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Rinse Conditioner Pantene Pro-V

Using only one shampoo, it is impossible to make hair smooth, shiny, moisturized and beautiful. To achieve these goals, you must use additional care products. An ideal option might be Pantene Pro-V conditioner. A wide range of varieties of this product, high efficiency and reasonable price make the products of this series a real find for many women.

Description and purpose

The main purpose of all existing balms is their intense nutrition and hydration. Moreover, depending on the specific type of product and the form of its release, it can perform additional functions, for example, increasing the volume, enhancing growth or facilitating combing.

All Pantene Pro-V rinsing balms manufactured today are high quality, effective and easy to use products. They really do not add weight to the curls, nourish them, moisturize, and most importantly, do not create the effect of sebaceous locks.

At the moment, the brand is engaged in the production of a wide range of different hair balms. They have a different texture and method of use, some of them require rinsing with water, while others do not. There are rinses that have the same consistency as shampoo, but there are in the form of foam. But all these products perfectly moisturize the hair, protect them from negative influences, contribute to the rapid restoration of the hair structure, add additional volume.

In order to choose the most suitable hair product from Pantene Pro-V, we suggest you to study a brief overview of all rinsing conditioners manufactured by the company.

In the form of air foam

This product is a true innovation among hair care products. Light weightless texture, convenient application and easy rinsing without weighting make this product a real find for women.

About this - the next video.

A convenient and compact tube does not take up much space in a cosmetic bag, and therefore this tool will become indispensable in travel and business trips.

Currently, the company produces several foam rinses:

  1. Pantene Pro-V "Aqualight" Designed to care for thin and at the same time oily hair. The ultra-light texture does not weigh even the most greasy curls. In addition, after using this product, the strands become light, airy and voluminous, and the hair receives the necessary hydration. It is best to use this product after each use of shampoo from the same series.
  2. Conditioner "Intensive recovery" Ideal for women with thin and damaged hair. It does not weigh curls, deeply moisturizes and qualitatively restores the structure of strands from the inside. The result of use is healthy, shiny hair, which is combed very easily and does not tangles.
  3. Airy foam "Thick and strong" pDesigned for women with thin hair who are prone to damage and have virtually no volume. Light texture and excellent composition, nourish, moisturize, strengthen the strands, and also give them an incredible volume for a long time.
  4. If your hair is straight, lacking shine and volume, then rinse conditioner "Extra volume" - This is exactly what your hair needs.

After the first use, the strands become more voluminous and thick, they begin to shine as if from the inside.

I would like to note that all these products are also available in the form of familiar hair conditioners with a creamy texture, but it is the products in the form of foam that do not even burden even the most delicate and weakened curls.

With cream texture

In addition to rinsing balms from the “Air Foam” series, the Pantene Pro-V brand sells not only conditioners with the above properties, but also others:

  • Ideal for enhanced nutrition of curls and giving them natural beauty, as well as for their keratin protection Rinse conditioner "Nutrition and Shine". After a single use, the hair looks healthy, magnificent and well-groomed. This product is ideal as a daily care product.
  • Hair Fall Control It helps to get rid of excessive uncontrolled hair loss, and also gives them shine and radiance. A similar effect on the strands has a rinse conditioner "Protection against hair loss."
  • Strands also tend to age and change their appearance is not for the better. In this case, it will be ideal conditioner "Anti-aging protection".
  • For restoration of colored curls and maximum preservation of their color, ideal "Brightness of color."
  • If the curls are naturally straight, but begin to curl independently with increasing humidity, this situation will help to fix conditioner "Smooth silk".

The strands will be straight even at the highest level of humidity, in addition, they will be voluminous, silky and shiny.


All customers, without exception, note the high effectiveness of absolutely all Pantene Pro-V hair conditioner balms. The effect of these products on the hair really corresponds to the promises of the manufacturer. Ease and speed of use, as well as the appearance of a visible effect after the first use, according to customers, are indisputable advantages. But in order to achieve the desired goal, you must choose a tool that is surely suitable for your hair type. Otherwise, impressions of its use will be negative.



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