberg's Hydration Cream with SPF15 Protection is perfect for all skin types. The composition contains hyaluronic acid and a vitamin complex, as well as aloe extract and faith, which will help reliably protect the skin of the face from negative factors from the external environment.

It is also worth taking a look at the Ultra-Rich cream with the Trio Moleculaire formula for deep moisturizing and nourishing the face and neck, which deeply moisturizes and soothes even the most over-dried and sensitive skin. The cream has a very rich and delicate texture, so that applying it will become your favorite beauty ritual. It is recommended to apply morning and evening on pre-cleansed face and neck skin. It can be used as an agent on its own or applied to serum from this brand.

For the most delicate sites

The brand has created very unusual, but, nevertheless, demanded anti-wrinkle products on the most delicate parts of our body. We recommend that you look at the cream for the skin around the eyes and lips, which immediately soothes and smoothes the skin, the composition is enriched with hyaluronic acid, oils and extracts. Suitable even for very sensitive skin of the eyelids.

If you want to restore the clarity of the lines of your neckline and neck, then pay attention to the modeling cream, which will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and have a lifting effect. It is recommended to apply from the oval of the face.


Most often, only enthusiastic reviews can be heard about the famous Eisenberg brand, since all products really have the declared effect on the skin of the face. Many women immediately choose comprehensive care for their face, because they believe that it is this approach that will help to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible and prevent further deterioration of the skin condition.

Some ladies are embarrassed by the relatively high prices, but they still purchase products, as the quality compensates for everything. Many women praise nightly creams, because in the morning they are happy like a new and refreshed skin.

Women also leave positive feedback on the Pure White product line, thanks to which they have forgotten about age spots.

As for men, they also choose Eisenberg creams, albeit less often than women. At the same time, they are also pleased with the result, but some of them also comment on the fact that anti-wrinkle remedies give only a visual effect, without seriously fighting them.

Read more about Eisenberg care products in the video below.

Watch the video: Life-Changing Skin Care & Beauty Products. 2017. Sonya Esman (January 2020).


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