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Cream LibreDerm "Seracin"

Oily skin of the face is a huge flaw, which leads not only to an unaesthetic shine, but also to inflammatory processes on the dermis, for example, acne. In the domestic market there are many products for the care of oily skin, including cream from LibreDerm.

A little bit about the brand

LibreDerm cosmetics are produced in Russia, and recently the products of this brand have become very popular. Good marketing and PR managers have done their job. Few have heard in our country about this company.

The brand’s assortment includes washing gels, tonics, creams, lotions, masks, and much more. This allows you to choose the full care of the epidermis, which makes the result more clear. And the Seracin series is no exception.

Under this brand, three lines of cosmetics are produced. The first part includes hyaluronic acid, the second - collagen. Hyaluronic cosmetics are designed to moisturize the dermis, while maintaining its youth. Collagen helps to restore skin elasticity and relieves wrinkles that have already formed.

The third series of “Seracin” is intended for oily dermis of the face, prone to rashes of acne. The composition of the funds includes sulfur, zinc, as well as natural components that are designed to disinfect and heal acne.


But let's talk about Seracin creams as the most sought-after products of this line. There are two of them in this line.


This product is designed to give the skin a velvety, matte look. Rid her of oily sheen, which does not look aesthetically pleasing. He also copes with skin hydration, while not creating an uncomfortable feeling on the skin, and relieves redness. Matting cream "Seracin" was created specifically for daily application, it corrects the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thereby preventing excess fat from being produced. Antiseptic, blocks the appearance of new acne.

Extracts of medicinal herbs such as burdock and gallows, as well as zinc have a matting and antiseptic effect. Sulfur and fatty acids reduce the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing rashes, and also have an antibacterial effect.

Spot Assist Cream

This product is designed for oily skin prone to acne. It is designed to reduce and reduce acne. The main component of the product is salicylic acid, which fights acne perfectly. Penetrating into the deepest layers of the epidermis, it exfoliates the cells deep in the pores and removes them from the inside, thereby freeing them from clogging. The composition includes calendula, beet root extract, which contribute to the healing of ulcers, sulfur and zinc also help in the cleansing process.

This product is applied only to the elements of acne, twice a day on clean skin until the rashes completely disappear.

There is also a cream scrub in this series. But it contains only the word cream, as its consistency resembles it very much. At its core, it is a scrub that perfectly cleanses the skin of dead cells. The effect is obtained due to the abrasive granules of silicon dioxide and ground tea tree leaves. Sesame oil and cetearyl alcohol will help to have an antiseptic effect. Zinc and sulfur will help regulate the sebaceous glands. Alcohol in the composition is contained in small quantities, so this skin scrub does not cause dry skin.


Reviews about this product are divided. Someone likes to use LibreDerm Seracin creams, their skin becomes velvety, acne noticeably heals, redness decreases. To some, the cream overdries the skin too much. It all depends on the correctness of the selected product. This product is intended for oily skin prone to acne. And if you use it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, then it perfectly solves the problems of oily dermis without tightening it. And extracts from medicinal herbs and zinc, which are part of this product, help him in this.

The result is especially noticeable if you use the full range of oily skin care products. Buyers note that in this case, problems with oily skin and acne are almost completely resolved.

Video - review of the line of tools "Seracin "from LibreDermYou can see below.

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