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Moisturizing Shower Gel

Shower gel has firmly taken its position in the bathroom among caring body care products. Many love him for his pleasant aroma, airy foam, and also for the fact that he gives a feeling of purity and freshness every day.

Today we’ll talk about a moisturizing shower gel, consider the most popular brands and carefully study customer reviews.


Moisturizing shower gel should not only cleanse the skin well, but also tone it, soften. This tool will be an excellent choice for those who have dry or prone to dry skin. After using it, the skin becomes soft, like a baby. As a rule, moisturizers contain various oils, plant extracts, glycerin, which gently care for and make the skin soft.

When choosing this product, it is worth remembering that a good gel will contain a minimum amount of alkali.

Unfortunately, you cannot do without it, since it is it that has cleansing properties. But the more it is in the composition, the more harmful it is to the skin. Any shower gel contains surfactants, on which depends how soft the product will be. In this case, in the composition you can find lauryl sulfate, cocoglycerides, betaines. You should not be afraid of these words, thanks to them, the shower product has a good washing and softening ability.

Also on the gel labels you can find components such as citric acid and sodium hydroxide (they are acidity regulators), glycerin (used to moisturize the skin, protect and restore), plant extracts (the more there are, the more the product is considered natural). When choosing a shower gel, it is better to give preference to colorless means or similar in tone to natural ones. Since the cosmetic product looks brighter and tastier, the more synthetic dyes it contains.

Varieties and reviews

Consider in more detail the most popular moisturizing shower gels from various manufacturers, as well as customer reviews of these products. After that, you can choose for yourself the most suitable means for the shower.

  • Woody Note by Klorane - gel designed for dry and sensitive skin. The manufacturer promises cleansing and deep hydration. The cost of this tool is above average - from 315 to 400 rubles per 200 ml. Customers note the stunning aroma of the gel, the skin is well cleansed and perfectly moisturized after using it. Girls note that the gel is concentrated, therefore it is spent economically. Most buyers find this shower product the best.
  • Deep nutrition and hydration from Dove - this tool is a cream gel. The manufacturer promises smooth and delicate skin immediately after a shower. In addition, the composition of this product on ¼ consists of a moisturizer, which is a definite plus. Price from 115 to 150 rubles per 250 ml. Most customers note that the gel has a pleasant texture, copes with its functions 100%. The skin after it becomes surprisingly soft and velvety. Of the minuses, the girls noted that the product was consumed too quickly, and not everyone liked the fragrance (some consider it cloying).
  • Sea Lagoon by Avon - fragrant gel with 100% plant extracts, gives the skin a feeling of tenderness and softness. The cost is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Many customers note a pleasant aroma, transparent texture without pronounced juicy colors. The gel cleanses and softens dry skin well. But the girls noted the main disadvantage of this product is that the composition does not contain 100% plant components indicated by the manufacturer on the package.
  • Sky Harmony by Avon - product with the smell of lily of the valley and apple, contains 100% extracts of natural origin, vitamin E. The cost is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Of the minuses, customers again note the chemical composition and the skin is not moisturized, as the manufacturer promises. Of the pluses noted a pleasant aroma and good cleansing properties.
  • "Scent of Secrets" from Avon - cream shower gel with the smell of exotic roses and jasmine. The product contains 100% natural extracts. The cost is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Of the minuses, customers noted a too liquid texture. The aroma caused a double impression, some were delighted with him, someone clearly did not like it, noting it sharply chemical. The product cleanses and moisturizes the skin well.
  • Sweet Dream by Avon - gel with chocolate. The manufacturer indicates that the product foams beautifully, easily cleanses the skin, promises a delicious chocolate flavor on the skin after use. The price is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Buyers primarily note a pleasant chocolate flavor. The product foams well, does not dry the skin, but does not give moisture.
  • Cream Fantasy by Avon - cream gel with caramel and almond flavor. The cost is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Of the pluses of the buyer, almond oil is noted in the composition, the gel cleanses well and foam beautifully. The scent seemed too cloying to many. Of the minuses emit: too liquid consistency, does not moisturize the skin.
  • "Aromatherapy" by Avon - gel with shea butter, which is designed to protect the skin from dryness. The cost is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. According to customers, this gel really moisturizes the skin, makes it soft and smooth, in addition, the product smells good and foams well. Of the minuses, we can distinguish that the product has too liquid consistency and has too chemical composition.
  • "Antisress" from Avon - gel with the scent of ylang-ylang and patchouli. The price is about 150 rubles per 250 ml. Buyers note that the gel foams well and perfectly cleanses the skin without moisturizing it at all, even slightly drying it. The aroma does not correspond to the declared, it looks like a very sweet chemical smell.
  • "Gel cream with rosehip and rose oils" from "FitoKosmetik" - a moisturizer that restores the water balance of the skin. The manufacturer promises a feeling of gentle care and pleasant freshness, moisturized skin and protection against moisture loss. Price from 90 rubles per jar of 150 ml. Buyers primarily note the natural composition of this product, which is very important. The gel has a pleasant smell and texture, the skin is well cleaned and moisturized after its application. Of the minuses, only that it is difficult to open the lid of the jar is noted. Buyers indicate that this product is one of the best, valued for its maximum natural composition.

Most of the customers prefer products with the most natural composition, which, of course, is a better choice. But he is always yours.

A review of one of the most popular shower gels is in the next video.

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