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Vichy Cleansing Gel

Daily skin cleansing is an important aspect of preserving youth and beauty for many years. Among the simplest and most effective means for this, one can single out gels for washing, which not only cleanse the skin of the face from cosmetics and impurities, but also help maintain the water balance at an optimal level.

This is the product from the famous Vichy company.

About company

Vichy brand was created 85 years ago in the center of France. The name arose in honor of the city located there, whose lands were rich in various kinds of resources, including thermal water. The company was founded by Georges Guerin, who discovered the value of these sources and decided to use their water in cosmetics.

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Since then, the company has always carefully selected and developed a variety of cosmetics, studying their benefits in laboratories and discovering new formulas, always with the addition of therapeutic thermal water.

It was they who had the idea to divide facial care into skin types - for convenience and effectiveness. So their first creams for oily, dry and normal skin appeared.

Vichy's philosophy is simple - they want to make sure that every woman, regardless of external or internal factors affecting her, can look beautiful and well-groomed.

"Purete Thermale"

This refreshing gel is suitable for dry and normal to oily skin. Designed for daily use. Able to thoroughly cleanse the face of all contaminants, for example, street dust or excess fat.

In case your skin is sensitive to hard water, the gel softens its action and gently cares for the face. The tool does not cause allergies and dermatologists have passed tests. Also, there are no harmful parabens in the composition.

The most active components of this product are thermal water, which soothes, strengthens and regenerates, as well as Purisoft, which protects the skin from impurities and softens the water.

Amylitol, which is in the composition, gently cleanses the skin, preventing it from feeling tight and dry.

It should be used in the morning and before bedtime. Apply the gel on the face with light massage movements and massage for a while, not allowing the substance to come closer to the eyes. Rinse with warm water, and then blot your face with a towel.


Deep cleansing daily cleansing gel. Designed to cleanse oily and mixed skin, as well as problematic. This product has a very deep cleansing, it prevents the appearance of oily sheen and gently eliminates any inflammation. However, this tool gives a feeling of cleanliness, it also does not dry out and does not tighten the skin.

Among the active ingredients is thermal water, which carefully takes care of your skin and three acids - glycolic, salicylic and lipo-hydroxy.

All of these components are carefully tested in laboratories and are completely safe for your face.

The application here is not particularly difficult - you need to apply a little gel on wet skin and spread it with massage movements, paying particular attention to the forehead, nose and chin, as these are the parts that should be thoroughly cleaned. This gel can be used on the neck and rinse with water after a light massage.

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Product "Purete Thermale" is a delight among customers. They say that it cleans perfectly, literally “to squeak”, but it does not tighten the skin, it is easily washed off, leaving no residue. The users also liked the composition, since there is practically nothing harmful there, and all surfactants are soft. Several people noted the convenience of the dispenser.

As for the negative reviews - there are complaints about the price, but there are very few such people. And even fewer complaints that this gel nevertheless tightens and dries the skin. However, they are.

"NormaDerm" caused conflicting responses. In general, buyers are satisfied with them, they say that the result is visible and many were able to get rid of the constant rashes on the face, or at least minimize them.

But there are more complaints about the composition and the fact that this tool should not be applied to the skin.

Moreover, there are many complaints that the manufacturer does not fulfill the stated promises - it does not help sensitive and problematic skin, but only spoils it even more.

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