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BB-cream "Clean line"

The domestic beauty industry is trying to keep up with the European and Asian ones, and the Russian brand Chistaya Liniya, recently known for its naturalness, has introduced a novelty to the cosmetic market - BB cream "Clean line - 10 in 1". This product was released as part of the series."Perfect skin". The cream attracted the attention of Russians who had previously met with."corrective beauty balms"exclusively of foreign brands. But not only our own, but also more budget-friendly, and as for the promised effect of perfect skin - let's try to figure it out.

What does it mean

Beauty-Balm or Blemish-Balm, which translates as "beauty balm" or "balm that hides flaws."

The history of this cosmetic product begins in Germany: the first beauty balm was developed by German dermatologist Christina Schrammeck. It was based on the idea of ​​a single tool that would hide the effects of laser therapy and give a caring effect.

BB cream is all that is needed after washing if its formula is really good, cosmetologists say.

The versatility of this tool has conquered the world. The so-called BB-boom began in the spring of 2011, and continues to this day. In view of the idea of ​​replacing care products with BB cream, many companies call their products and5 in 1, and 10 in 1"This is considered a marketing move, and some experts believe that such products are unlikely to replace serums and masks.

Means "10 in 1"

This cream has a light texture, has a tinting effect, combines the benefits of tonal and caring creams. Natural components in the composition not only moisturize the skin, but also cleanse toxins. After applying the cream, the face tone will become smooth, matte, and the pores - invisible.

The manufacturer promises 10 effects from 1 remedy:

  1. Matte tone all day long;
  2. nutrition and hydration 24 hours;
  3. masking imperfections;
  4. narrowing of pores;
  5. even tone;
  6. radiance;
  7. UV protection;
  8. protection against negative environmental effects;
  9. cleansing of toxins;
  10. lack of inflammation.

In 2013, a consumer test was conducted in which 50 girls took part. It is stated that 94% of respondents noted a positive effect in all 10 areas.


The Clean Line is positioning itself as a company producing environmentally friendly products based on plant and mineral components.

The wonderful effect of the Perfect Skin BB cream is achieved thanks to natural ingredients: rose extract, castor oil and shea butter, sea buckthorn and macadamia extract, plant and mineral pigments.

  • Rose oil widely known in the cosmetic environment. It has a fragrant aroma and is often used as a fragrance. Cyanine, glycosides, quercetrin, contained in rose oil, have an excellent astringent effect, help smooth and smooth small wrinkles and scars. Cosmetics with a pink extract in the composition improves the skin tone, moisturizes it, protects against dehydration and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Castor oil Suitable even for dry skin and damaged skin. Often included in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, as in itself is such a tool. Castor perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preventing the appearance of facial and age wrinkles. It is used to eliminate age spots due to the ability to lighten the skin.
  • Shea Butter - This is the deepest hydration and nutrition of the skin, thanks to triglycerides. It softens, restores the dermis. What can I say - it is recommended even for use in the care of the skin of infants due to its tenderness and strong firming, protective properties.
  • Sea buckthorn - "berry from all diseases", so affectionately call it in the people for a reason. Only its presence in the cream, perhaps, can justify the name "10 in 1". Sea buckthorn berries contain many vitamins and polyunsaturated omega acids. Sea buckthorn oil promotes collagen production - eliminates wrinkles and damage. It has a brightening effect - it helps to get rid of age spots, even out skin tone. Sea buckthorn destroys pathogenic bacteria - helps in the fight against acne. Sea buckthorn fatty acids support a healthy skin hybalance - prevent peeling and dryness.
  • Macadamia contains a protein that stimulates tissue repair, helps fight wrinkles. Macadamia oil is often found in dry skin products due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
  • Plant and mineral pigments mask defects, have anti-inflammatory effect, disinfect and soothe the skin, give it a radiance.

The shock mix of healthy ingredients in the composition is really impressive.

Unnatural components in the BB-cream from the "Clean Line" are available, but in small doses:

  • Silicone Cyclopentasiloxane refers to volatile silicones, is used in cosmetics as a solvent of components, evaporates at normal body temperature, leaving almost no trace. It gives the effect of easy application, as spreads well.
  • Disodium EDTA used to control pH. Recognized as a dangerous carcinogen. It is included in the "black list" of substances that should not be part of cosmetics.

But the cream from the "Clean Line" does not contain parabens.


Any BB-cream is recommended to be applied to clean dry skin, like an ordinary foundation cream. It will take very little money, because BB creams are extremely economical and apply in small quantities.

The product from TM "Clean Line" is no exception. It is applied in the morning instead of the usual moisturizer in a small amount. With the help of an applicator or fingers it is easily distributed, if necessary, an additional layer can be applied to problem areas. Despite the fact that the cream is thick, it lays on the skin with an exactly thin layer. For easier distribution, it can be pre-ground in the hand. But this is optional.


Pure Line produces its BB cream in 40 ml tubes. They are packed in a cardboard box, executed in company colors, green-beige, emphasizing the naturalness of the product. The tube itself is oblong with a narrow sharp nose, convenient to use - when pressed, it is easy to control the required amount of cream. Cap - twisting, tightly attached to the tube, preventing drying.

From all sides on the package information: about the composition, about 10 wonderful properties, about the environmental friendliness of the product.


The cost of the domestic “Bibik” is more affordable in comparison with foreign creams of this type, varies from 120-170 rubles. Many were faced with the problem of the absence of this cream on store shelves, but the manufacturer on its official website gives information about its availability in various online stores.


The vast majority of ladies who have tried BB cream "Clean Line - 10 in 1" were satisfied. They note that this remedy perfectly nourishes the skin of the face, without creating the effect of an oily mask. This is indicated by both girls with dry skin and combined skin. The latter are pleased to have good moisturization of dry skin areas, while without "weighting" the fat and problem areas, but rather with a matting effect.

Many were satisfied to a greater extent with the caring properties of this cream: it nourishes, does not clog pores, and struggles with mild peeling and redness. This is a wonderful matting cream with a light tinting property - this is how the corrective “abilities” of the cream are described.

At first, some were frightened off by the dark color of the “Bibik”, but later it turned out that it adapts to the skin tone and becomes invisible, while evening out the tone, masking light pigment spots and narrowing the pores.

However, customers recommend BB cream "Clean line - 10 in 1" for the skin without pronounced problems, considering that this tool is not able to hide them.

Still, do not forget that BB-cream is not a panacea, and facial skin care requires a combined approach.

In the next video - a test drive of BB-cream from the "Clean Line".

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