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Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Johnson's Baby Shampoo is the undisputed market leader in infant care products. Its popularity is due to natural components, the absence of harmful substances, dyes and an attractive price. Plus, the shampoo boasts the formula “no more tears,” turning the bathing process into a joint pleasure for children and parents.

To find out which hair detergent is right for your child, consider the samples included in the Johnson's Baby shampoo series with a detailed description of the composition.

Features and Benefits

The birth of a baby is always associated with joy, excitement, as well as the efforts to prepare a dowry, stroller, crib. I would like to give all the best, starting from diapers, soothers and ending with living conditions. The same applies to the category of care products, which include shampoos, creams, oils, soaps. In this regard, the Johnson & Johnson company has long been concerned about the development and production of a cosmetic line that would meet all the necessary safety requirements and be most effective in use. Johnson's Baby shampoo won the hearts of mothers and babies from the moment of its appearance, having recommended itself from the very best side, and continues to maintain its leadership position in the market of goods and services for the smallest to this day.

The brand owes its appearance to the English surgeon Joseph Lister, whose speech at the conference on the topic of antiseptics once inspired American brothers by the name Johnson to look for ways to create sterile dressings and bandages. In the future, the company firmly occupied its niche in the field of pharmaceuticals, and only then began to produce cosmetic products. Such a medical “plaque” allowed the brand to gain consumer confidence, especially since the products really meet high quality standards. In 1996, Johnson & Johnson Corporation was honored to receive the National Medal in recognition and tremendous achievements, and in 1999 to become a sales leader.

Currently, the range of brand products is represented by medicines, medical devices and equipment, as well as personal hygiene products, cosmetics.


All varieties of Johnson's Baby shampoo have approximately the same formulation, with the exception of specific additives that give the detergent certain properties of targeted action.

The main components of the shampoo are the following components:

  • Water;
  • Cocoglycositis - an extract from fruits, leaves of a coconut palm, is a soft foaming agent;
  • Cocoamidopropyl Betaine - an active additive that improves the dermatological properties of surfactants, making them less aggressive;
  • Lemon acid - participates in the regulation of sebum secretion, narrows the pores on the head, promotes the growth of thick, healthy hair;
  • Acrylates - form an invisible protective layer on the hair and skin;
  • Glyceryl oleate - provides the effect of smooth curls, as after using the air conditioner, while not weighing them down;
  • Phenoxyethanol - a safe substitute for parabens, responsible for the shelf life of the product;
  • Sodium benzoate - a necessary preservative that prevents the appearance of mold, fungi, harmful microorganisms in the shampoo.
  • Light fragrance.

Among the ingredients there are no aggressive surfactants, which are often present in cosmetics for adults and can harm a child’s fragile body.

According to dermatological studies, the entire range of shampoos meets the requirements of quality standards and has positive customer reviews.


Johnson & Johnson hygiene products for the smallest are developed taking into account all physiological characteristics of kids. This indicates the naturalness of the components that make up the products, and also indicates safety in terms of allergic reactions, protection against irritation of the mucous membranes, and gentle care.

A series of brand shampoos is represented by several samples, each of which is unique in nature.

No more tears

This sample was born one of the first in the line of Johnson's Baby. It is ideal for infants and babies. It does not contain soap, aggressive surfactants and parabens, which have recently frightened media buyers, as it has been found that parabens, or, more simply, preservatives, accumulate in the body year after year and can stimulate the appearance of cancer cells.

The shampoo has a pleasant consistency, does not gnaw eyes and gently cleanses the delicate hair of infants.

Firming with Sprouted Wheat Extract

Like the previous sample does not contain soap, preservatives. The main cleansing component is Sodium Laurenth Sulfate, which, in principle, is not very approved, since it has enhanced degreasing properties, but is also not prohibited for use, most importantly, everything is in moderation. Shampoo is made in Italy, has a gentle unobtrusive aroma. Strengthens children's hair, makes them smooth, obedient.


A detergent with chamomile adds shine to the hair and makes combing easier. Natural ingredients include extract from the plant, lactic and citric acids to give shine, as well as glucose necessary for moisturizing and bisabolol.

The last ingredient is obtained synthetically from pharmacy chamomile, it actively fights against peeling, skin irritation, has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Easy combing - shiny curls

Ideal for young creatures whom nature has rewarded with curly, naughty hair. Like all other representatives of this children's series, the shampoo does not cause irritation of the mucous membranes, does not contain parabens and soap. The composition contains glycerin, which is known for its water-holding and softening properties.

Shiny curls shampoo will easily help create the image of a little princess or gallant gentleman.

Before bedtime

A wonderful remedy with lavender is to calm a naughty baby and prepare for bed. It has an unobtrusive pleasant aroma of lavender, acts as a mild tranquilizer, without causing allergies or addiction.

Top to toe

An unusually mild detergent in the form of shampoo foam gently cares for clean skin and hair. It is recommended for use from the first days of a baby's life. Does not pinch eyes, does not irritate skin, has a light consistency without dyes, preservatives.


According to statistics, the majority of the population trusts the Johnson & Johnson brand, choosing products exclusively for this company for their children. Unfortunately, the concept of the concern does not provide for a special series of care products for adult hair, but many parents often indulge in the pleasure of using baby shampoo, emphasizing that the line, designed specifically for babies, captivates with the absence of harmful substances, dyes, aggressive surfactants.

Consumers say hair after washing becomes very soft, light, fluffy. Those who are accustomed to having obedient silicone-coated strands may perceive “flying” hair negatively, but most people who have tried Johnson's Baby shampoo once start using it regularly. Children perceive bathing with shampoo positively, willingly allow them to wash their hair, because it does not irritate the eyes.

With all this, the product is spent quite sparingly, one bottle is enough for at least a month.

How can Johnson's Baby help a child fall asleep? The answer is in the next video.

Where can one buy

Johnson & Johnson brand products can be purchased both in specialized children's stores, and in pharmacies, ordinary supermarkets, online stores. The price is approximately the same everywhere, although in retail outlets of consumer goods the cost is usually lower and can range from one hundred twenty to one hundred and fifty rubles per average bottle.

Johnson's Baby Shampoos are sold in 100 ml compact plastic packaging, medium 300 ml bottles and large 500 ml bottles. Transparent containers make it easy to calculate the right amount of shampoo and control the flow of funds.


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