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Hair restoration balm

Our curls are subjected to various kinds of stress every day. Improper nutrition, hard water, frequent drying and blow-drying, dyeing - all these factors harm hair in one way or another, and they become brittle and lifeless. In order for them to regain strength and shine, it is necessary to choose the right balm for hair restoration.


It is desirable to pick up the restoring balm together with shampoo, they should be from the same series - only then their components help each other in hair care.

If you pick up funds from different series, they can come into dissonance and only harm your hair. It is also undesirable to purchase the so-called "2 in 1 shampoo" - its effectiveness is much lower than when using two separate products.

Hair restoration balm works according to the following principle: it envelops each hair, forming a thin film that seals split ends and smooths it along its entire length. This invisible barrier protects curls from the effects of frequent thermal styling, prevents them from drying out, and helps to become more resistant to aggressive environmental factors.

Also rinse conditioner solves the following tasks:

  • Restores acid-base balance;
  • Protects from UV radiation;
  • Normalizes secretion on the scalp;
  • With regular use of the balm, the hair ceases to be electrified;
  • It nourishes the scalp, saturating it with useful trace elements;
  • Restores hair structure, strengthens them, preventing hair loss and brittleness.

Ingredients in the composition

One of the main factors due to which curls lose volume and shine and become oily at the roots is a disturbed acid-base balance. Sebaceous glands do not work properly, secreting too much sebum.

Therefore, restoring conditioner balms contain useful acids that gently cleanse hair from excess fat and other impurities.

They also include the following nutritional components:

  • Olive oil;
  • Jojoba oil;
  • Extracts of medicinal plants, such as nettle, chamomile, calendula, etc .;
  • UV filters
  • Vitamins A, E;
  • Keratin.


  • Medical. They nourish the scalp and hair, saturate them with useful trace elements, strengthen the hair roots, and prevent hair loss;
  • Conditioner balms. Normalize acid-base balance, help restore healthy shine and softness to hair;
  • Conditioner balms. Restore the hair along the entire length, filling the empty areas, protect from ultraviolet radiation;
  • Tinted Balms. They give this or that shade to the hair, depending on the initial color and the presence of coloring pigment in the composition.

Terms of use

  • Any balm is applied to the hair only after they are cleaned with shampoo;
  • Do not rub the balm into the roots, otherwise the volume will disappear and the hair will look greasy;
  • Follow the instructions for use. Do not increase the exposure time. Usually, the balm is left on the hair for a period of not more than 5 minutes;
  • With extensive damage, when the curls are too dry and break, you can hold the product for 10 minutes;
  • Rinse hair thoroughly to remove product residue. Dry them better without using a hairdryer.

The best professional tools

Revivor Restorative Balm. A wonderful product designed to restore the structure of hair after chemical exposure (curling, dyeing, bleaching). Penetrates deep into the hair, nourishes it along its entire length; curls gain strength, shine and amazing softness. The tool also facilitates the procedure of combing.

The composition includes collagen, extracts of aloe and nettle, coconut oil, lanolin.

Feedback on Revivor restorative balm - in the next video.

Kerastase Rinse Conditioner "Nutritive Fondant Nutri-Thermique". This wonderful tool is suitable for overdriven, weakened hair. The result of its action is visible after the 1st application - air locks, shiny and obedient. Suitable for use every day.

Kapous Double Action Balm. The double action of the balm is that it can be used not only as a conditioner, but also as a mask. The product gives curls an unsurpassed hydration, protects them from harmful environmental factors, normalizes the production of skin sebum and helps to gain volume and shine.

The composition contains keratin, thanks to which the hair shaft is restored from the inside.

Rinse conditioner Estel "Otium Miracle Cream Balm". A professional tool for treating damaged hair. Helps to completely restore the structure of the hair shaft, damaged as a result of aggressive exposure. The result is visible after the 1st application: split ends disappear, brittleness decreases, a healthy shine and elasticity appear. Due to the presence of lanolin in the composition, the hair is enveloped, as it were, with a thin protective film, which prevents its further damage and provides thickening of the hair. Jojoba oil nourishes the hair with the necessary moisture.

Balm is suitable for daily use.

Feedback on brinsing agent Estel "Otium Miracle Cream Balm", see the video below.

Reconstructing balm Wella "Pro Series Deep Recovery". This tool is in no way inferior to those products that are used by hairdressers in beauty salons to treat damaged hair. Contains a complex of amino acids, restoring and nourishing curls along the entire length.

Protects from the effects of styling products and heat treatment.

Strengthening balm for split ends and very damaged hair Garnier Fructis "SOS-restoration". The action of this tool occurs both inside and outside the hair, thanks to the active components. Inside, kerafil acts - a protein similar in composition to the hair. It completely eliminates internal damage, fills microcracks, strengthens the hair shaft.

Outside, Amla Oil enters the battle for beauty. Its action is as follows: sealing split ends and enveloping the hair along the entire length to give it smoothness and elasticity.

As a result, the curls become shiny and healthy. The manufacturer promises a visible effect after the 3rd application!

Revitalizing Vitamin Balm "Plusonda" Bielita-Vitex. Product for intensive restoration of hair damaged as a result of dyeing or bleaching. It contains a complex of vitamins, minerals, proteins and lipids, which contribute to the healing and strengthening of your curls.

The composition also includes burdock root extract, sunflower oil, bog calf extract, providing additional natural nutrition.

Restoring conditioner from KeraSys. A great way to care for split, brittle hair. It gives the hair moisture without weighting, fills them with vitality and energy.

The composition contains the following ingredients: hydrolyzed protein, panthenol, extracts of medicinal plants.

Conditioner Pantene Pro-V "Intensive Recovery". This product, like the previous one, is designed to moisturize the hair without weighing it down. It penetrates deep into the hair, eliminates damage and prevents brittleness. Curls shine with health, become smooth and silky.


All women resorting to the help of restoring balms, notice changes in the structure of hair, improving their quality and reducing the number of microdamages. As a rule, most reviews are good. It must be remembered that a positive result directly depends on the correct choice of a care product, as well as on the use of complex therapy for the treatment and restoration of hair. It includes shampoo, conditioner and mask.

If you use all these tools, according to the instructions, then after a short time you will get an excellent result. Your curls will shine, become silky and obedient, their fragility and loss will decrease, growth will accelerate and the acid-base balance of the scalp will normalize. Care for your hair and it will always be beautiful and healthy!

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