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Eveline Face Cream

The Polish company Evelin has been operating for over 30 years and is one of the largest manufacturers in its homeland. The name Evelina in a free translation can be interpreted as "life force". The company offers in a wide assortment not only care products for face and body, but also various hair products. The company's assortment also includes decorative cosmetics.

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Face care products are especially popular with consumers.

This is not surprising - because every woman, regardless of age, always wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. Face cream is in many cosmetic series Evelin. The huge demand for the products of this brand is due to the fact that the company always reacts very quickly to the appearance of innovations in the field of cosmetology and to the change of consumer priorities. In addition, Evelin cosmetics with excellent quality belong to the category available to the general population of many countries. This and much more justifies the huge number of reviews from grateful customers.

It's no secret that all caring cosmetic products are divided into age groups and depending on the category for which this or that product is intended, various components are included in it.


"Laser Precision"

The Laser Precision series (precision laser) is based on plant stem cells. In addition to the fact that these phytocytes are safe for the body, they also correct the first signs of aging, remove toxins from cells, and accelerate the healing process. Also, creams from this series are enriched with hyalouranic acid and peptides. They are presented for both daytime and nighttime use. "Active lifting" is provided for the age of 40+. "Deep lifting" - for women over 50, and "Extreme lifting" for those who do not want to retreat before old age at 60.


For this series, Eveline Hydra Impact (water hammer) products have been developed with matting, nourishing, regenerating (revitalization) and renewing (regeneration) effects. All of them contain hyalouranic acid and vitamin B3. Also in this series you can find universal products: a 2-in-1 washable cream that removes makeup and nourishes the skin, and a 5-in-1 cream that replaces several different products at once: makeup remover milk, moisturizer, exfoliating scrub, nourishing mask and caring serum.

"BB Cream Blemish Base"

This collection includes care creams that eliminate traces of fatigue and lighten age spots, and also have a whole set useful properties: retain moisture inside the skin, nourish and promote the healing of small wounds. It contains cream series BB and SS.

In the series "BB Blemish Base" There are complex products 6 in 1, as well as 8 in 1 for light and dark skin. They have a matting and various healing properties.

In the series "CC Face Therapy 8 in 1" and "6 in 1" contains products based on mineral pigments that have decongestant and wound healing properties.

"Bio Argan Oil with Grape Seed Oil"

In addition to the ingredients indicated in the title, creams in this series contain extracts of 12 medicinal herbs with caring properties.

  • Cream - concentrate of day action Golden wheat with lifting effect,
  • Cream - intensive with the addition of Olives.

"Bio Hyalyron + Collagen + Q10"

These are day and night anti-wrinkle preparations for women over 40 based on bio-hyaluronic acid, which is known for its anti-aging properties. For the age category of 50 years, the company is ready to offer active day and night nourishing creams.

"Carla Norri Phytococktail"

Carla Norri bio-creams night and day action prevent age-related changes in the epidermis of the skin after 55 years. In addition to the already traditional component for all anti-aging hyalouranic acid products, the facial cosmetics of this series contain plant extracts: licorice, as well as ginseng oils, rose hips and wheat germ.

"Double White"

The name translates as "double whitening." Creams in this series will be appreciated by the owners of freckles and other age spots.

The composition contains extracts of lemon, parsley, licorice, as well as lactic acid.

"Neo Retinol"

In this group, the company offers products for three age categories at once. These tools are universal: every product with SPF 8 can be used both day and evening. For lovely ladies aged 35 and slightly older, a cream is an expert with a moisturizing effect. After 45, you can use a tool with a firming effect.

And after 55, it's time for skin regeneration.


Manufacturers promise the effect of Photoshop when using the means of this series - with daily use, all the imperfections on the face are gradually equalized. In addition, the mesosilic acid Ideal Conture, which are responsible for the anti-aging effect in a non-injection way. The composition contains plant stem cells, as well as argan oil and other natural components.

Watch the video: Best Face Whitening Beauty Cream's Review, Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening Night Cream (January 2020).


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