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Baby shampoo

The appearance of the baby in the house is a very responsible and exciting period for all parents. Everyone asks what a newborn person needs. And this is the correct position of adults. The kid is very good at everything that happens around him. Mom and dad need to think carefully about what things to surround him with, what kind of food to feed, how to bathe properly. Not the last moment in matters of crumb hygiene is choosing the right shampoo.


It is natural to assume that conventional cosmetics are not suitable for the care of children's skin and hair. They require the most careful attitude and gentle care, like the baby himself. The skin of a little man is very different from that of an adult. She has not yet fully formed the defense, the fat layer is very thin, we can say that it is practically nonexistent. Because of this, the skin is sensitive and vulnerable, it is easy to damage.

With age, the skin will improve, skin cells will change their structure and adapt to environmental conditions. But this process will be completed in full only by seven years.

The delicate epidermis of the baby can not fight against the ingress of harmful microorganisms and aggressive chemicals. Under the age of one year, adult hair washes are extremely dangerous for him. The use of unsuitable products will lead to dry skin, and, as a result, dandruff, crusting, and possibly allergic manifestations.


Means for washing the baby’s head can be divided into categories by age. Conditionally, since no regulations determine the exact distinction and its features. It all depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the goods. Funds can be marked as "0+", "3+" and after 3 years.

Products for babies have special requirements:

  • Lack of aggressive detergents. They must be organic and act carefully. If this rule is observed, the shampoo will not be able to foam very much.
  • Exclusion of active allergens: fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Each product is 0+ hypoallergenic.
  • The composition should not be annoying the delicate mucosa and eyes of the child.

The composition of the product for the baby should be as natural as possible. It is good if the product contains vitamin supplements and nutrients, because the skin of children is delicate and needs to be nourished and moisturized. As a source of nutrients, shampoo may contain an herbal complex: extracts of herbs such as mint, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, a series of others. They will have a positive effect on the epidermis and hair.

The main difference between children's cosmetics should be a safe composition, the absence of harmful substances. Let's take a closer look at what it definitely should not be.

Sulfate and paraben free

It is reasonable when choosing a children's remedy to pay close attention to its composition. Let's look at what can be seen in the list of ingredients, and what should not be there.

The standard components of a baby detergent are, in addition to water, mild foaming agents, glucosides, sodium chloride, the surfactant lauramidopropyl betaine, and extracts of useful plants. All of these substances are safe and suitable for baby dermis and hair.

And the following substances should be strictly avoided:

  • Sodium salts of lauryl sulfuric acid (SLS, SLES or SDS). Sodium lauryl sulfate is not particularly dangerous for a healthy epidermis of an adult. But for the skin of a child - one of the most annoying substances. When combined with other substances, it damages the bulbs, therefore, slows hair growth, provokes loss and seborrhea. It is generally recognized that high-quality cosmetics for children should not contain a substance of this type.
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate - A carcinogen that can build up in the skin stimulates the development of cancer cells. It is better to use products that contain analogues of plant origin that do not have such side effects. They are labeled as TEA Lauril.
  • Trietinolamine (TEA) - A substance from the type of amino alcohols, often present in cosmetics as a concentrate. May disrupt the protective functions of the skin, adversely affect the water balance. Because of this, it causes dandruff, dry skin, itching and redness. When individual skin features are also present, it can even cause a chemical burn.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) - a relative of the past ingredient, used as a foam stabilizer. By itself, it does no harm, but when combined with other components, it forms carcinogens, penetrates the pores of the dermis. Scientists believe that it can be one of the causes of cancer of the stomach, esophagus and liver.
  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) - a preservative dangerous for the human nervous system, often causes allergic reactions, burning, itching, the appearance of crusts, as a result of allergic dermatitis.
  • Parabens, for example, isobutyl or isopropyl, can accumulate in the body, increasing the risk of developing mutated cells. Causes irritation, allergies, enhances the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the body. Not recommended not only for children, but also for pregnant women. It has an estrogenic effect and can affect the development of the fetus and the very possibility of having children. In cosmetics, they can be designated as E 214, 216, 218, 219, benzyl paraben, sodium salts.

Subtleties of choice

Many parameters, such as smell, color, shelf life, level of acidity affect the choice of funds for the child.

In many ways, the choice will depend on age. The simplest thing is to rely on the manufacturer's statement about the recommended number of years. But still you should not trust this blindly. It is better to independently analyze the composition of the product, and choose the most suitable option. What you should pay attention to when buying.

  • Be sure to check the composition of the product, find out if it does not contain the substances considered by us above. Try not to miss sulfates, parabens, preservatives and other harmful artificial additives. It is better that the product contains natural plant extracts, oils, components of natural origin.
  • European manufacturers, more often, they more strictly monitor compliance with the standards and the use of only authorized components in the composition.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of the product. It is clear that you can use it only at this time, and not later. But he can say something more about the product. The longer cosmetics can be stored, the more preservatives and stabilizers in its composition.
  • The basis of any shampoo is the cleaning components. For the skin of a child, they should be gentle and not aggressive. Keep an eye on the pH of the product. It should be between 4.5 and 5.5 - these are acceptable safe boundaries.
  • Color, smell, decoration cosmetics bottle needed correlate with the age of the baby. For children under three years old, the products are usually transparent, colorless, odorless or have a subtle aroma. After reaching the age of three, you can pay attention to more interesting means. Flavors in children's products most often resemble various goodies, for example, chocolate, strawberries, coconut or Coca-Cola. You can choose such products after 7 years, a very small child can try to drink a pleasantly smelling liquid.
  • If the product label says “No tears,” take another look at the ingredients. This effect can be achieved in two ways. It is wonderful if the composition contains only soft natural ingredients that are gentle on the mucous membranes, because of this they do not cause irritation and a burning sensation. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers may add light anesthetics to the product to prevent pinching, but it is better not to bathe your baby with this tool.

After all the recommendations outlined above, it should be noted that the best option is to visit a dermatologist and receive a recommendation from the doctor about which remedy is preferable to use for the baby. What it should have in its composition, it is possible for the hair type to better select the content of extracts of certain herbs, such as chamomile, burdock, string and others.

How to wash your child’s head

Children's hair gets dirty much less than adults. Therefore, shampoos and gels are often not recommended for washing them. Too frequent use can overdry the delicate scalp and cause a violation of the water balance and the natural fatty membrane of the head. Depending on the contamination, the child’s hair is washed every 5-7 days. Infant gun hair can be washed with detergents every 10 days. Simple wetting with water without the use of soap is not considered a full wash and this procedure can be repeated every day.

An ordinary shampoo or shower gel is not suitable for bathing a child.

Use only proven products designed specifically for children.. Special products marked "2 in 1"are a shampoo combined with conditioner. They are good to use for older children, especially suitable for girls with long curls. Conditioning agents do an excellent job of softening and nourishing, facilitate combing of strands, eliminate the possibility of tangling. It is enough for children to rinse their hair with shampoo once, without repeating. Pollution will be removed during this time. Babies should gently moisten the head with water in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head. Foam the detergent in the palms of your hands and gently apply to the hair, adhering to the same direction. After that, soap foam should be washed off with a sufficient amount of clean water.

Watch the temperature of the water, for kids the temperature is considered to be 36-38 degrees comfortable.

Due to the rapid growth of young children and their heads, in particular skin cells, have to intensively divide. Because of this, milk crusts from dead cells and fat glands are often formed on the epidermis of the head. The skin lubrication procedure before bathing helps from crusts well. You can put on a little cap for a while to help cells separate from the skin. After this, you need to carefully comb the hair and remove the detached crusts. The procedure is repeated several times and then proceed to bathing.

Top Brands for Kids

The rating of funds for babies for each mother may differ, because the priorities depend on many factors. Consider several brands that are popular with modern parents.

  • Bubchen - famous German manufacturer of cosmetics for children. The company has existed on the market for more than 50 years, it selects the best natural substances for its products. Children's brand shampoo is considered hypoallergenic, does not contain harmful substances. Gently affects the skin and hairline, does not cause discomfort, even when it enters the mucous membranes. A good product for the very youngest age, according to many, even outside of our country.
  • Johnson's Baby Products can be found in most stores. The brand produces a line of children's cosmetics: shampoos, foam for bathing, oil. Tools have convenient packaging. According to the promises of manufacturers, they are hypoallergenic, but cases of irritation have nevertheless been recorded.
  • Shampoo for children from Mustela Suitable for both children and pregnant women. It does not worsen the water balance of the epidermis, nourishes it, the hair becomes shiny, soft, comb well.
  • Neva cosmetics "Eared nannies" - A line designed specifically for children. Suitable for any age, does not cause allergies. Helps soften baby skin, does not provoke irritation, perfectly removes crusts.
  • Means for kids brand "Our mother" contains natural extracts of herbs. It softens and soothes even irritated skin, thanks to calendula. Chamomile and a series in the composition gently disinfect and nourish. Recommended for allergy sufferers, gently caring for baby hair.
  • Weleda Company in the production of its gel shampoo, she also emphasized herbal ingredients. Due to the content of the extract of calendula, it heals, prevents inflammation. Glycerin, almond and sesame oils, actively care for the skin. After using it, comb your hair easily. It does not pinch eyes and does not irritate the mucous membranes.
  • The company "My sun" produces shampoos for both babies and older children. Having a low price, attracts buyers. But not many are satisfied with the results from its use. Contains a fairly aggressive surfactant and other not very useful components.
  • Shampoo "La Cree" It contains mainly plant components. Recommended for dry and sensitive epidermis. Suitable for children from three years.
  • Babyline - funds, the birthplace of which is Germany. Contains a full range of cosmetics for the care of babies. Advertising is based on the legendary German quality, modern composition and strict control.
  • Babycoccole from Italy enriched with lotus extract, contains natural ingredients. Regulates the production of sebum, gently soothes thanks to chamomile, the oat component nourishes the skin.
  • Series "Peanut" contains shampoos with active ingredients based on medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, calendula. The product is packaged interestingly for children - in a bottle with a rattle. Some note dry hair after it.
  • "Dragon" - shampoos for older children with various fruit flavors, children will definitely like it. The base of the shampoo is made from chicory root, does not contain dyes, does not cause mucosal irritation. Russian scientists confirm its safety.

Can it be used by adults

Doctors and stylists have not yet agreed on whether it is right for adults to use children's products for washing their hair. They have advantages over conventional means: natural composition, lack of harmful components, hypoallergenicity.

The softness of the natural detergent components that make up does not require the use of conditioner or balm after shampoo. Hair becomes soft and docile. But a child product that is not designed to use styling products is unlikely to cope with serious pollution.

There are some drawbacks to using such tools. They make the curls silky and airy, it will be difficult to lay them in the hair, fix, give volume. Baby products will not be able to provide proper care to the hair, which will be exposed to styling and the effects of styling cosmetics. Cosmetics for babies are simply not designed for this.

All children have normal skin. Therefore, those who have certain problems should not use such shampoos. They also will not help in the fight against diseases of the skin, with seborrhea or hair loss.

For those who have a normal type of epidermis and have no problems with hair, cosmetologists give the green light to the use of children's cosmetics. With short haircuts, it is also advisable to apply such care - the skin needs gentle hydration and maintaining hydrobalance. You can also use baby detergents as a means to wash your face.


Parents leave various reviews after using baby shampoos. Many are happy with their action.Most brands carefully monitor the production of children's cosmetics, and control all stages of the process. Moms and dads note the absence of allergic manifestations after using foreign brands, German, Israeli, Italian. Many Russian manufacturers also deserved positive comments. However, there are shampoos that have received powerful anti-advertising from their parents.

For example, food "My Sunshine"contain preservatives and aggressive substances, pinch eyes, irritate the skin during washing. Series"Little fairy“they almost make accusations of hair loss after washing. And this, as everyone understands, is really unpleasant consequences.

So, do not pay much attention to advertising means, it is better to carefully analyze its composition. And it never hurts to consult with a specialist before buying a new product.

You can find out which baby shampoo from the video.

Watch the video: I Tried Baby Shampoo (January 2020).


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